Wrestling Gold: The History of the TNA World Tag Team Championship

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 10, 2012

Wrestling Gold: The History of the TNA World Tag Team Championship

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    Throughout the history of professional wrestling, the business has awarded championship belts in many divisions. While some have been forgotten over the years, some titles have stood the test of time.

    The WWE has seen almost 30 titles defended, but today only six remain.

    TNA Wrestling began with three titles—the NWA World and Tag Team Championships as well its own X-Division title, but today it owns its own belts and fans see six titles defended between its ropes.

    Ring of Honor Wrestling began with just two, but has since added another title to its ranks.

    While Shimmer has only been around for a few years, the most well-known all-women’s wrestling promotion currently holds two titles.

    Wrestling Gold will concentrate on the active titles of the companies listed, as well as the NWA World and Tag Team Championships, and any other active title the readers would like to see!

    That’s right, if there’s a championship you’d like to see included, it will be added to the series.

    For this edition of Wrestling Gold, I present the TNA World Tag Team Championship!

    The titles were established in May 2007, but for five years before that, TNA recognized the NWA World Tag Team Championship as their primary tag titles.

    At the time, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling was a member of the National Wrestling Alliance. Since TNA was regularly putting on shows on PPV, and soon on television, the NWA gave them permission to exclusively have the titles in the company.

    In 2007, though, the NWA became frustrated with the titles only appearing in TNA and not at the many other NWA affiliates. The NWA told TNA that they wanted their belts back, so TNA Wrestling broke ties with them, returned the titles and created their own.

    Throughout the title's five-year history, 10 years counting the NWA belts, TNA has seen 57 tag team champions. So let’s get started!

A.J. Styles and Jerry Lynn

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    Defeated: The Rainbow Express (Lenny and Bruce)

    Where: Nashville, Tenn.

    When: July 3, 2002

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 3

    Title Reign: 42 days

    The NWA World Tag Team Championship was declared vacant on June 28, 2002 as the request of TNA Wrestling. At the time the National Wrestling Alliance gave TNA control over the titles as well as the world title to use on their weekly PPVs.

    Five days later, TNA crowned new champions when Styles and Lynn defeated the Rainbow Express in a tournament final.

    The belts were then declared vacant on Aug. 14 when the champions were involved in a double pin against challengers Jeff Jarrett and Ron Killings.

    A.J. Styles and Jerry Lynn began teaming on TNA’s very first show on June 19, 2002 in a six-man tag-team match. The following week, though, they would be on opposite sides in a fatal-four way match to determine the first NWA TNA X-Division champion.

    Styles would win the title and then this title with Lynn the very next week. As Styles wrestled as a double champion, his tag title reign was in jeopardy due to constant arguing between the partners.

    After Styles lost the X-Division Championship to Low Ki and these titles were declared vacant, they started to go at it. They traded victories throughout the year with each holding the X-Division Championship.

    After Lynn won the title and Styles failed to get it back, the feud ended when Styles changed his focus to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Both Styles and Lynn would remain with TNA for years but as of 2012, only A.J. Styles remains with the company.

America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm)

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    Defeated: The Disciples of the New Church (Brian Lee and Slash)

    Where: Nashville

    When: Sept. 18, 2002

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 13

    Title Reign: 56 days

    America’s Most Wanted defeated the Disciples of the New Church in a tournament final to win the titles.

    Chris Harris and James Storm received their tryout match with TNA the same night. In fact, they faced each other in the match. Jeff Jarrett was so impressed by them that TNA signed both wrestlers to the roster.

    They first teamed together on TNA’s second weekly PPV when the Dupps refused to wrestle a match. They won the contest against the Rainbow Express and soon became the tag team America's Most Wanted.

    They proved to be a cohesive unit in the coming months and were given the titles in September.

The Disciples of the New Church (Brian Lee and Slash)

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    Defeated: America’s Most Wanted

    Where: Nashville

    When: Nov. 13, 2002

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 21

    Title Reign: 56 days

    The Disciples of the New Church originally formed as heels in June 2002 with Slash, Tempest, Malice and manager James Mitchell. With Malice competing for the NWA World Championship, that left Slash and Tempest as the team for these titles.

