Fantasy-Booking the Perfect AEW vs. WWE PPV Match Card

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 18, 2020

Fantasy-Booking the Perfect AEW vs. WWE PPV Match Card

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    Pro wrestling is full of moments fans never thought they would see. Things like The Rock returning from Hollywood, Brock Lesnar making his comeback after dominating UFC and Daniel Bryan headlining WrestleMania are just a few of the things that seemed impossible until they happened.

    One thing fans have been hoping would happen for years is a WWE supershow with a competing brand. Events featuring WCW, Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling have all been requested over the years. And ever since All Elite Wrestling began building momentum, dream matches between AEW and WWE Superstars have been talked about.

    The odds of this happening are slim. WWE doesn't need AEW, and AEW wants to build its own legacy. But that won't stop us from playing fantasy booker.

    What if some strange circumstance made it possible? Who would represent each company? What matchups would be booked? What stars would be forced to lose to someone from the competition.

    If this kind of event ever took place, it would be the biggest show of the year. This is why it would be ideal to make it a two-night show to get as many possible matches on the card as possible. Let's look at which bouts would make the most sense and who would be most likely win in each situation.

Hikaru Shida vs. Asuka

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    Arguments could be made for any of the Four Horsewomen of WWE to get their own singles bout, but Asuka is an international star and the Raw women's champion. Not giving her a match would be a huge mistake.

    Pairing her with Hikaru Shida would allow a female champion from each company to do battle to see who is the true world champion.

    These two have faced each other a few times in Japan, so the announcers would have history to cite in order to add more context to the fight.

    This would be a hard-hitting affair with a lot of strikes and submissions. They have some similarities, but they have been booked in different ways. Shida is often the underdog in her matches, while Asuka is usually seen as the most dangerous competitor in the ring.

    For that reason, The Empress of Tomorrow would score the first victory for WWE in the opening match of the first night.

The New Day vs. Kenny Omega and Young Bucks

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    One of the few existing storylines that did not start in a WWE ring is The Elite vs. The New Day. This feud began on social media and spilled over to the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel in a video game showdown.

    Getting these six men in the ring together would be a dream come true for a lot of wrestling fans. If this show happened, this should be one of the first matches booked by those in charge.

    The New Day got together in 2014, while Kenny Omega formed an alliance with Nick and Matt Jackson during their time in The Bullet Club in 2016.

    Despite having more experience as a trio, The New Day would come up short in this bout. Having spent more time as heels in their respective careers, The Elite would be more comfortable employing illegal tactics to get the win.

Brodie Lee and Anna Jay vs. Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss

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    Before Brodie Lee became the leader of The Dark Order, he was Bray Wyatt's follower in WWE. Meeting again on the same level as leaders would make them better opponents.

    Each of these men has a woman who is willing to stand beside them in battle to make this a mixed tag match. Lee has Anna Jay, and The Fiend has Alexa Bliss.

    Lee and Jay have more associates who could interfere to give them an advantage early on, but Wyatt's mastery of the dark arts would allow him to negate anything Lee's minions had in store.

    We haven't had as many chances to see Jay perform as we have with Bliss, so The Goddess has had more time to build up a reputation for being an expert rule-breaker.

    Between Bliss being capable of outsmarting her opponents and The Fiend having Undertaker-like powers, WWE would get another victory in this bout.

Matt Hardy and Private Party vs. Jeff Hardy and Street Profits

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    Matt Hardy has become something of a mentor to Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen in recent months, so it would be a lot of fun to see them team up for a six-man tag match.

    Since family drama has been the basis for some of the best feuds in wrestling history, Jeff Hardy is the most logical choice to lead an opposing team. He would have to look no further than the SmackDown locker room to find partners in The Street Profits.

    The Profits and Private Party have been called carbon copies by some fans who see similarities in their gimmicks, but they use contrasting styles in the ring.

    Angelo Dawkins is the main reason for the difference in technique because of his size. He is quick on his feet but falls more into the powerhouse category. Montez Ford has great agility, but he is also capable of some impressive feats of strength.

    Matt and Jeff also have their own unique styles, so despite both teams having a lot in common, they would have just as many things separating them.

