MLB Trade Speculation: 3 San Francisco Giants Who Could Be Dealt

Baily Deeter@@deetersportsSenior Writer IIIJuly 16, 2012

MLB Trade Speculation: 3 San Francisco Giants Who Could Be Dealt

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    The trade deadline is right around the corner, and the Giants will be looking to make some moves to improve their team.

    However, even though the Giants are right in the thick of things in the NL West and don't need to do much at the trade deadline, they may be trying to add a middle infielder or relief pitcher. 

    To do that, the Giants will have to give up some prospects or a utility player, and (spoiler alert) possibly a Bay Area native who is very familiar with San Francisco and the Giants. Since the Giants will probably make at least one move at the deadline, expect someone currently playing in the Giants' organization to be dealt.

    Here are three Giants (or Giants minor leaguers) who could be playing somewhere else after the trade deadline.

Nate Schierholtz

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    This local Giant has always played in San Francisco, and he's done a nice job there.

    Schierholtz is an above-average fielder who can also hit the ball pretty well too. He has a .270 career batting average, 21 home runs and 105 extra-base hits. Schierholtz is a good all-around player who can start for a lot of different teams.

    Even though Schierholtz has done well for the Giants, San Francisco has Melky Cabrera, Angel Pagan, Justin Christian and Gregor Blanco in the outfield right now, and they have star prospect Gary Brown (I'll get back to him later) in the minors.

    Since Schierholtz gets a lot of extra-base hits and can still contribute to the team, I don't think he will leave. However, a lot of teams are in need of outfield help, and Schierholtz can definitely help one of those teams. If a team is willing to give up one or two above-average prospects, I think San Francisco would part ways with Schierholtz.

Gary Brown

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    Well, I'm back!

    Gary Brown has been on a tear recently at Double-A Richmond, and he could draw interest from lots of teams. The Giants have a fairly weak farm system, so if they were to make a big move, they would probably have to give up Brown, or a lot of average prospects.

    San Francisco wants to keep their outfield intact, so Carlos Quentin, Josh Willingham, Justin Upton and other big-name outfielders won't be headed to San Francisco. A quality bench player could be headed to San Francisco, or a great closer.

    Huston Street is playing for the Padres, who are way out of the NL West lead. Street is 14-for-14 on save opportunities, and he has a 1.08 ERA. Street will probably come at a high price, and if San Francisco wanted the shutdown closer, they could have to part ways with Brown.

    Even though Brown has lots of potential, and I think the Giants would be fine keeping him, Brown may be traded. Street is the shutdown closer San Francisco has lacked since Brian Wilson got hurt, and having him on their team during their playoff run would really help.

    Street has 33 strikeouts in 25 innings pitched this year, and with him and Sergio Romo working the eighth and ninth, it would be very hard to score off of San Francisco's bullpen. Brian Sabean wants to make that happen, and to do that or to make any big move, he would probably have to deal Brown.

    However, Brown would only be dealt if the Giants make a major move. If not, he'll stay in the Bay Area.

Tommy Joseph

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    Tommy Joseph is a good catcher, and he's probably the best backstop in the Giants' farm system. However, San Francisco already has an All-Star catcher in the majors.

    Perhaps you've heard of him. His name is Buster Posey.

    Posey will be in San Francisco for a while, and when Posey doesn't play, Hector Sanchez does (and will for a long time). San Francisco has tons of catchers in their farm system, and the team simply doesn't need Joseph. A lot of teams need catchers, though, so Joseph will have trade value. 

    Joseph needs to be more patient at the plate, but he has lots of power and potential. Joseph has a strong arm, so he can throw out base-stealers. As long as Joseph learns to be more patient, he could be a decent catcher for another team.

    If San Francisco decides to keep Gary Brown, they could try to trade for Street, Jonathan Broxton, Brett Myers or another big-name reliever and send Joseph off in the trade. If the Giants give up Joseph and one or two more above-average prospects, I think San Diego could be willing to part with Street. If San Francisco can't land a reliever, they could trade just Joseph for an average middle infielder.

    Since Joseph won't play much in San Francisco, there's no reason for them to keep him. If Brian Sabean decides to try to pull the trigger on a trade, he should shop Joseph in the deal.


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