Bray Wyatt and the 5 Most Bizarre WWE Stars of All Time

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMay 8, 2014

Bray Wyatt and the 5 Most Bizarre WWE Stars of All Time

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    The WWE is currently going through a period of change. The older breed is dying off, and fresh, new talent such as The Shield is rising to the very top.

    And one particular member of that new breed is the magnificently bizarre Bray Wyatt. Alongside his family, we have seen some remarkable spots in the last year or so, including some pretty spectacular matches.

    There have been quirky promos, weird vignettes and plenty of moments you could describe as surreal. The most recent of those came at Extreme Rules, when Wyatt beat John Cena with the aid of a mysterious child who appeared at ringside.

    However, Wyatt isn't the only guy in WWE history who could be classified as bizarre. Let's take a look at five other men who fit that description to perfection.

Doink the Clown

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    We start with a fairly obvious choice, but that doesn't mean he was any less bizarre than anyone who features on this list.

    Doink the Clown was billed from "Parts Unknown," which only further served to add to the mystery surrounding him. Initially a villain who played tricks on fans and wrestlers at ringside, he made his way into competitive action in 1992.

    There, he would continue to play cruel tricks on people, including pouring water on Marty Jannetty, amongst other pranks.

    He feuded with the likes of Jerry Lawler and Bret Hart during his most prominent run with the company and even returned at WrestleMania X-Seven to compete in the gimmick Battle Royal.

    Bizarre? You bet.


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    Whilst Doink the Clown was a relatively amusing type of bizarre, the same could not be said about Mankind.

    Mick Foley's most infamous alter ego was supposedly a mentally deranged schizophrenic who performed bizarre antics throughout his matches, including randomly shouting out things to throw his opponents off.

    He once said he personally enjoyed pain and used to abuse himself by pulling out his hair in bizarre spots.

    Of course, he used to live in a boiler room, which spawned one of the most infamous matches of the Attitude Era, the Boiler Room Brawl.

    He went on to shrug off this deranged attitude to an extent and become a fantastic WWE champion. However, his humble beginnings were certainly bizarre, to say the least.

The Gobbledy Gooker

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    Where do you start with The Gobbledy Gooker? Well, probably around 1990, when the WWE started to display a huge egg at ringside at almost all of its events.

    Nobody quite knew what it meant, but looking back, it should have been so obvious.

    The Gooker "hatched" at Survivor Series that year, but when he emerged from the egg, the response was horrific. The crowd reactions were terrible, and even the commentators found themselves in shock at how negatively he was received.

    He sporadically appeared in promos following on from Survivor Series, but the character was eventually dropped after overwhelmingly bad fan reactions.


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    Ah,  Goldust. One of the most central figures of the Attitude Era, his bizarre persona cemented his legacy in one of the best periods in WWE history.

    Some of his early days with the company were particularly strange, including his many parodies of various stars that were in the company at the time. It justified just how peculiar Goldust was.

    The main focal point of Goldust was his lewd behavior inside and outside of the ring, with his suggestive mind games almost typifying what the WWE was all about in the Attitude Era—pushing things to the very limit.

    After a spell in WCW, he returned in the early 2000s, where the bizarreness just kept on coming. He was electrocuted by the stage set on one occasion and began stammering rather peculiarly. His tag team with Booker T also provided some hilariously comedic moments.

    Still wrestling in 2014, Goldust will surely be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day. And if they ever have a special section just for bizarre members, you would fancy Goldust to be the chairman.

The Boogeyman

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    The central figure of nightmares for many children, The Boogeyman was a character that simply personified what it was like to be a bizarre WWE star.

    Although he wasn't active with the company for long, his impact with the WWE was enough to earn him a spot on this list. Anyone who comes out to the ring with a mouthful of worms is worthy of that, after all.

    His main feuds during his time with the company came against people who were flanked by women when they came to the ring. His first rivalry with John Bradshaw Layfield saw him stalk Jillian Hall around the arena, with The Boogeyman putting worms down her skirt on one occasion.

    The Boogeyman and Layfield had a match at the 2006 Royal Rumble, which The Boogeyman won in two minutes flat.

    His creepy, eerire laughter and his vile antics saw him cement cult status with the WWE despite a relatively short stint. The Boogeyman remains arguably the most bizarre character ever dreamed up by the WWE.