WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Results: Did WWE Get It Right with Briefcase Winners?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 20, 2019

Bayley celebrating with the crowd at Money in the Bank.
Bayley celebrating with the crowd at Money in the Bank.Credit: WWE.com

The Money in the Bank pay-per-view was a mixture of great wrestling and confusing moments for the WWE Universe.

Three matches lasted less than two minutes each, at least two finishes were questionable due to poor officiating, and the winner of the men's Money in the Bank match is already creating controversy on social media.

Let's take a look at the two titular ladder matches from Sunday and analyze whether or not WWE made the right calls.


Bayley in the Bank

The Women's Money in the Bank match opened the show with a fun and frenetic contest involving eight Superstars from Raw and SmackDown.

Bleacher Report's Erik Beaston gave the match a B+ and called it "a damn fun way to kick off the show and the perfect showcase for the talent within."

Every woman had a chance to shine at one point or another, but Bayley was able to claim the briefcase at the end.

Bully Ray @bullyray5150

Great booking...Feel good moment...Congrats Bayley!! #MITB @BustedOpenRadio

Kevin Berge @TheBerge_

Yes Bayley!!! I'm okay with how that all turned out in the end. #MITB

$asha Banks @SashaBanksWWE

My hero @itsBayleyWWE 😍

The Hugger was put in a weird position after losing the women's tag titles at WrestleMania, but the way everything ended for her on Sunday indicates WWE intends to push her as a major babyface again.

Not only did she win Money in the Bank, but she cashed in her title shot later in the night to win the SmackDown Women's Championship from the Superstar who had just won it minutes earlier: Charlotte Flair.

The crowd went wild for Bayley as she hoisted the title in victory. The WWE Universe will always let you know if it is happy, and in that moment, it seemed like everyone in the arena was right there on cloud nine next to Bayley.


Beast in the Bank


Watch out, @WWERollins... @BrockLesnar has a GUARANTEED #UniversalTitle opportunity! #MITB https://t.co/X2WoGEXEyk

When Sami Zayn was discovered hanging upside-down backstage at Money in the Bank, a lot of people speculated about who attacked him and who would replace him in the Ladder match.

Triple H suspected Braun Strowman and asked him to leave the arena, but many online suspected it was the work of a returning Bray Wyatt.

We were all wrong. When it looked like Ali was about to claim the briefcase, Brock Lesnar's music hit, and The Beast ran down to the ring. He caused quite the scene as he knocked over a couple of cameramen with a ladder on his way to the ring.

Bryan Alvarez @bryanalvarez

Two camera guys taken out as well in the rampage. #MITB

Bryan Alvarez @bryanalvarez

Ali badly busted open by the ladder that Brock threw, cameras were commanded not to shoot him. #MITB

He also busted Ali open with a ladder before taking down the briefcase to become Mr. Money in the Bank for the first time in his career. Needless to say, his win received a mixed response in the arena and online.

This was one of the most brutal MITB matches we have ever seen, so having someone who didn't sacrifice their body during the contest win the whole thing didn't go over well with some people.

Chris Jericho @IAmJericho

Awesome to see @BrockLesnar win the #MoneyInTheBank match...even though he wasn’t officially entered! Brock is the future of the biz and this perfect example of genius booking shows why @WWE will remain on top FOREVER! #GoBrockGo

Others praised the surprise element of the moment and what it could mean for the future. Seth Rollins is still without an opponent for Super Showdown on June 7 in Saudi Arabia. Lesnar may choose to cash in his title shot for a rematch against the man who beat him at WrestleMania 35.

Mike Chiari @MikeChiari

So, the shock factor of Brock winning was very cool, but if he literally uses #MITB for a match vs. Seth in Saudi Arabia, that’s such a colossal waste. Then you’re left with no MITB cash-in threats already #WWE

While Lesnar's victory creates a few interesting possibilities, it feels like a mistake to give a guy who doesn't need the rub such an important win.

The Beast isn't the worst choice WWE could have made, but it's unlikely anyone would have been universally loved as a winner anyway. 

What do you think? Were Bayley and Lesnar the right choices? Who would you have booked to win MITB?


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