    They got a shot early on against A.J. Styles and Jerry Lynn but they would lose the match. Malice would leave the stable during the summer and was replaced with Cobain, who started to team with Slash instead of Tempest.

    The stable disappeared in September but returned the following month with Brian Lee as the newest member and BellaDonna joining James Mitchell as a manager.

    After a feud with America’s Most Wanted resulted in the winning, and eventual loss, of the Tag Team Championship, they became faces and joined Team Extreme to battle Sports Entertainment Xtreme.

    They would soon turn on Team Xtreme, though, and spent the rest of 2003 feuding with them and Raven’s new flock The Gathering.

    The stable broke up after Raven took them all out.

    Brian Lee is now retired from professional wrestling, while Slash can still be seen on the independent circuit.

America’s Most Wanted

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    Defeated: Brian Lee and Slash

    Where: Nashville

    When: Jan. 8, 2003

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 27

    Title Reign: 14 days

    AMW would defend the titles against all comers, but their first big feud was against the Disciples of the New Church. The two teams traded the titles, which ultimately resulted in AMW getting them back.

    After they lost the titles to Triple X, tensions began to arise in the team. Storm suspected that Harris was going to join Sports Entertainment Xtreme and it eventually led to a match between the two.

    Storm would win the contest and the team would briefly break up.

    Harris then entered into a tournament with Chris Sabin to crown the No. 1 contender’s, but after the first round, Storm replaced Sabin and AMW reunited.

    They would win the tournament and finally get their titles back on June 25.

Triple X (Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and Low Ki)

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    Defeated: Recognized

    Where: Nashville

    When: Jan. 22, 2003

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 29

    Title Reign: 14 days

    On this night, Elix Skipper and Low Ki won the NWA Tag Team Championship. Due to Triple X being a stable, Christopher Daniels was recognized as champion as well. They would defend the titles under the Triple X Rule, which was the Freebird Rule under a different name.

    The titles were then declared vacant on Feb. 5 when Triple X was involved in a double pin against the Disciples of the New Church.

    Daniels, Skipper and Low Ki joined forces as Triple X when they were a part of the Sports Entertainment Xtreme stable. Their first match as a team was in December 2002, and they would quickly capture the tag titles.

    They at first feuded with America’s Most Wanted, who would become their main rivals, and the Disciples of the New Church. After losing the titles to Jerry Lynn and the Amazing Red, Triple X would regain the titles when Daniels beat the champions in a handicap match.

    A major feud with AMW then commenced, which resulted in the first-ever cage match in TNA.

    AMW would take the titles away from Triple X and the team would disband after Low Ki left in July and Daniels and Skipper began singles careers.

Triple X

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    Defeated: America’s Most Wanted

    Where: Nashville

    When: March 12, 2003

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 36

    Title Reign: 35 days

    Triple X would defeat America’s Most Wanted in a tournament final to become the new champions.

    Triple X would reunite in 2004 when Daniels and Low Ki teamed up in a tournament to crown new champions. Despite making it to the finals, they would lose to Kid Kash and Dallas.

    Low Ki disappeared after that but the team reunited again, this time with Daniels and Skipper. They were brought back together as members of Team NWA in the World X Cup, who ultimately won the tournament over teams from Japan, Mexico and Canada.

    They would soon reenter the title hunt and feud with long-time rivals America’s Most Wanted as well as the Naturals. Both Daniels and Skipper would win the gold one more time each as they teamed with the members of AMW.

    After the title hunt ended, the two rivals went at each other which resulted in the memorable cage match at Turning Point 2004.

    Due to their loss, Triple X were forced to disband and were not allowed to team together in TNA again.

Jerry Lynn and The Amazing Red

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    Defeated: Triple X

    Where: Nashville

    When: April 16, 2003

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 41

    Title Reign: 21 days             

    Jerry Lynn and Amazing Red began teaming in early April when they won a fatal-four way tag match against Triple X, Johnny Storm and Chris Sabin as well as the team of Shark Boy and Jason Cross.

