Kyle Lowry to Raptors: Winners and Losers from Trade with Rockets

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJuly 5, 2012

Kyle Lowry to Raptors: Winners and Losers from Trade with Rockets

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    The Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets have reached an agreement to send Kyle Lowry to the Raptors for a protected first-round pick, according to the Houston Chronicle's Jonathan Feigen.

    Lowry has been on the market for the past few weeks after a season in which he clashed with Rockets head coach Kevin McHale.

    There's no telling whether or not this move will make him any less disgruntled, but there's no doubt that Lowry's now in a better situation. He'll be able to control the game much more than he did in Houston.

    Toronto finally gets their point guard after whiffing on Steve Nash and never really gaining traction with a Jeremy Lin deal, so they seem to be rather well put together at this point.

    However, we need to look at who wins and who loses in this trade, as there's a lot to dissect here.

Winner: Kyle Lowry

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    While he's not going to a team that's on their way to the playoffs this year, the Toronto Raptors are certainly in a better situation than the Houston Rockets.

    While the Raptors are on the upswing with the influx of incoming talent, Houston has been stagnant near the bottom of the lottery with few ways of improving in the future.

    Lowry will be able to run his own game more and become the point through which the offense is run.

    Heck, if a guy like Jose Calderon can run the offense for Toronto, then Lowry should be able to play all year with no complaints.

Loser: Jose Calderon

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    Jose Calderon is most likely on his way out of Toronto, be it through trade or an amnesty. He just doesn't fit in with the team anymore.

    Calderon had a few good seasons before everyone realized that he's just a poor man's version of Steve Nash.

    He didn't make sense as a starting point guard, but he doesn't provide much to complement Lowry as a backup either. There's just nowhere to put him in this lineup unless he wants to come off the bench, stand in the corner and hit threes.

Winner: Raptors

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    Jose Calderon, Jarrett Jack, T.J. Ford, Mike James, Rafer Alston, Alvin Williams, the old-man version of Mark Jackson, a few years of point-guard-by-committee and Damon Stoudamire. 

    Already, you can say that Kyle Lowry is better than most of those guys and should end up being the best starting point guard that the Raptors have had.

    Toronto may not have gotten Steve Nash or Jeremy Lin, but they definitely ended up with a very serviceable point guard. Great trade for them.

Losers: Rockets

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    Less than a day after Goran Dragic signed a contract with the Suns, the Houston Rockets traded away Kyle Lowry for no more than a protected first-round pick.

    So who plays point guard?

    Sure, they've still got a shot at Jeremy Lin, but the odds that the Knicks match whatever contract they offer him are very high.

    This is a team in shambles at this point. They've got a bunch of things they can offer in a trade, but not much is out there on the trade market at this point.

Winners: Toronto's Big Men

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    Instead of Calderon's subpar leadership, Toronto's big men get a guy who, while he doesn't pass as much, does so in a much cleaner fashion and plays a bit of defense up front.

    Andrea Bargnani was already a big winner this year with Jonas Valanciunas coming over to bump him down to power forward, taking the pressure off of him to rebound and, you know, do things that seven-footers should do. But now, he's looking at an even better upcoming season.

    The Toronto big men don't have to worry about being huge producers on offense at this point, as Kyle Lowry should be able to take some of the load off of them.

    Overall, great trade for the Raptors.

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