New York Knicks: Why They Are Still the Best Team in New York

Talib BabbCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2012

New York Knicks: Why They Are Still the Best Team in New York

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    Even with the Brooklyn Nets re-signing Deron Williams and acquiring shooting guard Joe Johnson, the New York Knicks have nothing to worry about. They can still live like they are the only team in New York.

    They have many advantages over the Nets and the talent gap is very evident. Here are five reasons the Knicks are still the kings of the Big Apple. 

5. More Complete Team

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    Right now, the Knicks have the better and more solid roster than the Nets. The Nets have a few unproven players such as shooting guard Keith Bogans. Their big men Kris Humphries and and Brook Lopez are also questionable.

    They have guaranteed scoring and production from only one player on their roster and that is Williams. Meanwhile, the Knicks have an inside scoring game with forward Amar'e Stoudamire and a pure scorer from anywhere with Carmelo Anthony

    Too many inconsistent players and incompatible pieces make the Nets lesser than the Knicks.

4. Better Bench Play

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    The Knicks have a solid bench. They also have one of the league's best scorers to come off of it in guard J.R. Smith. 

    Yes, Smith can be a detriment sometimes with his trigger-happy play, but when he is hot, there aren't many players in the league who can stop him. The Nets don't have anybody like that on their bench. 

    Second-year guard Marshon Brooks could possibly be that type of player one day, but he isn't yet. Until then, the Knicks have the major edge. 

3. Paint Protector

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    The Knicks have the reigning NBA Defensive Player of the Year on their roster. Center Tyson Chandler is one of the best rim protectors in the league. 

    His presence inside changes numerous shots and makes the team defense much better. The Nets do not have that right now in Lopez. He could be that player if he stays healthy, but whether he has the necessary skill set is the question.

2. No. 2 Player Is Too Inconsistent

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    The Nets made a trade to bring along former Hawks guard Joe Johnson, and it helped convince Williams to stay. However, how much of a star will Johnson be?

    He makes star player money, but his biggest knock is he shows up very small in the playoffs. Johnson can give you All-Star numbers one night, and the next you wouldn't even notice if he checked into the game. 

    That type of inconsistency from your second best player is a killer and holds the Nets back from being the top dog in New York.

1. Carmelo Anthony

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    Carmelo Anthony is a top five scorer in the league and showed that he cannot be stopped when at his best. The Nets do not have a player like that who can take over a game and score from anywhere on the court at will.

    Williams is a top point guard in the league and has showed he can score with the best of them, but a bigger defender can help shut D-Will down if the ball finds him to often during games.   

    Anthony is arguably the third best scorer in the NBA behind Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant and has proven his clutch ability in big moments. He's also playing alongside Stoudemire, who was playing at an MVP level just a season ago in 2010.

    Moral of the story: the New York Knicks are currently the kings of New York.