    The following week, Lynn and Amazing Red were granted a shot at the titles and they would defeat Triple X to win the belts. Despite being champions, they were both competitors in the X-Division.

    They faced off a week after winning the titles in a match that Amazing Red won to earn a shot at the X-Division Championship. They would then lose the titles to Daniels in a handicap match. Their team was finished after that.

    Jerry Lynn remained with TNA until 2007 but would return for a few appearances in 2010 and last year.  You can now see him on the independent circuit but not for long, as Lynn will be retiring at the end of the year.

    Amazing Red appeared regularly until 2005 when TNA would just use him sporadically. He would retire in 2006 but return to action two years later.

    Amazing Red returned to TNA in 2009, winning the X-Division Championship one more time before leaving again last year. You can now see him on the independent circuit.

Triple X

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    Defeated: Recognized

    Where: Nashville

    When: May 7, 2003

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 44

    Title Reign: 49 days

    Christopher Daniels would become the first TNA wrestler to become the solo tag team champion when he defeated Lynn and Amazing Red in a handicap match. Due to Daniels being a member of Triple X, both Skipper and Low Ki were recognized as the champions as well.

    Triple X would reunite in the summer of 2007 when Low Ki, now Senshi, and a returning Elix Skipper helped Daniels win an Ultimate X match.

    Skipper’s ability to team with Daniels again was explained as the stipulation being nullified due to Skipper’s release and eventual rehiring. They competed alongside each other for the remainder of the year, which included matches for the X-Division Championship as well as this title.

    Triple X would once again disband when Senshi left TNA and Daniels was “fired” so he could portray Curry Man.

    Daniels would portray the character as well as the masked Suicide throughout 2008-2009, but he is now back as himself and still competes in TNA.

    Senshi would briefly return to TNA last year after a brief stint with WWE, but he wouldn’t stick around. You can still see him on the independents and in New Japan.

    Elix Skipper appeared sparingly after the breakup and was released later that year. You can still see him on the independents as well.

America’s Most Wanted

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    Defeated: Triple X (Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper)

    Where: Nashville

    When: June 25, 2003

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 51

    Title Reign: 63 days

    AMW would soon enter into a feud with Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger. While they would successfully defend the titles one time, Diamond and Swinger ultimately won the titles.

    After the loss, AMW stayed out of the title hunt for about a year. While they would compete in No. 1 contender’s matches, they tended to lose them.

    After having feuds with the Red Shirt Security and the New York Connection in early 2004, AMW got back into the hunt and won the titles back in June.

Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger

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    Defeated: America’s Most Wanted

    Where: Nashville

    When: Aug. 27, 2003

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 60

    Title Reign: 91 days

    The titles were held-up on Nov. 19 after a match against Ron Killings & B.G. James ended in a double pin.

    Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger debuted as a team in December 2000 in ECW. They remained as a team until the company’s demise in April 2001.

    After ECW’s closure, they appeared together on the independent circuit before heading to TNA in 2003. Along with their manager Glenn Gilbertti, formally the Disco Inferno, they defeated America’s Most Wanted for the titles within a few weeks of their debut.

    When Swinger went down with an injury, he was replaced by David Young, but Young was kicked to the curb as soon as Swinger returned. After losing the titles, tensions arose and they began feuding in early 2004.

    The feud would officially break up the team. They would team together one more time, though, in 2010 at TNA’s ECW reunion show, Hardcore Justice, in a winning effort alongside Kid Kash against the Full Bloodied Italians.

    Simon Diamond is still with TNA as a road agent while Johnny Swinger appeared briefly in WWE as Johnny Parisi before heading to the independents, where you can still see him today.

3Live Kru (Ron Killings, B.G. James and Konnan)

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    Defeated: Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger and Glenn Gilbertti

    Where: Nashville

    When: Nov. 26, 2003

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 72

    Title Reign: 63 days

    This was a six-man tag-team match. All three members of the 3Live Kru would be recognized as champions and they would defend them under the Freebird Rule.

