Ranking the Best Flip Trick Shots

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 5, 2013

Ranking the Best Flip Trick Shots

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    After putting together a slideshow the other day of the greatest trick plays in sports, I got the itch to do it again, but this time taking a look at some unreal trick shots.

    But these aren't just any trick shots we're talking about here. These are flip trick shots, where people have the skill to bury a basketball shot while still actually stick the landing from a flip too.

    You've got to be pretty nimble to even attempt something like this, so props to those who make the list here—and for those who fell short, we hope the hospital bill wasn't too outrageous after the failed try.

Trampoline Flip Shot

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    This one might look like it's just a simple flip and swoosh, but considering the kid was able to land the flip—while avoiding the surrounding net—it's pretty damn impressive.

Diving Board Flip Shot

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    Maybe I'm putting this one a little lower than I should, because after seeing it a few more times, it might warrant a few spots up.

    It's hard enough to do a great flip into a pool without falling flat on your back, but when this kid does it and has the confidence to yell "money" before hitting the water, it's pretty dope.

Knee Hop, Trampoline Flip Shot

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    What. The. Hell.

    It's not everyday you just see someone casually decide they're going to try a shot like this, so when he does it after humming some song with ease, I can only give him the proper credit.

    Great job utilizing the board too.

3/4 Court, Backflip Shot

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    There are few words that need to be read here except for, "Cheerleader. Backflip. Seventy feet away. Money."

    When someone starts a shot at the other basket's three-point line, with his back turned to the hoop he's actually shooting on, and then actually makes it? Unreal.

Telephone Pole Flip Shot

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    This is just one of a few crazy flip shots that a few guys who call themselves KDRPRODUCTIONS7 have posted for our YouTube pleasure, but this one is probably my favorite.

    I remember having my jaw drop after seeing a buddy in high school land a backflip off a wall, so I could only imagine my reaction if he sank a basketball shot while doing it.

    Just crazy stuff here.

Cheerleading Flip Shot

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    Who knows how this girl decided to even think this shot up, but seeing how she made it with ease, I assume she practiced it a lot.

    If that's the case, I wouldn't have minded seeing her try—especially if she was in a cheerleading outfit each time.

    One thing's for sure, it wouldn't have ended as well for about 98 percent of people.

"Titan Shot" Flip Shot

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    When someone doubts that you can do something, please do me a favor and just show them this video of high school Maciah Thomas, who claims to be a freerunner but could probably be one hell of a basketball player if he sunk shots like this all the time.

    Although most people would just roll their eyes when they see their buddy even mention trying this, Thomas nails hit with ease, proving that "anything is possible."

Double Flip Shot

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    As if this kid doesn't show off enough after sinking a double flipped shot, he just had to throw in one more backflip during his celebration for good measure.

    Seeing that this was from about 40 feet away, I guess it's acceptable.

Between the Legs Trampoline Flip Shot

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    Maybe I'm just being a total wussy, but even if I had the balls to try this shot, I'd probably give up after one attempt for falling on my face and breaking some bones.

    Who knows how many tries it took this dude, but since he made it, let's just give him an ovation for both making it and not ending up in the hospital.

'Dude Perfect's' Royal Flip Shot

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    If sinking crazy basketball shots is your thing, then there might not be anyone better than this group called "Dude Perfect," who casually make the most difficult shots just routine.

    This front flip, near full-court bomb is just one example, but they have plenty of other shots that will literally blow your mind.

Full Court Flip Shot

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    There are a few ways to try and score a girlfriend in middle school.

    You can be the cool, athletic kid who knows how to charm them. The funny guy who knows exactly how to make them laugh. Or this kid, who does something that might not be as sweet as a box of chocolates to a girl but is sweet for pulling off.

    With those options, this kid's definitely a ladies man.

Diving Board, Soccer-Style Flip Shot

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    There have been some pretty stellar finishes when it comes to shots and dunks around pools this summer, but I'm not sure anything beats this one.

    While other kids may have wasted time with internships or part-time jobs, I can appreciate this kid practicing all summer to drain one of the greatest shots ever seen because, well, it's pretty damn amazing.