Oakland A's Dancing, Laughing and Winning to "Weekend at Bernie's"

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 25, 2012

Photo Credit: CSN Bay Area
Photo Credit: CSN Bay Area

The reason the Oakland A's are having such a great time this season is simple. It all comes down to a brilliant moment in the art house film, Weekend at Bernie's II

Kevin Kaduk (h/t Hot Clicks) of Yahoo Sports reports the team that won nine of the last 10 games and is sitting eight games above .500 has quite the inspiration. 

Casey Pratt of CSN Bay Area delves deeper into the mystery that is "doing the Bernie." 

You may have noticed the weird dance that A's players keep doing. It's called the "Bernie." It's a dance that got started when a rapper known as ISA released the song 'Moving like Bernie' back in 2010. So why in 2012 has this caught on with the A's?

"We started playing it in the clubhouse a couple weeks back and Brandon Inge loved it," reliever Jim Miller said with a grin. "He changed it to his walk-up song. We've been having a good time with it.

Here is a link to that dance craze that is only slightly stupider than the actual movie. And here is the grace and grandeur that is Bernie Lomax. 

While the movie Weekend at Bernie's II may be labeled as ridiculous, stupid and completely devoid of anything worthwhile, I have no qualms in telling you I love it. 

I loved it as a little kid, and I love it as a grown man. 

I never claimed to be refined but I have impeccable taste, and that's where this dance comes in. If you don't agree, look at the A's. 

There they are having fun; losing brain cells as they frolic along to the only dance that can accomplish such things.  

Don't hate, just do the Bernie. 

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