    The 3Live Kru formed in June 2003 when Ron Killings, B.G. James and Konnan began to appear together. It wouldn’t be until July, though, that they got the name 3Live Kru.

    The stable became popular with the crowd and they were given the titles as a result. They held them for about two months before being defeated by the Red Shirt Security.

    Despite not winning the titles again until a year later, the group remained dominant in TNA.

    Killings would soon enter into contention for the NWA World Championship, which he won in May but lost two weeks later. They found themselves feuding with Jeff Jarrett during the summer months before getting back into the tag title hunt in November.

    Billy Gunn would debut with TNA in 2005 as the Outlaw, later Kip James, and he would try to join the 3Live Kru. He ended up feuding with them with B.G. James claiming allegiance to no one at the time.

    As Kip would feud with Killings and Konnan, B.G. would just sit back and watch. The 3Live Kru would reunite in August with B.G. hitting Kip with a chair.

The Red Shirt Security (Kevin Northcut and Joe Legend)

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    Defeated: 3Live Kru (Ron Killings and B.G. James)

    Where: Nashville

    When: Jan. 28, 2004

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 79

    Title Reign: seven days

    The Red Shirt Security formed as the heel security team in TNA lead by Don Callis, best known as the Jackyl in WWF or Cyrus in ECW.

    They backed TNA founder Jeff Jarrett as they feuded with Erik Watts’ Black Shirt Security team consisting of Chris Vaughn and Rick Santel.

    The feud was never actually settled as both security teams just disappeared from TNA by the end of the year.

    You can still see Kevin Northcutt in the independents while his partner Joe Legend can be seen in the Philippines as trainer and head booker of Pro Wrestling Philippines.

A.J. Styles and Abyss

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    Defeated: Recognized

    Where: Nashville

    When: Feb. 4, 2004

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 80

    Title Reign: 28 days

    The Red Shirt Security were scheduled to defend their titles against A.J. Styles and Abyss. Abyss would turn on Styles, though, as he was working for Jeff Jarrett and Don Callis. Styles would go onto defeat the champions in a handicap match to win the titles.

    Abyss was then recognized as one-half of the champions with Styles due to the fact that he was Styles’ scheduled partner.

    The titles were then declared vacant on March 3 as Styles and Abyss were feuding with each other rather than defending the titles.

    Styles and Abyss would never team again, unless it was some kind of multi-man match. Both wrestlers are still with TNA with Styles looking to get these titles back and Abyss playing Joseph Park.

Kid Kash and Dallas

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    Defeated: Triple X (Christopher Daniels and Low Ki)

    Where: Nashville

    When: March 31, 2004

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 88

    Title Reign: 14 days

    Kid Kash and Dallas defeated Triple X in a tournament final to become the new champions.

    When Dallas was signed to TNA, he was immediately paired up with former X-Division champion Kid Kash. He was the bodyguard and storyline relative of Kash and they entered into the tournament to crown new champions.

    They won the belts, but lost them two weeks later. They would regain them the following week, though, and proceeded to defeat all comers.

    That is until they faced off against America’s Most Wanted. Two months after losing the titles, Kash was suspended and the team disbanded.

D’lo Brown and Apolo

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    Defeated: Kid Kash and Dallas

    Where: Nashville

    When: April 14, 2004

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 90

    Title Reign: seven days

    D’lo Brown and Apolo formed their team the same night they became No. 1 contenders. They faced Kid Kash and Dallas two weeks later and won the titles by disqualification when Dallas used a pipe as a weapon. At the time, a title could change hands by DQ.

    They received their rematch the following week, winning the belts by DQ when Apolo took the pipe from Kash and used it himself. They faced off one more time, with Kash and Dallas definitively defeating Brown and Apolo.

    After the loss, Apolo left TNA and the team disbanded.

    D’lo Brown would pop in and out of TNA for a few years before returning to WWE in 2008, but he was released the following year. He returned to TNA in 2009 as a road agent. He’s still with TNA in that role and is also in charge of the Gut Check program.

