NBA Rushes Twitter to Congratulate Jason Kidd on Nets Gig, For the Most Part

Grant Hughes@@gt_hughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistJune 13, 2013

Just a couple of weeks removed from the announcement that his decorated NBA playing career was at an end, we learned on June 12 that Jason Kidd will be the next head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. And while it's best to let that kind of bombshell sink in before reacting, that's really not what Twitter's for.

Behold: the immediate, often congratulatory but also sometimes snarky blowback in the aftermath of Kidd's hiring!

But first, the latest from Kidd's personal website, complete with sweet graphic and nifty font.

Cool, huh?

Anyway, it shouldn't be a surprise that everyone Kidd ever played with chimed in to congratulate him right away. The guy made a living by setting up teammates and imparting his wisdom to young players. The outpouring of support from his former on-court peers was uplifting.

Thanks, White Mamba! Let's see what a few of Kidd's more recent teammates had to say.

It's unclear what Kidd taught Iman Shumpert (it was not how to style one's hair), but it certainly doesn't seem like he'll have any trouble connecting with young players in Brooklyn.

And now we know that ancient players also respect Kidd.

Apparently, Kidd's influence affected guys he never even played with.

Thanks to Jared Dudley, the inevitable speculation about whether Kidd will be a player-coach started within moments of his getting the sideline gig in Brooklyn. Hey, we were all thinking it, right?

And, just because he had to be different, Carmelo Anthony congratulated Kidd on Instagram. Too cool for Twitter, 'Melo?

Most importantly, the one player Kidd desperately needs to reach seems to be on board.

And for the sake of comedy, the former Mr. Kardashian also approves.

A couple of accomplished point guards also logged on to offer props to Kidd.

Let's just hope that Kidd's tenure as a head coach works out a bit better than Magic Johnson's did. For that matter, let's hope it works out better than his short-lived TV show, too.

And then the NBA media got involved. Don't worry, I'll lead with the jokes.

This is actually a good point and seems somewhat inevitable. Grant Hill and Kidd have been linked forever since they shared the Rookie of the Year award so long ago. Their retirements synced up and now, here we are. Let's all just wait quietly until Hill is named the coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, shall we?

I fully support any mention of Stephon Marbury, no matter how tangential. We need more head tattoos in the league.

Sure, why not? The trajectory seems to be pointing that way.

Also, yes.

Burn. This feels about right, considering there were so many jokes about how Kidd had actually retired in January (based on his awful play after the calendar flipped) and merely announced it after the New York Knicks were bounced from the playoffs.

Howard Beck of The New York Times was among the first to break the news, so it's only fitting that he be given the honor of multiple consecutive tweets. Don't worry, though; they're relevant, as they chronicle Nets GM Billy King's statement after Kidd's hiring.

And as we head to the top of the Nets' hierarchy, Mikhail Prokhorov added his two cents.

I like to imagine him saying this while skimming across the waves of his own private lake on a solid gold jet ski, two Russian models in tow.

Next come the media types, most of whom pointed out how bold the Kidd hire was.

Still more mentioned the fact that the Nets don't yet have any capable assistants with which to surround their rookie coach.

Don't worry, Lawrence Frank is almost definitely on Kidd's speed dial.

And just to prove that not everybody was stoked on the Kidd hire, here's Patrick Ewing's son pointing out the injustice of the move.

It's hard to fault him for standing up for his dad, but he's got to know that Twitter isn't the place to effect change. We'll give him a pass on this one, considering that his father probably does deserve a few more serious looks than he's been getting.

Last but not least, it's Mrs. Kidd.

Happy wife, happy life.


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