Philadelphia 76ers: 8 Free Agents They Will Pursue If Elton Brand Is Amnestied

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IJuly 3, 2012

Philadelphia 76ers: 8 Free Agents They Will Pursue If Elton Brand Is Amnestied

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    Just a few days after the NBA Draft, all NBA chatter has transitioned to free agency and trade rumors.

    The Philadelphia 76ers certainly have a lot of room to make some moves and should be actively looking at what players can help improve the team.

    Philadelphia still have the ability to use their amnesty clause, and if they were it would be used on veteran big man Elton Brand. Although we all love Old Chevy, there are reasons to amnesty him.

    If the the Sixers choose to take this route, they would have a lot of money to spend on a free agent, from a dynamic field worth exploring.

Devin Ebanks

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    Devin Ebanks is definitely the least attractive or flashy name that will appear on this list. 

    I really don't see the incentive for bringing him to Philadelphia, but it was reported by HOOPSWORLD that the Sixers were expressing interest along with other teams.

    Ebanks is a young player who would add to the young core Philly has, but I'm not so sure how much of a difference he makes. Still, it seems they have expressed interest in the young forward, thus making him a possibility.

Jared Jeffries

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    Okay, maybe I lied. Jered Jeffries' name could be the least flashy name on the list, but I promise they will get better.

    Now, I don't want this guy. And with all due respect I don't think anyone wants him here either.

    But, it was reported by Frank Isola of the NY Daily News that the Sixers could be a potential suitor for Jeffries. 

    He is 30 years old and has never averaged more than 6.8 points or 4.9 rebounds per game.

    Again, why? I don't know.

Ryan Anderson

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    Ryan Anderson is a more unlikely possibility, but still an option nonetheless. With all of the Dwight Howard talk taking place in Orlando and all over the U.S., fans are forgetting that Anderson is an unrestricted free agent.

    Anderson would give the Sixers a different role at the 4 because he has the ability to shoot from the perimeter. In fact, he shot .393% from three point range last season.

    He is just 24 years old and averaged 16.1 points and 7.7 rebounds per game. Keep in mind this is playing next to the best center in the game. The long-range shooter can grab boards too.

    Anderson would be a solid option to fill the void of Brand.

Jamal Crawford

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    It was reported last week by CSN Northwest that the Sixers were "actively pursuing" Jamal Crawford.

    The money saved from Brand does not have to be used on a big man. Considering they are interested in Crawford to begin with, more money can only sway him even more.

    Anyway, I wouldn't be fond of this decision but it's definitely possible with Louis Williams most likely coming off the books.

    First off, he is 31 years old coming off one his worst seasons of his career. If the Sixers would pay money for Crawford, they might as well pay Williams considering he is younger and better.

    Still, it seems that Crawford is an option since they have expressed interest and he would definitely be cheaper.

Kirk Hinrich

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    Kirk Hinrich is a veteran point guard who can still play. It was tweeted by Tom Moore of Philly Burbs that Doug Collins thinks very highly of Hinrich.

    However, like the tweet says, the Sixers do have other problems that are higher priorities than finding a backup guard.

    The Sixers need to find a guard just in case they lose someone like Jrue Holiday or Evan Turner in a Dwight Howard deal (only in our dreams, I know).

    Hinrich could be a solid, cheap option. 

Kris Humphries

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    Kris Humphries is a bigger name that everyone has heard circulate in rumors.

    Well, now that the Nets have locked up Gerald Wallace, Joe Johnson and most likely Deron Williams, they Nets will have a hard time bringing back Humphries.

    Therefore he could be a serious candidate for the Sixers to look at if they were to amnesty Brand.

    Even though Humphries is 6'9", he averaged 13.8 points and 11 rebounds per game last season. Plus, he also would be a solid defensive presence down low, so Brand's defense would not be missed as much.

    Humphries would provide a legit post presence that the Sixers have been lacking for a while now.

Brandon Bass

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    I have no idea why there has been no talk around Brandon Bass. He is just 27 years old, coming off his best season of his career.

    The most important thing to note about Bass is that he is a tremendous mid-range shooter. He would do everything Brand did for the Sixers, but even better.

    He averaged 12.5 points and 6.2 rebounds per game coming off the bench. If given starter's minutes, those numbers could easily increase.

    Bass could be a very consistent, reliable guy to fill the void at the 4.

Ersan Ilyasova

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    Ersan Ilyasova is one of the most overlooked power forwards in the game, let alone among free agents.

    Ilyasova is just 25 years old and averaged 13 points and 8.8 rebounds per game while coming off the bench some games. He is also coming off the best year of his career like some of the other free agents.

    Ilyasova provides good size measuring in at 6'10" and can grab boards efficiently. Plus, he can shoot. In fact, he posted a field goal percentage of .492% and a three point percentage of .455%.

    He has the ability to do a lot of things on the basketball court and is still very young with potential.