    You can still see Apolo on the independents here and in Puerto Rico.

Kid Kash and Dallas

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    Defeated: D’lo Brown and Apolo

    Where: Nashville

    When: April 21, 2004

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 91

    Title Reign: 43 days

    Dallas began wrestling dark matches during Kash’s suspension. They reunited when he returned and Dallas began using his real name, Lance Hoyt, in January 2005.

    They remained together, unsuccessfully challenging for the titles, until Kash’s release in April.

    Hoyt remained with TNA until 2009, last seen as a member of the Rock ‘n Rave Infection with Jimmy Rave and Christy Hemme. He was then signed to WWE and debuted as Vance Archer on ECW in November.

    He is probably best known for his team with Curt Hawkins, but the team went nowhere. Hoyt was released in November 2010 and can now be seen in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

    Kid Kash went to WWE after his release and would win the Cruiserweight Championship in December 2005. He began teaming with Jamie Noble as the Pit Bulls after losing the belt.

    They unsuccessfully challenged for the tag titles and Kash was eventually released in September 2006. After appearing on the independent circuit for three years, Kash returned to TNA where he remains today.

America’s Most Wanted

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    Defeated: Kid Kash and Dallas

    Where: Orlando, Fla.

    When: June 4, 2004

    Event: Impact

    Title Reign: 34 days

    On June 30, AMW successfully defended the titles against the Naturals. After the match, the Naturals attacked the champions and stole the titles. They would keep position of the belts until July 7, when they defeated AMW to officially win them.

    AMW would once again defend the titles against all comers but they soon entered into a feud with Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens of the Naturals. The Naturals would win the titles and AMW remained in their feud while also feuding with their long-time rivals Triple X.

    AMW would fail to regain the titles in a triple threat match, but both AMW and Triple X remained in contention. Christopher Daniels would go down with an injury shortly after this while Storm wasn’t cleared to wrestle by doctors.

    This forced enemies to become one.

The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens)

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    Defeated: America’s Most Wanted

    Where: Nashville

    When: July 7, 2004

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 102

    Title Reign: 63 days

    The Naturals formed as Natural Heat in USA Championship Wrestling in 2003.

    They soon found themselves in Memphis Wrestling in Tennessee as the Alternative Express and gained the Goddess Athena as a manager. She was eventually replaced by April Pennington, though.

    By the end of the year, Douglas and Stevens found themselves in TNA Wrestling, where they immediately began a feud with America’s Most Wanted.

Chris Harris and Elix Skipper

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    Defeated: The Naturals

    Where: Nashville

    When: Sept. 8, 2004

    Event: TNA Weekly PPV No. 111

    Title Reign: 13 days

    With their respective partners out of action, Harris and Skipper joined forces to take down the Naturals once and for all. They were successful in their attempt and would become the new tag team champions.

    Their team was short-lived, though, as their partners returned and problems began to arise.

James Storm and Christopher Daniels

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    Defeated: Chris Harris and Elix Skipper

    Where: Orlando

    When: Sept. 21, 2004

    Event: Impact

    Title Reign: 21 days

    Storm and Daniels grew jealous of their partners teaming up so they decide to form their own team and challenge for the titles. They were successful in winning the titles and held onto them longer than their partners’ team.

    Storm and Daniels would soon lose the titles to Bobby Roode and Eric Young of Team Canada, which brought AMW and Triple X back together.

    The two teams then began to feud with one another again and it resulted in a Six Sides of Steel match at Turning Point 2004. Despite Elix Skipper giving fans one of the most memorable moments in TNA history, Triple X lost the match, which forced them to disband.

    AMW would then enter back into the championship fold.

Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young)

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    Defeated: James Storm and Christopher Daniels

    Where: Orlando

    When: Oct. 12, 2004

    Event: Impact

    Title Reign: 26 days

    Team Canada formed in 2004 as members of the America’s X-Cup Tournament. The stable originally saw Scott D’Amore managing Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, Johnny Devine and Petey Williams.

