10 WWE Superstars Who Competed in MMA

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistOctober 8, 2012

10 WWE Superstars Who Competed in MMA

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    With Dave Bautista's entrance to the MMA world last weekend, he followed a number of other WWE Superstars to dabble in both MMA and the WWE.

    A number of former WWE wrestlers have found themselves in a competitive ring or cage fighting and mixed martial arts bouts. Some started out as MMA fighters, while other transitioned from wrestling like Bautista.

    Here are 10 WWE Superstars who competed in MMA.


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    Record: 1-0

    Known as Batista in his lucrative WWE run, Dave Bautista is the latest WWE Superstar to try his hand at MMA. 

    Over the weekend, Bautista squared off with the ultra-tubby Vince Lucero in his first ever pro-MMA fight. It was ugly, but Bautista earned the technical knockout in a sloppy and embarrassing showing.

    A win is a win, right?

Sean O'Haire

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    Record: 4-2

    Sean Haire, or Sean O'Haire as he was known as in the pro wrestling world, was a decent MMA fighter in his time. 

    Haire stepped in the ring and cage with notable names such as Shungo Oyama, Min-soo Kim and Eric Esch (aka Butterbean). The striker owned three knockout wins and a guillotine submission victory. 

    He was not the most accomplished MMA fighter, but he was definitely solid to say the least.

Nathan Jones

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    Record: 0-1

    Nathan Jones was a horrible wrestler, and unfortunately, he was not an accomplished mixed martial artist either.

    A guy who was awkward and green in the ring, Jones called it quits in MMA after a 0-1 career. That loss was a keylock submission defeat to Koji Kitao, who was a sumo wrestler.

    Jones is now reserved for movies, including The Condemned and Troy. Even his parts in those movies are short.

Giant Silva

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    Record: 2-6

    Paulo Cesar Silva, aka Giant Silva, is best remembered in the WWE world as a member of the Oddities in the late '90s. He did not make much impact in the WWE, nor did he in the MMA world.

    Silva was well under .500 with both wins coming over sumo wrestlers Akebono Taro and Henry Miller by kimura. His biggest loss came to a man who was 200 pounds lighter than him, when he was knocked out by Ikuhisa Minowa.

    Silva was not a good mixed martial artist, but he is a draw in Japan's wrestling syndicate. 

Dan Severn

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    Record: 101-19-7

    As the most experienced MMA fighter who was a WWE Superstar, Dan "The Beast" Severn spent more time as a fighter than an entertainer.

    Severn was part of the WWE for a short time, but was also in the NWA and other organizations longer. He is a UFC Hall of Famer with well over 100 fights to his name.

    He is a great amateur wrestler with a high finishing rate. In his career, he knocked out 17 opponents and submitted 60. That is a pretty amazing career, especially since he fought into his 50s.

Alberto Del Rio

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    Record: 9-5

    Believe it or not, Alberto "Dos Caras" Rodriguez, aka Alberto Del Rio, was a pretty good amateur wrestler and mixed martial artist.

    A veteran of the Pride and Deep promotions, Del Rio stepped in the squared circle against the likes of Mirko Cro Cop, Kazuhiro Nakamura and Brad Kohler.

    His most impressive win was a TKO due to a belly to belly suplex that broke Kengo Watanabe's arm. Love him or not, Del Rio was solid as an MMA fighter. 

Ken Shamrock

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    Record: 28-15-2

    UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock was successful as a fighter and wrestler. His list of accolades speaks for itself.

    Shamrock took to WWE in the prime of his fighting career, which may have hurt him as a fighter. Either way, he owns victories over Dan Severn, Bas Rutten and Masakatsu Funaki.

    He fought way past his prime, which hurt his record, but he is one of the greatest MMA pioneers of all time.

Bart Gunn

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    Record: 1-1

    Bart Gunn, known by his real name Mike Plotcheck, was the winner of the Brawl for All tournament in the WWE, which was a shoot tournament that had WWE wrestlers fight.

    After the WWE, Plotcheck had a brief MMA career. He won by TKO over Wesley Correira in his debut, before losing a decision to Ikuhisa Minowa. 

    The win over Corriera was impressive, as he is known for his incredible chin. Plotcheck was a solid WWE wrestler and OK fighter. 

Bobby Lashley

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    Record: 7-2

    As a talented amateur wrestler, Bobby Lashley took to MMA after gaining a solid push from both the WWE and TNA.

    Lashley lived up to his "Dominator" nickname in his first five fights, destroying the likes of Jason Guida, Bob Sapp and Wes Sims. He faltered in two fights, due to a lack of gas tank, but he has shown to be a tough out for anyone.

    He is still wrestling in the indys and fighting in MMA, recently signing with World Series of Fighting.

Brock Lesnar

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    Record: 5-3

    Brock Lesnar was an amazing amateur wrestler who transitioned to MMA very well. 

    The former WWE champion had a run as the UFC champion, earning the title just four fights into his career. He defended the title twice, but diverticulitis likely ended what could have been a long, illustrious career.

    A list of his victims includes former heavyweight champion Frank Mir, former interim champion Shane Carwin and former two-division champion Randy Couture.