What Now, Brown Cow?: The Next Step for the Cavs, and What Orlando Must Overcome

Angelo CerilliCorrespondent IMay 27, 2009

ORLANDO, FL - MAY 26:  Orlando Magic mascot 'Stuff' performs during a break in play between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Orlando Magic in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Finals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs at the Amway Arena on May 26, 2009 in Orlando, Florida. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

It is becoming obvious to me that two things are happening here:

  1. The Referees are trying to impact how this series will go down.
  2. The Magic are a much hotter team than Cleveland.

The Magic don't have these kind of games every day or they would've went somewhere close to 75-7. NO TEAM goes around 80-90 percent from the free throw line, and no team makes 60 percent of their three-point attempts, but the Magic have done both.

That along with the fact that only one of the Magic's three wins have been won by more than two points. So it is not beyond reality to say that these teams have very similar teams, or do they? You know why I cannot answer the question on which team is better? One word, referee's.

It seems like bogus calls are being made left and right and I am starting to wonder the exact fairness of this series. It started in game two, and I started to notice this trend in Game Three and here it is.

Game Two: Cavs get Bogus Calls.

Game Three: Magic got bogus calls.

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Game Four: Cavs again got the bogus calls.

Yes, I said it, the Magic won that game by overcoming the Cavaliers and some very bad referee in which will probably result in Dwight Howard's suspension from the next game and maybe the series.

After Alston started making a lot of three's in the first quarter I noticed how our officials were very willing to call two fouls on him that may in fact shouldn't have been called. Is this really the referee's though, could it be NBA itself?

There is almost no doubt that you can call Jordon one if the not the best player to ever play basketball he lead the Bulls to three titles. Retired and came back and then won three more titles.

Not taking away from Jordon or the Chicago Bulls but it was believed that the NBA was altering games by informing the referee's to make bad calls for the Bulls and the NBA went under investigation.

It was less obvious at the time, it was Michael Jordon, he made all the games look good and I admire everything he did in the playoffs, nor am I saying that he doesn't deserve the six rings he receive I believe he does.

However, it's becoming more and more obvious that here is how the series would have gone if the Magic didn't win Game Four against all the odds.

Game One: Magic

Game Two: Cavs

Game Three: Magic

Game Four: Cavs

Game Five: Cavs

Game Six: Magic

Game Seven: Cavs

Now since I do not have any proof nor does anyone else for or against the idea that the NBA is trying to alter games through referee's here is a logical explanation of why the NBA or the commissioner would do this.

I have heard it 100 times already that LeBron vs. Kobe would be the best thing for the NBA, does anyone not think that the commissioner already knows this? And it can't just be both teams storm their way to the Finals, it has to be dramatic.

The NBA needs more fans so what is more dramatic than LeBron James winning the series for the Cavs in the court he is most comfortable with, the graffiti falls and the Cavs celebrate a tremendous win over the Magic and head to the finals. Tell me that wouldn't get more people watching and saying how LeBron is so good?

That is not reality because the reality of the situation is the Magic hit too many threes and score too many points for the Cavs to beat them consistently.

Like I said in the beginning of my article, no team hits 80-90 percent from the Free Throw line, and no team hits 60 percent beyond the arc, so how can the Cavs overcome that? Simple answer, they cannot. And it is becoming more and more obvious, and my proof?

Dwight Howard, his sixth technical came as a taunting call. Really? Have you seen LeBron James screaming in the air after he makes a huge dunk? Anderson Varejao pumping his fist and pointing to LeBron after a dunk? None of these were calls as technicals to the Cavs and as a Cavalier fan, I say this to the Magic fans and the team itself: I am sorry.

That is correct, because I do not know how to analysis a series in which there have been so many calls that are so questionable in favor of both teams but more toward the Cavaliers. It is getting close to the point that even attempting to analysis each team is getting to be a stretch, at best.

How do compare Mo Williams game from Game Four when his first three or four were from technicals. LeBron James when he is getting to the free throw line too much? Rafer Alston when he gets two or three fouls in a row and has to be taken out and replaced with Johnson?

Rafer was arguably one of the hottest players in game four, hitting everything, and the Cavs continued to leave him wide open.

As the Cavaliers are on their last leg I have no doubt that the referee's may in fact try everything in their power to keep the Cavaliers long enough in this series that the Magic cool down and the Cavaliers heat up. But why do we need more?

I am convinced the Magic already deserve to go on to the next round, why do we need to drag this series painfully along any longer and have this go to a game six or seven when the Magic have already showed us they are the hotter team in this series and maybe even better team.

So assuming that the impossible does not happen and the Cavs take this to Game Seven and win, what do I expect next?

With one the stars out of the finals they pray that Kobe and the Lakers make it past the Denver Nuggets so that way the NBA can salvage something from this. So Magic fans if you face the Lakers—Expect the same bull you received against the Cavs.

If you face the Nuggets this might be a more fairer because even though Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony are amazing players it wouldn't garnish the same popularity that Kobe and LeBron would, they are world known superstars.

The Cavalier and Magic fan got screwed in this perceptive: How do we know what really would have happened if this game was called fairly throughout.

Would the Magic go 4-0? Would the Cavs had heated up if they didn't go the Free Throw line every other play? Would Dwight Howard be suspended? Would LeBron James average over 40 points a game?

To end this article, I have a few questions for the readers:

Has this happened in the Lakers-Nuggets series? I don't know. I haven't watched the Lakers-Nuggets series enough to analyze its refereeing. I usually stay to the East, so, to answer that question, I look toward the Western Conference fans to provide that answer.

Will the Magic win it all? If Kobe is in the Finals, they are going to have to pull every trick in their hat to do so, but I believe they have enough talent to do so.

Who is the MVP for the Magic?

Dwight? Look at Alston in Game Four. Hedo Turkoglu? Rashard Lewis? The entire Magic bench? There are so many options because they did everything right to win this series and I think the MAGIC TEAM should be considered this series MVP (and if this happens in the Finals, I hope the team gets the Finals MVP.)


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