    They would lose the tournament but would return in the World X-Cup. Williams and Devine would remain in the team while Hart and Evans would be replaced by Bobby Roode and Eric Young. They would also lose this tournament as well.

    After the tournament ended, they remained together in TNA and became a dominant stable. Roode and Young would win these titles twice, while Williams would enter into the X-Division and win the X-Division Championship one time while with the stable.

    Devine went down with an injury in March 2005 and he was replaced by A-1.

    In September, Team Canada found themselves aligned with Jeff Jarrett.

3 Live Kru (B.G. James and Konnan)

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    Defeated: Team Canada

    Where: Orlando

    When: Nov. 7, 2004

    Event: Victory Road

    Title Reign: 28 days

    Kip James would soon reenter the fold when he saved the stable from Team Canada. Kip once again tried to join the group but Konnan wanted nothing of it.

    It wouldn’t be until November 2005 when Konnan finally let him join, but only after Kip saved him from Team Canada and words from B.G. They became the 4Live Kru after that.

    The following month, though, Konnan attacked both B.G. and Kip with a chair, but offered allegiance to Killings. The Truth wanted nothing to do with him, though.

    A few weeks later, B.G.’s father Bob Armstrong tried to reunite the group. Killings refused to join while Konnan pretended to. He would instead attack Armstrong alongside Apolo and Homicide, thus forming the first incarnation of the Latin American Xchange.

    Ron Killings remained with TNA until 2007. He signed with WWE the following year and debuted as R-Truth. He remains with WWE today where he’s one-half of the WWE tag team champions.

    B.G. James stuck with TNA until 2009, mostly teaming with Kip James as the James Gang and the Voodoo Kin Mafia. He is now back with WWE as a road agent.

    Konnan left TNA in 2007 and returned to his old stomping grounds, Asistencia Asesoría y Administración in Mexico where he can still be seen today.

Team Canada

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    Defeated: 3Live Kru (B.G. James and Ron Killings)

    Where: Orlando

    When: Dec. 5, 2004

    Event: Turning Point

    Title Reign: 42 days

    During their time in Planet Jarrett, Team Canada would mostly feud with Team 3D. The feud was ultimately won by the former Dudley Boyz. After the feud, Team Canada entered into the World X-Cup.

    Since Roode nor A-1 were X-Division wrestlers, they had to be replaced for the tournament. Johnny Devine returned to the stable and Tyson Dux debuted to fill the final spot. They would make it to the finals, tying Team USA.

    To decide the winner, captain Petey Williams faced off against Team USA captain Chris Sabin. Sabin would win the match, thus gaining victory for his team.

    The stable would disband in June after losing an eight-man tag match to Team 3D, Rhino and Jay Lethal.

    Both Bobby Roode and Eric Young are still with TNA and are both champions.

    Roode is the reigning world heavyweight champion while Young is one-half of the Knockouts tag team champions with his storyline wife ODB.

America’s Most Wanted

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    Defeated: Team Canada

    Where: Orlando

    When: Jan. 16, 2005

    Event: Final Resolution

    Title Reign: 100 days

    A month after their memorable match with Triple X, AMW would regain the titles. Harris and Storm would dominate the division until losing the titles to the Naturals in April.

    After being faces their entire TNA career, they turned heel in September when they joined forces with Jeff Jarrett. They were the enforcers of Jarrett’s stable and gained Gail Kim as a manager.

    They got the titles back from the Naturals in October and went onto have the longest reign in TNA history. They feuded with Team 3D when the former Dudley Boyz debuted with TNA, a feud that they won.

    After losing the titles to A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels, tensions arose in the team after a piece of glass from a shattered beer bottle injured Harris’ eye.

The Naturals

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    Defeated: America’s Most Wanted

    Where: Orlando

    When: April 26, 2005

    Event: Impact

    Title Reign: 162 days

    After winning the titles and feuding with both America’s Most Wanted and Triple X, the Naturals gained Chris Candido as a manager and they associated themselves with Jeff Jarrett’s Planet Jarrett.

