Jarrett Allen on Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Blocking LeBron, Top B/R AMA Quotes

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistNovember 21, 2019

Source: B/R

Brooklyn Nets center Jarrett Allen took part in a Bleacher Report AMA on Thursday to answer fan questions ranging from playing with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to his legendary Afro. 

Here is what Allen, who is playing his third season with the Nets, had to say about his life on and off the court. 


How does Kyrie act in the locker room? (from @Baseballer14)

He acts like a normal teammate. People say that he has mood swings, but that's a complete lie. He wants to see us succeed and do well if anything. 


What's it like to play with Kyrie opposed to DLo? (from @brandon1234)

They're kind of different. Kyrie can score from anywhere, even without me setting up the pick-and-roll. DLo...we worked well; if he didn't score, he'd kick it to me to score. 


What is KD like in practice/locker room? (from @MR_45)

KD is great. It's tough for him because he can't really be on the court and play with us, but even so, he's still super attentive and into what we are doing. It's great to have one of the best scorers around. 


How well you think Kyrie and KD will fit in the culture and play style y'all had last year? (from @mrramrod)

I think they are going to fit in well. They fit in the culture and are buying in. When you have people that high of a level buying in, it's promising for the future. 


How did it feel when u blocked Bron? (from @zgod1)

You know, when I first blocked him, I didn't realize how big that would be. I was just trying to make a basketball play, and I heard the crowd when i first blocked it and then I heard it when they showed the replay and realized it must be something special.


Who do you think is the GOAT in the NBA? (from @NathanaelC)



Lebron or Kawhi? (from @Joefredericks21)



What's the best pizza place in Brooklyn? (from @trueliu)

I'm not trying to get killed...


Who did you look up to and model your game after the most? (from @JDJumboDong)

There were three players I loved watching. Dwight Howard when he was on Orlando. Kevin Garnett (Celtics KG) and Tim Duncan. 


Who is the most challenging center to play against in the league and which center has influenced your style of play? (from @Woodz1123)

Biggest challenge is probably Joel Embiid. Super-skilled, 7'1". He doesn't really trash-talk with me, but I'm not really a trash-talker. 


If you could go back in time and block somebody who would it be? (from @OGwakarican)

It would be Michael Jordan, just so I could never hear the end of it. 


What was the best thing you learned from Shaka Smart in your one year at Texas? (from @falkie7399)

"You don't focus on the things that you can't control."


What's your opinion on the Knicks? (from @toogap)

They are still 'Kings of New York' if you want to say that; they were here first. But we're Brooklyn and going to work our way up and try and earn that title. 


Which highlight play of yours is your favorite? (from @practicallyally)

I went out to contest a shot against Chicago and they missed the shot and they got the rebound, but I blocked the second shot into the stands. 


How far u think the nets can get in the playoffs? (from @yaakgma)

I think we can go as far as we want to; it's just going to take a lot of focus from our side.


How is it having DeAndre Jordan on the team? Is he a mentor figure for you? If so, what are some of best tips you've gotten from him? (from @fbardi)

Having DeAndre on the team is great; he's a funny guy. He's given me plenty of tips on defense and offense and just how to be a better NBA player in general.


Funniest story in the Nets locker room/nba in general? (from @the303)

I would say if you ever have a conversation with Theo Pinson and he's getting on somebody and joking with them, that's unparalleled. 


If you could've been drafted by any other team, which team would you have wanted it to be? (from @etaylo13)

My favorite team growing up was the Spurs.


Besides yourself, who do you feel is the most underappreciated player on the Nets? (from @RowdyRed)

Joe Harris. 


What's the best team plane gambling story? (from @BRBetting)

All I know is me wanting to take a nap and hearing yelling from the table next to me; I don't know what was going down. Eyes were closed, headphones on volume.


Have u ever needed to use the bathroom during a game? (from @FollowMe)

Yes. Once you get subbed out, that's when you go. Straightaway. 

Hardest person to block (from @PLucaBR)

It would probably be Giannis.


Who were your top 5 favorite video game characters growing up? (from @FifthRay)

Growing up they had a Ninja Turtle video game, so Michaelangelo, Master Chief, Gengar from Pokemon (huge Pokemon fan) and Soap from Call of Duty


Will you ever play a game without the fro? (from @cheese_ball)

Eventually I'll have to give it up because I'll start balding haha, but for now I'm repping it.


When did you first start growing out your fro? (from @BigBallerBrand1)

I've always grown it out and cut it, but I've never made it my signature style until now. 


Will you get cornrows this season? (from @orunychoi)

I will not.


What hair products do you use? (from @mylesmac34)

It's all natural. Head and Shoulders. 


What is your favorite spots to go to in Brooklyn during your off days? (from @nvpshow)

Summer in Prospect Park. I also like eating at Ten-Ichi Ramen. 


What is your favorite basketball sneaker to play in? (from @ifitz1212)

Kyrie 3s. I was playing with them for two years before he came and I just learned they are called 'Tuxedos.'


Do you have any pregame rituals? (from @EzraM9)

I read before the game. Not in the locker room, but at my apartment or hotel room. 


Chick-fil-A or Popeyes? (from @thiccdubs1)

Chick-fil-A. Easily. 


Would you rather fight a hundred duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? I'm asking the real questions. (from @the303)

A horse-sized duck. Have you ever seen a horse bite an apple? It's one chomp and it's gone, so I don't want a squad of those. 


What is your favorite song before a game? (from @mrramrod)

You know that 'Welcome to the Party' song? That's what they've been playing before the games.


Best jersey in the nba? (from @647)

Outside of the Nets, I am a fan of the Utah Jazz when they have the throwback mountains. 


Favorite Marvel character? (from @CodeBreak)

I'm not a Marvel guy—I'm a DC guy—but if I had to choose I would go with Silver Surfer.


What was the first thing you bought when you got into the NBA? (from @manant)

Some furniture. You can't have a house without some furniture. 


Who's your favorite NFL player? (from @zkein)



Which play do you prefer: A massive poster or a clutch swat? (from @CollieBudz89)

Clutch swat. You can turn a clutch swat into a poster.


What do you order from taco bell? (from @jre031)

In middle school, in the summer days, I would get a whole box of tacos haha.


What advice would you give to a sixth grader trying to pursue their career in becoming a NBA/WNBA player? (from @AvocadosToGo)

It's a long road, it's tough; there are going to be plenty of ups and downs. But stick with it. 


Allen is off to a terrific start this season as part of a two-headed monster at center in Brooklyn with DeAndre Jordan. The 21-year-old is averaging 10.4 points per game on a career-high 65.5 shooting percentage. He's also tied with Jordan for the team lead with 9.4 rebounds per contest. 

The Nets (6-8) are still figuring out how their new pieces fit with their returning players, but they have won two of their previous three games and will look to keep their positive momentum going Friday when the Sacramento Kings visit the Barclays Center.