How to Book Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods After WWE Split The New Day

Philip LindseyContributor IOctober 19, 2020

How to Book Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods After WWE Split The New Day

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    The 2020 WWE draft is officially done, and The New Day's presumed split was the biggest story following this year's two-night event. For the first time since their humble beginnings in 2014, the trio of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods will compete on different brands. 

    Over the last six years, they became one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history as they subversively bucked stereotypes, set new records, and defied established wrestling tropes.

    They also achieved one of the most memorable and rewarding WrestleMania moments ever when Kingston fulfilled his dream to become WWE champion in front of the MetLife Stadium crowd in 2019.

    These real-life friends overcame the initial pitch to become preachers and morphed into one of the most popular stables in the company. Their unapologetic and unconventional character work made them much more than a comedy act as they stayed true to themselves in an industry full of dated racial gimmicks.

    Above all, the true magic of this three-man tandem is their legitimate camaraderie and love for one another. Fans rarely see this type of selflessness in wrestling, and it's evident that The New Day believed a win for one member meant success for the unit. So, it would be totally out of character for the group to implode or turn on one another as other factions do. 

    Yes, the way WWE split them didn't make much sense. In fact, it felt entirely unnecessary, but this was probably the best way for the trio to momentarily go their separate ways without a contrived breakup angle. There are interesting stories to tell over the next year as Woods and Kingston remain a tag team on Raw and Big E treks a new path as a singles competitor on SmackDown. 

    So, what's next for these three men who came together to change the trajectories of their careers? They've already attained so much, but there's still more they can do if given the chance. 

WWE Must Follow Through on This Split for It to Matter

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    First and foremost, WWE has to truly commit to this split for it to mean anything. The New Day will likely end up on the same brand again in a year but for story purposes, all three members should not appear on screen together unless something significant happens.

    Otherwise, splitting them up will feel pointless and cheapen all of the gravitas that the stable elicited in their last appearance on SmackDown. WWE just gave the fans a glimpse of how great The New Day is at full capacity in a spectacular six-man tag match and immediately snatched it away. So, they have to give their audience a chance to miss them. 

    Their inevitable reunion should feel earned. This will make for a poignant moment that will get a huge reaction later. 

    The genius of Kofimania ahead of WrestleMania 35 was that it played off of 11 years of continuity, but it was just as much of a story about The New Day as a collective as it was a personal journey for Kingston.

    They accomplished their goal together, which made Kingston's title win even more moving. As such, there is a compelling narrative to craft around their individual pursuits and how they can reach them separately before reuniting. This is the perfect time to do it. 

The New Day vs. The Street Profits at Survivor Series

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    One of the unfortunate byproducts of The New Day's sudden move to Raw is the way it created upheaval in the tag division. If it wasn't obvious before that WWE doesn't have any plans for its tag teams, the way Kingston and Woods just exchanged titles with The Street Profits made it abundantly clear. 

    This was a remarkably lazy fix to a problem that the company randomly created for itself a few days earlier. As a result, the longest WWE Raw Tag Team Championship reign since the belts became brand exclusive ended in a backstage segment. The New Day also gained their 10th tag titles "win" as an afterthought. 

    It's all sort of ridiculous and needlessly reduced the prestige of the tag titles again. Nevertheless, the situation possibly gave fans a preview of what this year's champion vs. champion match at Survivor Series could look like.

    The New Day vs. The Street Profits is a dream match, and WWE's final Big Four pay-per-view event of the year would be a perfect place for this first-time contest to take place. Kingston and Woods don't have much competition on Raw, so they could definitely hold on to the title until November. 

Xavier Woods Must Compete in Next King of the Ring Tournament

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    Xavier Woods has undoubtedly grown the most as a member of The New Day since its inception. Kingston already had success as both a tag team and singles competitor, and Big E was the second NXT champion and a former intercontinental titleholder.

    Woods, on the other hand, was essentially unproven on WWE programming when he brought the stable together on the July 21, 2014 episode of Raw. He has since established himself as an exceptional talker as the group's mouthpiece and an underrated in-ring competitor. 

    The 34-year-old has been out of action for a year after he suffered a catastrophic Achilles injury at a live event on October 21, 2019. Nevertheless, he has looked incredible in his first two matches of the year, showcasing his deceptive strength and athletic moveset.

    He and Kingston will continue to work well as a tag team, but WWE should give him a chance to become the next King of the Ring winner.

    Over the last four years, no one has campaigned harder for the return of the iconic event, and Woods has said on more than one occasion that it has been his dream to compete in the tournament since he came to WWE in 2010.

    Unfortunately, he didn't participate in the 2019 King of the Ring tournament, the first edition since the WWE Network exclusive event in 2015. The company should rectify that if it plans to host the event again. 

Kofi Kingston Deserves Another Shot at WWE Championship

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    Last year on the season premiere of SmackDown, Kofi Kingston's historic WWE title reign ended in the most deflating and anticlimactic fashion as Brock Lesnar beat him in mere seconds. It was a disappointing way to end his stint as champion, to say the least.

    To make things worse, he never actually received a rematch as Lesnar moved back to Raw with the WWE Championship in the following month. It was a shortsighted decision that left many fans feeling cheated after such a euphoric moment at WrestleMania 35. 

    Kingston was a strong champion up until that point, and he remained defiant in the face of any challenge. So, it didn't make much sense that he would just accept defeat and slink back to the tag division like the previous few months never happened. 

    Now that the first African-born WWE champion is back on the red brand, WWE finally has a chance to bring this story full circle. Kingston should get the chance to challenge for the title again and prove that his first win was more than just a fleeting moment.  

    Honestly, the 39-year-old doesn't even have to regain the title, but it just sends the wrong message for him to work that hard for one shot only to fall back into the same routine. After all, Kofimania felt so urgent because many fans assumed if he didn't get his WrestleMania match, he would never get another shot at a world title.

    His current predicament sadly shows that that was true. Kingston waited over a decade to be acknowledged; he shouldn't retire without another chance to prove his mettle. 

Big E Should Win the 2020 Men's Royal Rumble Match

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    While Kofi Kingston has become one of the annual highlights of the men's Royal Rumble match, Big E has never made an impact in WWE's famous stipulation contest. He even made light of it on an episode of the trio's podcast, ‎The New Day: Feel the Power

    With that said, the stable's resident powerhouse has to be one of the immediate favorites to win the upcoming Rumble. On a brand devoid of a top protagonist, he has stood out for months in Roman Reigns' absence as a de facto onscreen locker room leader. WWE has also earmarked him for a run as a singles competitor.

    Separating him from the other two members of The New Day is a definitive move to put him on the path to his first world title win. It has to be, right? Taking such drastic steps just so Big E can challenge for the Intercontinental Championship would be ludicrous. As such, a Royal Rumble win would be a fitting way to make him the No. 1 contender. 

    Even more, Big E should win the match without the help of his friends. As noted earlier, WWE should keep The New Day apart for long as possible for the maximum reaction. This would also add some intrigue to his decision to challenge the universal champion or fight for the WWE title and a chance to rejoin Woods and Kingston on Raw.

    Either option presents a new storyline that fans can invest in ahead of WrestleMania 37. 


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