    Candido would lead them to a second reign as champions, but Candido would pass away two days later. The team became faces and gained Jimmy Hart as a manager and he helped in their successful run as champions throughout the summer.

    The Naturals soon lost the titles to AMW and went into obscurity for the rest of the year. As 2006 began, Shane Douglas offered his services as manager and trained them as a result.

    His training led them to give Team 3D their first loss in TNA. After losing the rematch, though, the Franchise ditched the team.

    They were used sparingly after that and were released in May 2007.

Cassidy Riley and Eric Young

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    Defeated: The Naturals

    Where: Springfield, Tenn.

    When: Oct. 5, 2005

    Event: House Show

    Title Reign: three days

    Cassidy Riley and Eric Young were a very short-lived team. They were paired up for a live event and given the titles. They would lose them three days later, though.

    Some don’t even recognize Riley and Young as the champions and just say that the titles were vacant during this three-day period.

    Cassidy Riley can still be seen on the independent circuit, while Eric Young is still with TNA Wrestling.

The Naturals

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    Defeated: Cassidy Riley and Eric Young

    Where: Nashville

    When: Oct. 8, 2005

    Event: NWA 57th Anniversary Show

    Title Reign: three days

    The Naturals would appear a few times for WWE throughout 2008 but nothing ever came of their appearances. They disbanded after that and went their separate ways.

    Andy Douglas retired in 2010 and is now done with professional wrestling. Chase Stevens has recently received another tryout match with WWE.

America’s Most Wanted

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    Defeated: The Naturals

    Where: Orlando

    When: Oct. 11, 2005

    Event: Impact

    Title Reign: 250 days

    During a match between AMW and Team 3D on Jan. 15, 2006, Gail Kim came in with some powder. Brother Ray went over and batted it out of her hand, blinding her, Chris Harris, and the referee.

    Team 3D would eventually deliver the 3D to Harris for the win.  When the referee counted the three, he didn’t see who he counted out, though.

    As the referee was wiping his eyes, Team Canada came in and attacked Team 3D. Bobby Roode pulled Harris over Ray to make it look like America’s Most Wanted won. When the referee was done wiping his eyes, he saw Harris on top of Ray and declared AMW still the champions.

    The tension between Harris and Storm soon led to the breakup of AMW. Storm would gain Jackie Moore as his manager, but ultimately lost the feud.

    After participating in random feuds, Storm began teaming with Roode as Beer Money. They went on to win the tag titles four times. They would break up this past November when Storm won the World Heavyweight Championship from Kurt Angle, and Roode cheated to take the title away from him.

    Storm is still with TNA but is currently taking a break. He should be back soon, though.

    Harris had the occasional feud until his release in January 2008. He was signed to WWE later that year and debuted as Brandon Walker on ECW in July.

    He lasted a whole two weeks before being released from WWE. Harris returned to TNA last year as a member of Immortal to team with Matt Hardy to face Beer Money, but he was canned the day after he and Hardy lost.

    You can still see Chris Harris on the independent circuit.

A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels

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    Defeated: America’s Most Wanted

    Where: Orlando

    When: June 18, 2006

    Event: Slammiversary II

    Title Reign: 64 days

    A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels have a long history with one another. They started out as bitter enemies in 2005 as they battled for the X-Division Championship.

    Some of their matches, along with Samoa Joe, are some of the most memorable ones in TNA history.

    After Daniels went down with an injury, he returned and began to align himself with Styles. They formed a team but they mostly continued their feud with Samoa Joe. After both of them exited the X-Division, they started to team up more.

    They began a feud with America’s Most Wanted and ultimately defeated them to win the titles. They dominated the division until they began to feud with the Latin American Xchange.

    They retained the titles at Hard Justice but lost the titles two weeks later. Styles and Daniels immediately wanted their rematch and got it No Surrender in the first-ever tag-team Ultimate X match.

    They regained the titles there but lost them back to LAX the following month inside a steel cage.

