Dwight Howard Requests Trade, Continues to Act Immature

Rohit Ghosh@RohitGhoshContributor IIIJuly 1, 2012

"How can I make a fool of myself next?"
"How can I make a fool of myself next?"Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Dwight Howard met with new Orlando Magic GM Rob Hennigan on Friday, and basically told him he wants to be traded to the Brooklyn Netsaccording to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Update: The Orlando Magic are seriously considering offers to accommodate Dwight Howard’s desire to be traded, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. [July 1, 2:20 AM EST] 

Honestly, pardon my language, but **** Dwight Howard. '/drop mic' 

What is up with this guy? He spends the whole first half of the past season being indecisive about leaving Orlando. Then, when the Magic are moments away from trading him, he opts in for a year to give the team a chance. And now here we are, July 1st and he’s demanding a trade to Brooklyn from the Magic GM who probably hasn't even stepped in his office yet. I was just discussing all this with the Metta Chronicles team, and it's reached a level of non-sense we cant even fathom. 

Dwight Howard wants to nullify his opt-in, but since he knows that he can't just go do that for no reason, he's looking for the NBPA to file a blackmail complaint against the Magic. 

At this point, if I were a Magic fan, I'd want to get rid of Howard as soon as possible. He's also very, very close to no other team wanting him long-term either. Don't get me wrong, he's still the best Center in the league, but he continually complains about anything and everything. More often than not, attitude trumps talent, and in this case, Dwight's abilities on the court are going to soon be ignored if he keeps up all this tomfoolery. 

Dwight, you won’t win a championship here if you continue to bring down the team’s morale. Stop pretending to be loyal the city and franchise that has worshipped you. We aren't angry, just extremely frustrated and annoyed that you continue to act like an immature brat.

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Howard continues to be what we all thought LeBron was. Plus, if Hakeem Olajuwon wasn't able to get your post-game right, there's very little hope for you. Even Brandon Jennings was speaking the truth moments ago when he tweeted out: "Dwight Howard is acting weird now.... Smh".   

We knew the situation between Howard and the Magic was irreparable a few months back, but no one knew it would continue to get worse. Get your stuff together Dwight.