Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella Will Be About Storyline, Not Wrestling

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistAugust 9, 2014


Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon have been booked as a main event storyline, closing out the past two Raws and featuring plenty of coverage on all of the other weekly shows. This is a major program heading into SummerSlam, but don't expect the match to be a technical clinic.

This feud is not about the wrestling at all. This is all about the drama. Professional wrestling is what it is because of the stories that are told. The matches are the main course, but the story is the appetizer, side dish and dessert.

However, WWE may have put these two women in a tough position. Expectations are going to be high for the actual bout thanks to the company heavily promoting the angle and the fact that Stephanie McMahon hasn't wrestled a match in close to a decade.

Brie has made significant improvements to her wrestling ability over the past two years, but Stephanie was never all that good in the ring, and there is no way a decade off has helped her get any better.

There's no denying that Stephanie is in great shape, but it takes more than great deltoids to put on a memorable match. That is why this one is going to be all about the ongoing story and not what actually happens from bell to bell.

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There are basically three kinds of matches in WWE. You have the ones that are all about the technical ability and excitement, you have the ones that are all about big spots and stipulations, and then you have the matches that aren't about wrestling at all. This is clearly an example of the third option.

We've watched this whole situation unfold over the past several months. It really began with Daniel Bryan's feud with The Authority, but as time passed, the more it became about Brie and Stephanie.

Not only did Brie quit her job to protect her husband's title reign, but she also slapped the taste out of Stephanie's mouth on more than one occasion, setting up their eventual showdown in the process.

The Billion Dollar Princess is not one to be outdone, though. She's fired back at Brie both physically and verbally, but the way she really got her revenge was by placing Nikki Bella in Handicap matches and having her attacked at the drop of a hat.

Watching Stephanie evolve over the past few months has been a very entertaining ride. She is following in her father's footsteps by easily being one of the most convincing and unlikable heels the company has. It's not because the other heels are bad; rather, it's because Stephanie is so good.

She knows how to work a crowd, she knows exactly what it is that people don't like about her, and she plays up those characteristics like a seasoned veteran.

When SummerSlam rolls around, it is going to be up to AJ Lee and Paige to provide a good match—and it's going to be up to Stephanie and Brie to provide the drama.

Regardless of whether you like women's wrestling, you have to admit that Stephanie is one hell of an entertainer. She's not going to be wrestling circles around anyone else, but she will certainly be able to draw the most heat.

Every single man and woman on the roster should be studying the way Stephanie plays the crowd every time she sets foot in front of the camera. SummerSlam should be a great show, and the match between Stephanie and Brie is definitely going to add to the entertainment.

Are you looking forward to McMahon vs. Bella at SummerSlam, or do you think it will end up being a flop?

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