18-Month-Old Yankees Fan Recites the Names of Every Yankees Legend

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMay 9, 2013

Meet “CC,” one of the most well-spoken 18-month-olds on planet earth and quite possibly the future owner of the New York Yankees.

She’s already on the fast track to having her own booth in Yankee Stadium, considering she’s barely a toddler and has the brain power to recite almost every New York Yankees great to don the pinstripes in the franchise’s long history (via SportsGrid). 

Just listen to her go. All she needs is a first-name prompt or a jersey number and she’s off to the races, rattling off Gehrig, Mantle, DiMaggio, Berra... 

Some of the pronunciations are a little muddled, but her overall clarity in speech is insane (she pronounces Phil Rizzuto’s last name like she’s been waiting all 18 months of her life to say it).

Of course, of all the names and numbers locked into CC’s brain, the one she yells the loudest is her namesake’s—Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia. She also knows that the captain of the team is daddy, which is one of the most awesome and precious things you’ll hear all week.

Obviously, daddy and mommy are Yankees diehards. By the sound of it, they’ve been teaching young CC out of a book on the franchise’s history.  

As a writer, it’s good to see a video of a child superfan enjoying themselves. So often when we run stories on child fans, it's young diehards crying over a star player leaving a team or because mommy and daddy pretend to cheer for the enemy. Stuff like this:

While still adorable, these poor kids can make you pout (or burst your eardrums). Young CC, on the other hand, is pure win. She's showing a lot of promise as a fan (and a person) at a young age. Most important of all, no one will ever call a front-runner after this video. 

It’s not bandwagoning when you’re born on the wagon.  

I was still sticking carrots up my nose at this age: 

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