Giants Reliever Jean Machi Smokes out Teammates with a Horrendous Fart

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterApril 18, 2013

Image via @recordsandradio
Image via @recordsandradio

There’s something honorable about a man who’s willing to own up to his mistakes.  

On the flip side of that, there’s Giants reliever Jean Machi, who couldn’t even offer his teammates a knowing smile when he unleashed a canister of gaseous nightmares Wednesday on the San Francisco dugout. 

Cameras were poised to catch the invisible assault, which has since been turned into a .GIF that makes you feel like you’re eating a McRib just watching it—deeply disappointed in yourself but powerless to do anything but enjoy it.

With that, the images of Machi throwing sourdough smoke all over teammate Jose Mijares make for the perfect breakdown of how dangerous gas leaks happen. Good people like Mijares go to work, do everything right and some silly oversight leads to a buildup of noxious fumes that everyone ends up paying dearly for.

The oversight, in this case, was Machi trusting that goat cheese sandwich from La Boulange earlier in the day, presumably. You cannot just assume these things are going to work their way out nicely, my friend. If this were a coal mine, you would’ve killed the canary and people could’ve been hurt.  

Granted, the Giants probably had no idea what they were getting into when they called the reliever up from the Fresno Grizzlies to step in for the recently injured Jeremy Affeldt.

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In all fairness to Machi, this is baseball, not a middle school play. People are spitting dip, munching sunflower seeds and hocking spit right and left—some nastiness is going to happen. You also cannot tell what’s under the hood with these kinds of things until you open it up, if you know what I mean.

With that being said, Mijares mouth was open. You could’ve at least warned the man before fumigating the joint. 

Conspiracy theory—Mijares did it and Machi is just a scapegoat: Dr__Carson