10 Rarely-Seen Submissions in Professional MMA

Carl Waldron@superblackorgContributor IOctober 15, 2012

10 Rarely-Seen Submissions in Professional MMA

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    Where would a fighter be without submissions? Probably choked out somewhere in the gutter. Without a firm knowledge of at least the very basics of submission grappling, one cannot defend against an onslaught of limbs looking to coil around your various pressure points. MMA fighters know this all too well.

    That is why a steady diet of jiu jitsu is encouraged for everyone who looks to compete. The results are some fantastic finishes by submission.

    But where is the variety?

    Fights usually come down to a very few, select submissions that are time tested and mother approved. The armbar, rear naked choke, guillotine and the triangle choke. While witnessing these are always entertaining, we can't forget that there are hundreds of different submissions and variations on submissions that we never see.

    Let's take a look at a few moves that are not only beautiful, but deadly as well—like Lara Croft or a decorative pinata full of badgers.


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    While not the most popular submission, it is very effective and unquestionable, very rare. So rare, in fact, that no UFC fight has been ended by one.Go figure.

    Once Nick Diaz finished Takanoria Gomi with a "gogo" back in Pride 33, the gogoplata saw an upswing in usage, but not enough to bring it to the top of fighters submission checklist.

    Why Isn't it Used?

    I would wager that most fighters know the basics of it, but don't practice the move enough to make it second nature. This is a move that would come naturally to an intensive BJJ practitioner.

Peruvian Necktie

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    A personal favorite of mine, the Peruvian necktie doesn't only have a kick-ass name, but it's 98 percent effective once it is locked in (you always need a margin of error). C.B. Dollaway used this move against Jesse Taylor at UFC Fight Night 14 to earn Submission of the Night—a well-deserved honor.

    Why Isn't it Used?

    This is one of those submissions that requires equal parts luck and setup. Getting your opponent into a position where you can execute this move is the hard part. Then, apparently, lulling them into a false sense of security before you lock in the super strangle.

Banana Split

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    The Banana Split is a strange and evil submission that attacks a persons groin muscles. Just take a look at Vinny Magalhaes pull this off (around the 3:50 mark). Daniel Gracie taps rather quickly. Why you ask? Because you don't mess with a mans' groin. It's just simple physics.

    Why Isn't it Used?

    To be perfectly honest, I can't think of a single reason why this wouldn't be used. You mess with a man's junk, he's going to tap. Some things just aren't worth toughing out.


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    This bizarre, intricate move was the highlight of UFN 24. Chan Sung Jung made Leonard Garcia [more] famous by making him the first man to tap to the Twister in the UFC. Truly an honor. It's also looks wicked painful.

    Why Isn't it Used?

    Like most rare submissions, getting into position to get the job done is 90% of the battle. Jung Chan-Sung made it look easy though. We have to remember, Garcia was totally not looking to get twisted that night.

The Pace Choke

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    The Pace Choke debuted along with Nick Pace. He used it to end his bout with Will Campuzano, to the collective confusion of the crowd. After the event, the submission was named after the man who debuted it to the world.

    Why isn't it used?

    Pace makes it clear that this submission is complicated. There is no guarantee that you will pull it off correctly, but what the hell right? An overly complicated submission is dead in the water when you are scrambling to submit a guy/girl. Lucky for us, people take the risk and sometimes, it pays off.


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    The Omoplata is not only a great move to say out loud, but a very effective arm lock if pulled off correctly. Dave Herman was able to submit Michal Kita with one in Bellator 31, but past that, this submission has been relegated to gyms and camps all across the world. Lucky for us the ladies over at MMA Candy have taken the time to explain the move in detail.

    Why Isn't it Used?

    The move is a bit more complicated to pull off than say, the triangle choke, which can be locked in from the same position. That seems to be the go-to sub from bottom guard, while Omoplata is a distant, I don't know, eighth?


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    The Hammerlock, the angry cousin of the Omoplata. Shinya Aoki made this move famous by using it to bust a mans' arm in 2 (or 4, the data is inconclusive). Watch this video at your own risk. Though any MMA fan worth their board shorts has probably seen this before. This video made my throat itch.

    Why it isn't used?

    Everyone probably saw this and made a silent pact never to do it. Sheesh.

Scissor Choke

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    Here is a submission that requires two things—killer thighs and a hatred of necks. The scissor choke is a submission with a simple premise, use your legs to choke the crap out of your opponent. Pulling it off is a tad more technical than that but you get the picture.

    Why Isn't it Used?

    Beats me. Looks effective as hell.

Calf Slicer

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    Charles Oliveira used this submission against Eric Wisely in the hopes that he would give him a permanent limp. The calf slicer is a hard move to watch for anyone who has ever suffered a leg injury. Those things hurt, and the slicer is basically an injury in itself.

    Why Isn't it Used?

    Like many on this list, you need to find yourself in the right place to pull off this high-level move. If you aren't programmed to go for it, the opportunity will pass you by.

Flying Scissor Heel Hook

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    The move that made Anderson Silva tap is also the move that no one ever attempts. A very flashy, effective version of the heel hook, Ryo Chonan made it famous and retired it right after it worked. I haven't seen it since.

    Why Isn't it Used?

    I couldn't tell you. If anything, more people should be using it. It brought the greatest fighter in the world to his knees (or back if you want to get technical). It has to have some merit. Get on it people!