New York Giants: 5 Veteran Free Agents the G-Men Should Bring in for Camp

Doug Rush@Doug_RushSenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2012

New York Giants: 5 Veteran Free Agents the G-Men Should Bring in for Camp

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    We are about a month away from the preseason from kicking off and two months away from the regular season beginning.

    Two months until the New York Giants will attempt to begin the season where they defend their Super Bowl Championship of a year ago.

    They've made a lot of necessary changes for 2012 that will hopefully help them improve on their 9-7 regular season record.

    The preseason and training camp is always a time where veterans try to latch on for a minimum deal and win a job within a months time.

    Who could the Giants bring in that might be willing to compete for a job in 2012?

    I could see five potential veteran free agents the Giants could bring in for next month.

Ryan Grant

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    The Giants have Ahmad Bradshaw as their primary running back with rookie draft pick David Wilson as the secondary back who should see his share of carries.

    However, we haven't seen what Wilson can do yet, and Bradshaw has been known to not play a full season because of nagging injuries, so having a backup plan wouldn't be a bad idea.

    Grant started out with the Giants before being traded to Green Bay in 2007 and became its star running back for three seasons.

    Grant ran into injuries in 2010 and hasn't been the same player since.

    However, in an offense where the Giants use multiple backs that both run the ball and receive it, Grant could use a change of scenery with his former team.

Braylon Edwards

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    One of the things the Giants lacked is that red-zone target who can jump over defenders and make touchdowns happen in the end-zone.

    Sure, they have playmakers with Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, and possibly with Rueben Randle as well, but they don't have that big-body receiver.

    Ramses Barden has yet to prove that he can make an impact in the Giants offense, and they should consider bringing in some insurance.

    Edwards will not be an expensive threat, considering he spent most of 2011 injured, so he will have to take a minimal deal in order to get a job.

    The Giants once thought about trading for Edwards before the 2009 NFL draft, but decided not to surrender their first-round draft pick, which is how they ended up with Nicks.

    Now, Edwards wouldn't cost as much and would have something to prove.

Max Starks

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    The Giants offensive line has gone through some changes recently, and one of the latest was deciding not to bring back starting right tackle Kareem McKenzie.

    The Giants have former Seahawks tackle Sean Locklear and backup James Brewer right now as the two who may contend for the spot, but I honestly think the Giants could use some veteran competition.

    Max Starks is recovering from a knee injury he suffered last season, and although he'd like to return to Pittsburgh, the Steelers may move on from their veteran tackle.

    At 6'8" and 345 pounds, Starks is a very large offensive lineman who was a key part of the Steelers offensive line, helping protect Ben Roethlisberger since 2005.

    If his knee is healthy in 2012, I don't think it could hurt the Giants to take a look at the veteran for their right tackle spot.

Jim Leonhard

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    Jim Leonhard is hoping for a chance to resume his NFL career.

    Leonhard had his season end due to a torn patellar tendon in his right knee which required surgery.

    The former Jets safety was not only a solid safety in the backfield, but he also a solid punt returner, something the Giants may need in 2012.

    Leonhard was not only a good defensive player, but he was also a veteran leader with a good work ethic and attitude, something that could really benefit the Giants locker room.

    Due to two consecutive season-ending injuries, Leonhard might not be the same impact-type player he once was for Baltimore and the Jets, but for the veteran's minimum and a chance to win a job in August, Leonhard is worth considering.

Deon Grant

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    The final player on the list is a player with experience with the Giants.

    For the last two seasons, Deon Grant has been a solid backup safety for the Giants, and at times, has started for them when needed.

    In the two seasons, he played in every single game and made four interceptions for the Giants and helped them win Super Bowl XLVI against the Patriots this past February.

    Surprisingly, Grant is still a free agent and has yet to be signed by a team for 2012.

    Grant is a solid veteran who already knows the defensive system and can play behind both Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle at either spot, or can start if either one is injured.

    Grant could end up being a similar case to Chase Blackburn from last season, who ended up making a major impact when brought back.