AJ McCarron's Giant Chest Tattoo Is Spreading, Developing Its Own Ecosystem

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJanuary 8, 2013

Image via sports.yahoo.com
Image via sports.yahoo.com

It’s back everyone, and it may have developed a life of its own this time.

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron lifted eyebrows around the nation 18 months ago when pictures of him surfaced with a giant, weeping Jesus tattooed on his chest along with the words “Bama Boy” and “Ma” and “Pops." 

The tattoo on McCarron’s chest was originally about the size of a football, appropriately enough, but the ink seems to be growing with a life of its own.

Pictures were recently posted online of McCarron hanging out with his friends this past summer that show the many additions the star quarterback had made to his chest-canvas since it was last seen in public.

So far, from what we can tell from our many hours of intense (if not involuntary) analyzing of McCarron’s tattoos in the B/R lab, the additions to his tattoo include the words “Home Team,” “God in Control” and the letters “MVP.”

Also, a dangling cross has been added to the bottom of the work, along with a peppering of stars, stripes and billowy cloud etchings around the periphery of the tattoo.

The result is a “God’s Country Meets Iron Man” kind of energy core across the young quarterback's torso.

We don’t know if he plans on extending his ink any further, but if the Crimson Tide wins the BCS title tonight, I wouldn’t be surprised to see AJ McCarron with the Coach’s Trophy or an image titled “Nick Saban Getting a Gatorade Shower From the Holy Ghost” inked on this ribs next time he takes off his shirt.