Barcelona Transfer News: Signing Neymar Would Backfire for Catalan Giants

Joe Fitzhenry@@joefitz1014Correspondent IIJuly 19, 2012

Barcelona Transfer News: Signing Neymar Would Backfire for Catalan Giants

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    As the days pass, it is looking more and more likely that Neymar will sign with FC Barcelona for the upcoming season. 

    Now, now, before everyone gets overly excited, here are three reasons why signing Neymar isn't necessarily a great move for the UEFA Champions League semifinalists. 

    Yes, I said it, the addition of an ultra-talented but over-hyped striker wouldn't exactly be a great fit for the club. 


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    According to Duncan Castles of the National, signing Neymar could cost the club upwards of approximately $60 million. 

    That's certainly a steep price for someone who is just 19 years old and, in my opinion, really doesn't suit Barca's style of play (see next slide). 

    With some big decisions coming in the next couple years regarding players such as Iniesta and Puyol, among others, the move just doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense financially for the club. 

    The asking price will likely continue to rise for Neymar and it soon may be out of Barcelona's price range. 

Style of Play

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    As I mentioned on the previous slide, Neymar's style isn't a perfect match for how Barcelona likes to move the ball around the pitch. 

    The Brazilian striker is a flashy guy, someone who likes to awe fans with his dribbling ability. That alone should speak to itself regarding why he isn't a great fit for the club. 

    His style of play is more in the mold of Cristiano Ronaldo, and he would be a good fit with a club like Real Madrid

    The Catalan Giants are the world's best passers and prefer not to have individual players try to do everything themselves. 

    Sure, the pairing with Messi would be fun to watch, but do you really want someone who can throw off the rhythm and flow of the game?

Individual Glory

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    Neymar has always struck me as someone who comes off as someone who is more invested in himself than the club. 

    Age must certainly play a factor in that and one should expect him to mature as he gets older, but for now, he remains as individualistic as they come. 

    Barcelona is the epitome of a team, nearly the polar opposite of what the Santos striker is at this point in his career. 

    Overall, it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me for FC Barcelona to sign the talented but flawed Neymar. 

    He still has lots of development left in his game and must learn to play more with his teammates before I believe Barcelona should even consider signing him. 

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