    This would be a fast-paced encounter, but when the dust settles, the elder Hardy and his proteges would have their hands raised in victory to even the score for AEW.

Kevin Owens vs. Eddie Kingston (Falls Count Anywhere)

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    When you compare the AEW and WWE rosters, Eddie Kingston and Kevin Owens stand out as being two of the most similar performers.

    They are both known for their mic skills, they both like to brawl and neither of them is known for being a body guy. They are big dudes who hit hard and run over people.

    Just think about the promos leading up to this encounter. They would eviscerate each other on the mic every night until they finally stepped into the ring together.

    Kingston has been a popular name on the indy scene for years, but KO has been known around the world since he won his first WWE title in 2016.

    This would be a bloody battle, but the most logical outcome would be Owens standing tall after powerbombing his opponent through several tables to get the pin.

Jon Moxley vs. Drew McIntyre

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    If you are going to book a supercard between WWE and AEW, having the world champions from each company face off is the only option.

    Roman Reigns and Jon Moxley have been in the ring together as friends and enemies countless times, so it would be more interesting if Mox battled Drew McIntyre.

    Moxley has faced and defeated some of the best AEW has to offer. He has beaten powerhouses like Brian Cage and Brodie Lee, veterans like Chris Jericho and a slew of other challengers.

    However, McIntyre did what few have done and put down Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36. Even Moxley failed to defeat The Beast when he was with WWE.

    As great as Mox is, the right outcome for this bout would be to have McIntyre score the victory.

Cody vs. Triple H

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    Cody Rhodes is one of AEW's Executive Vice Presidents and one of the company's main leaders both in and out of the ring. If he is going to face anyone from his old stomping grounds, it should be Triple H.

    Rhodes already planted the seeds for this feud when he used a sledgehammer to smash a throne that looked similar to something The Game used in one of his WrestleMania entrances. The story writes itself.

    Brandi and Stephanie McMahon would be key parts of this feud, too. Since Steph rarely competes anymore, it would be better if she and Brandi acted as managers so they still have the option to brawl at ringside.

    Trips might be the veteran but the most satisfying outcome from a storytelling standpoint would be Rhodes defeating Triple H before The Game shakes his hand in a sign of respect from one leader to another.

    Triple H is at the point in this career where wins and losses mean nothing. The American Nightmare has years left before he calls it quits, so he would gain more from the win. This would be the main event of the first night of matches and put WWE up one over AEW heading into night two. 

Bayley vs. Britt Baker

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    A tale of two role models. Bayley and Britt Baker both started in their respective companies as babyfaces before turning heel and becoming better than anyone could have imagined.

    Both women have dubbed themselves as role models to today's youth, so this contest would be all about proving which woman gets to clam the moniker.

    The difference between them would be Reba, Baker's assistant. Bayley used to have Sasha Banks as a sidekick, but once that alliance ended, the former Hugger became a solo act.

    Baker having that extra backup at ringside would be the deciding factor. Bayley would try to cheat, but Baker would do it just a little bit better to get the win.

The Dark Order vs. Retribution

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    If AEW and WWE are going to work together, some of the matches need to try to include as many people as possible to give them exposure. This is why a stable vs. stable bout makes sense.

    T-Bar, Mace and Slapjack could take on Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and John Silver of The Dark Order to give us another six-man bout and give both groups some time in the spotlight.

    The Dark Order has had a lot of ups and downs, while Retribution is just getting its feet wet. The WWE newcomers need the win more than AEW's group at this point in their careers.

    What's great is The Dark Order has a scapegoat with Silver. He has become one of the most entertaining members of the group thanks to Being the Elite, but he is not known for winning matches. He could take the pin, get berated by Lee and be right back where he was the day before.

    Retribution would get the victory, but they would try to say it wasn't for WWE to keep with their gimmick. Still, this would put Vince McMahon's company back into the lead.

10-Woman Elimination Match

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    WWE and AEW have a lot of women who deserve to be featured on a show like this, and a good way to use them would be in a Survivor Series-style 10-woman tag match.

