4 Moves the New York Yankees Would Make If Fans Ran the Team

Brian Buckley@brianbuck13Contributor IINovember 27, 2012

4 Moves the New York Yankees Would Make If Fans Ran the Team

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    During the course of one day while listening to New York’s sports talk station WFAN, you will realize many of the fans “know it all”.  Many times they feel their personal thoughts and edgy hypothesis’s about their favorite team, including the Yankees, should be considered scripture.

    For anyone that does listen they know that most of the time the proclamations are idiotic and downright laughable.  But every once in a while, the Average Joe caller brings a fresh perspective to the table.  Sometimes the idea is actually intelligent and downright decent.

    So with that in mind, what would happen if those calls to the airwaves actually had some pull?   What moves would the fans make if they ran the show?

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Bye-Bye Swisher

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    In this situation, the Yankees don’t really need the innermost thoughts of the fans to make the right move.  After putting up another abominable playoff performance, Nick Swisher decided to partake in a giant temper tantrum aimed at the fans.  Safe to say, the Bomber brass took notice.

    It appears when the Yankee faithful are kissing the fanny of the happy-go-lucky right fielder, he’s in heaven.  But, when you become one of the worst postseason players in MLB history, there’s bound to be some vitriol headed in your direction. 

    Swisher said, “It hurts. Sometimes I’m a sensitive guy”.  Oh, so the fans words are only appropriate when they’re nice and playful.  Got it.

    While the chances of Swisher wearing Yankee pinstripes are virtually zero at this point, the fans would love to make this a reality.

The Moat

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    Since its inception, the club has had no qualms about promoting its new stadium.  The new Yankee ballpark has radiated the most cutting-edge technology, combined with state of the art fan comfort for the ultimate fan experience. 

    At the same time, they have done an unprecedented job of pinpointing a line of demarcation between the haves and the have-nots.

    Use whatever name you want seats between the bases, legend seats, or the Moat but there is no denying the seats on the field at Yankee Stadium paint an amazing picture of our society.  Usually comprised of businessmen and women that are more concerned with their Bejeweled Blitz scores, the cornered area has come to define the “fan” that wants to be seen and could care less about on the field action.

    And as if segregating the elite from the paupers wasn’t incredulous enough, the faux fans rarely show up on a consistent basis, making the scene on television an embarrassing display.  We, the fans at home, are treated to a mere scattering of occupied seats.

    With all that being said, I declare the banishment of the Moat!

The End of the Steinbrenners?

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    In my lifetime the name “Steinbrenner” has been synonymous with the New York Yankees.  Even after the outspoken and brash Boss’s health began to decline, the reins stayed in the “Big Stein name”, as his son Hal became part owner and general partner of the club.

    But has the Steinbrenner name gone on long enough in the Bronx?

    Almost from the beginning, it became well known that Hal and George did not share the same personality.  While George was a hands-on dictator of sorts, Hal is a self-declared “numbers guy”, who appears to be more interested in spreadsheets than stacking baseball victories.

    And last week, with the news that Rupert Murdoch and his News Corporation were about to acquire 49 percent of the YES Network, the questions of the Steinbrenner’s future in baseball began to come under fire. 

    Right now, there is no guarantee to what the deal means.  Some have said it’s a strict business move based on shareholders wants.  But others have stated it’s the groundwork for a Steinbrenner relinquishment in the next five years. 

    Maybe us as fans were spoiled with the fiery passion from George Steinbrenner, who issue powerful salvos dedicated to opponents and his own employees.  But maybe we need new blood in the big boy seats to light a fire when things get stagnant.

That Alex Rodriguez Thing

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    Yes, this one has been muttered by many in the past few years, especially as of late.  The contract dangles over the Yankee organization year after year for what seems like an eternity.  Who could blame a rational fan for wanting to move an aging, overpriced player like Alex Rodriguez?

    After his poor playoff performance and subsequent benching, the rumor mills started to heat up with A-Rod being shipped out of town.  Even with all the money, plausible situations were emerging.  Could it be true?

    Well, that answer has yet to be answered, but most likely Rodriguez will be wearing Yankee pinstripes next year.  If for some reason a suitor that made sense was found, the team would have to eat a considerable amount of cash.  Juggling that with attempts to lower payroll could spiral into a rebuilding season, which doesn’t work out too well in the Bronx.

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