The Most Fake Viral Videos in Sports

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 27, 2013

The Most Fake Viral Videos in Sports

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    Have you ever seen something on the Internet that just completely blows your mind?

    OK, that's a really dumb question, right? Without a doubt, you have—isn't that what makes the Internet so damn great in the first place?

    But what we see on the world wide web and what is actually real are sometimes two different things.

    Just because our eyes saw a twerking girl fall and light her pants on fire, doesn't mean that it actually happened in real life.

    Sports videos are the same way, giving us hilarity, while confusing us as to what might and might not be real.

    So it's totally cool to admit that you got fooled by these fake sports viral videos, because so did millions of other people too.

Ball Girl Scales Wall

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    While this one isn't completely impossible to imagine actually happening—hopefully you catch my sarcasm—anyone who thought that it was real might as well take a timeout from browsing or commenting on things online for a while.

    Unless you think that a ball girl has the athleticism of a stunt double in some Kung Fu movie, than you'll understand why this was outed as being fake soon after it hit the 'net.

Ronaldinho's Crossbar Challenge

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    Yes, former Brazilian soccer star, Ronaldinho, was one of the top players in the world back in his heyday.

    But that doesn't mean that even he could do something as absurd as knocking the ball off the crossbar not once, not twice, but a bunch of times, perfectly landing it at his feet each time.

    Keeping a volley going with a brick wall is pretty difficult from five feet away, so unfortunately, even a world-class player can't do it with a goal post from 18 yards—as much as we all wanted to think he could.

The Melbourne Aces' Catcher

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    As we've seen—and will continue to see—on a lot of these videos, they're recorded to try and attract attention in helping sell a product.

    That's what seems to have happened in this case—though it's not quite sure why the Australian baseball team, Melbourne Aces, actually made this one.

    It could have been to help sell tickets, but then why put your catcher in front of hockey players on a field hockey field as they drill baseball towards him?

    I don't know, and I'm kind of done trying to figure it out.

The Bunt Home Run

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    Thanks to the benefit of physics, we know that this bunt home run is humanly impossible to have ever happened.

    But what makes this video a little bit more questionable is that no one really knows what the ad is for.

    I think it's for a shoe company—but Deadspin says that the company in itself might be a hoax.

    I'm thinking this is just like the whole Sidd Finch legend, where this is something someone did just to see how many people believe it.

Sidney Crosby Puck Pyramid Shots

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    OK, so Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby is pretty damn good, but even he couldn't pull off numerous shots at stray pucks from about 20 feet away.

    As if the nearly impossibly shots weren't enough to prove this thing was fake, just look around at the boards and see if you notice anything a little bit odd.

    Oh, that's right. The only ads in sight are for Reebok. Wonder how that happened?

David Beckham Bends Balls into 3 Trash Cans

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    I don't give a hoot about David Beckham declaring that these three soccer shots are actually real. As good as Becks is at placing the ball seemingly anywhere he wants to, this is 100 percent fake.

    For his part in taping the video though, Beckham did get to spend time on a beach with a free Diet Pepsi and got paid a good amount of money to do so.

    That sounds like a good gig to me—especially since the hardest part for him was dealing with the annoying cameraman actor.

The Ultimate Batting Practice

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    I'll say this—had this somehow been real, it would have been the greatest display of hitting I've seen since a kid named Dan Wanders batted nearly .750 in little league while I was in seventh grade.

    Unfortunately, anyone who even considered this to be real wasn't paying close enough attention because this is 100 percent false, made in hopes to help Easton sell baseball bats.

    With all the trick shots we've seen in basketball, maybe we're just hoping someone comes up with a real one for baseball soon?

LeBron James Drills 5 Straight Full-Court Shots

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    LeBron James is the greatest basketball player on the planet, but hopefully you weren't fooled into thinking that even he could drain 80-footers at ease when this video first popped up online a few years ago.

    There actually were some questions wondering if this thing was real or not—thanks to the skill that Bron actually has—but unfortunately, it was just an ad for Powerade.

    That doesn't mean James doesn't do his best at making us think that he couldn't do it.

Roger Federer Serve

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    First off, who in their right mind would ever stand in front of a tennis ball served by a professional tennis player who has the ability to smack the thing about 100 miles per hour?

    I know it's Roger Federer, but I like my face too much to risk standing there like a sitting duck.

    Lucky for anyone who feared for this guys mug, it was determined to be fake, instead just being a spoof for the shaving company, Gillette.

    As great as this would have been had it truly happened, there are some that think it still wouldn't beat the incredible shots Federer has really done before.

Evan Longoria Backhands a Liner

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    Believe me, when the commercial of Rays third baseman, Evan Longoria, snagging this ball first came out, I was actually one of those people who did a double-take to question its validity.

    Unfortunately, we found out that as great a player as Longoria is, not even he could anticipate a liner coming at him and a reporter to catch it with his bare hand.

    That's not taking anything away from the guy though, there's probably one person on the planet who could pull something like this off for real.

Kobe Bryant Jumps over Aston Martin

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    This was one of the most hotly debated videos to ever pop up on the Internet.

    Of all the remarkable things that Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has done in his career, there was about a 50-50 split that him hopping over a speeding car really happened.

    As much as we'd like to think that Bryant is just that freakishly athletic, sadly we were all taken for fools when we found out this was just a fake video shot for Nike.

    But as competitive as Kobe is, I wouldn't doubt that he could do this if someone really challenged him to—after he recovers from that Achilles injury though.

Michael Vick Throws Football out of Stadium

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    Eagles quarterback Michael Vick might seem to have superhero abilities by avoiding defenders and having an absolute cannon as a throwing arm, but the probability of him actually being able to throw a football hard enough to knock back receivers in mid-air is pretty low.

    That goes without saying the CGI work that was necessary to make it appear as if Vick launched a football not just 70-plus yards from his own 30 to the opposite goal line but actually out of the entire stadium.

    Oh Powerade, you almost had all of us for a second there.


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