    The WWE team would include Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Banks, Bianca Belair and Naomi. On the AEW side, the team would include Big Swole, Nyla Rose, Kris Statlander, Penelope Ford and Riho.

    The match would follow the typical formula of each team scoring an elimination until the final competitor from each side was left.

    The deciding factor would be the experience Lynch, Flair and Banks have in working together. The AEW team wouldn't be as cohesive, so the WWE team would come out on top to give the promotion a two-win advantage.

The Hurt Business vs. Inner Circle (WarGames)

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    The Hurt Business has become the premier stables in WWE. MVP is the primary mouthpiece, Shelton Benjamin is the technician, Bobby Lashley is the powerhouse and Cedric Alexander is the high-flyer.

    Like The Hurt Business, The Inner Circle likes the finer things in life. These factions make perfect opponents, especially when you compare the talents side by side.

    Sammy Guevara can match Alexander's agility, Jake Hager can keep up with Lashley both in power and MMA ability and the duo of Santana and Ortiz could give MVP and Benjamin a run for their money in the talent department.

    It's almost like these groups mirror each other. If anything were possible at this dream show, putting all eight men inside the WarGames cage would up the ante significantly.

    To bring AEW closer to tying the score, The Inner Circle would have to win this match. Unfortunately, it would probably be Benjamin who took the pin.

World Casino Royal Rumble War 3

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    WWE and AEW each has a signature Battle Royal. WWE has the Royal Rumble, and AEW has the Casino Battle Royale. Back in the day, WCW had a signature event known as World War 3.

    Combining all of those matches into one mega Battle Royal would give both companies a chance to give dozens of people some screen time.

    Here is how it would work. The three rings from World War 3 would be the setting. Each ring would have two men begin and every minute, three more men would enter the match so there was one new competitor in each ring.

    As soon as each ring had only one competitor left, they would engage in a standard Triple Threat bout to declare a winner who would go on to face Roman Reigns later in the show.

    A match like this would allow for a lot of fun moments and reunions. R-Truth and Dustin Rhodes could re-form The Golden Truth for a spot, Darby Allin could hit one of his signature stunts and Scorpio Sky could reunite with Bryan for the first time since Dr. Shelby's anger management class.

    Since this is all about WWE vs. AEW, it would need to be an All Elite Wrestling star who scores the victory and faces Reigns. There are tons of great options, but the best one to face off against The Tribal Chief would be Cage.

Roman Reigns vs. Winner of Battle Royal

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    The Tribal Chief has only been back since SummerSlam, yet he has already established himself as the most dominant force on SmackDown. He needs a challenger who poses a physical threat. That is where Cage comes in.

    The FTW champion is one of the most physically imposing people in AEW while also having the speed and agility of a much smaller athlete.

    This would be the kind of powerhouse vs. powerhouse battle that used to define pro wrestling. Two big guys beating the hell out of each other will never get old.

    In a match like this, Reigns is never going to lose. He is the universal champion, and WWE is not going to allow him to be booked to lose against anyone from another company. This victory would put WWE up one win heading into the final bout.

Chris Jericho vs. Shane McMahon (Hell in a Cell)

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    The final match of the show would be a battle between Vince McMahon and Tony Khan—or at least it would be a battle between their representatives.

    Khan has shown little interest in becoming an on-screen character, and McMahon is at the point where he no longer gets physical, so each billionaire would choose a proxy. Khan would pick Chris Jericho since he is the most recognizable star in the company, and McMahon would pick his son out of pride in his family name.

    In a normal match, Jericho would always have the advantage over Shane because of his decades of experience. But this would be a Hell in a Cell match, and Shane's willingness to risk his body would even the playing field.

    After some wild stunts and hits from a few weapons hidden under the ring, Jericho would score the victory to tie WWE and AEW at seven wins each.

    A tie might seem anticlimactic, but even in a fantasy scenario, we have to face facts. Neither Khan nor McMahon would ever agree to this show if their company were going to be made to look weak. A tie is the only possible way this kind of show would ever happen—and even then there is only a slim chance of it happening at all. 


    If AEW and WWE ever agreed to hold a joint-PPV, what matches would you want to see?