The Latin American Xchange (Homicide and Hernandez)

30 of 58

    Defeated: A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels

    Where: Orlando

    When: Aug. 21, 2006

    Event: Impact

    Title Reign: 34 days

    The Latin American Xchange formed at the very end of 2005 when Konnan brought together Apolo and Homicide to battle his former allies the James Gang. Before a match between the two teams could be held, Apolo was released from TNA.

    He was replaced by Machete and the team lost to the former New Age Outlaws. After another loss to the team of Shark Boy and Norman Smiley, Konnan kicked Machete out of the group and replaced him with Hernandez.

    LAX then began to refuse to wrestle due to discrimination and created a border around the Spanish announce table. During this time they would attack other wrestlers but it stopped when Jim Cornette told that them that not wrestling meant not getting paid.

    After a small feud with Ron Killings and Sonjay Dutt, LAX set their sights on the titles.

A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels

31 of 58

    Defeated: The Latin American Xchange

    Where: Orlando

    When: Sept. 24, 2006

    Event: No Surrender

    Title Reign: 28 days

    The team disbanded in November after Daniels accidently cost Styles a match against Christian Cage. They would only cross paths a few times after this, but after Styles won the TNA World Championship in 2009, Daniels became a contender for the title.

    Styles would defeat Daniels to retain the title. Daniels then left TNA afterwards but returned again last year as a member of Fortune alongside Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money. They were once again friends, but things went sour after Destination X in July when Styles defeated Daniels once again.

    Styles and Daniels have been in that feud for almost a year now.

The Latin American Xchange

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    Defeated: A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels

    Where: Plymouth Township, Mich.

    When: Oct. 22, 2006

    Event: Bound for Glory II

    Title Reign: 171 days

    The Latin American Xchange were stripped of the titles on Nov. 19 after they tried to burn the American flag. A week later, Konnan threatened to sue TNA for violating their rights to freedom of speech and expression.

    To avoid the lawsuit, LAX were awarded back the titles.

    Champions A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels issued an open challenge to any team in TNA and it was answered by LAX. The two teams would trade the title for the next few months, resulting in LAX winning the feud and the titles.

    Throughout their long reign as champions, LAX would have heated feuds with America’s Most Wanted and Team 3D.

    It was the ECW legends that finally took the titles off of LAX, though. Two months after the loss of the titles, Konnan left TNA.

Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon)

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    Defeated: The Latin American Xchange

    Where: St. Louis, Mo.

    When: April 15, 2007

    Event: Lockdown

    Title Reign: 28 days

    After fighting amongst themselves in the Dudley Family stable in ECW, Buh-Buh Ray and D-Von began teaming in 1997 to form the Dudley Boyz. The Dudleyz would become one of the company’s biggest draws and would soon become one of the most decorated tag teams in the history of the business.

    The Dudley Boyz would capture the ECW Tag Team Championship a record eight times while feuding with other top teams in ECW before making the move to WWF in 1999. 

Team 3D

34 of 58

    Defeated: Awarded

    Where: Orlando

    When: May 17, 2007

    Event: TNA Today

    Title Reign: 59 days

    Wanting to be more independent, TNA Wrestling broke ties with the National Wrestling Alliance. It worked out as the NWA wanted their titles back as well.

    After Team 3D retained the titles on May 13, a representative from the NWA took them and left, making the break official.

    The NWA World Tag Team Championship was then officially declared vacant that night and Team 3D were awarded the TNA World Tag Team Championship four days later on an episode of their online show TNA Today.

    Team 3D are recognized as the first TNA world tag team champions.

    After joining the WWF in 1999, the Dudleyz went on to win the Tag Team Championship a total of nine times. They would also capture the WCW Tag Team Championship once while the belts were defended on WWE television. They were also the final team to ever hold the WCW belts.

    The Dudleyz would go their separate ways in 2002 when Raw and SmackDown became two different rosters. Bubba Ray ended up on Raw while D-Von landed in SmackDown.

    D-Von would be traded to Raw by the end of the year, though, and the Dudleyz were back to normal. They would stay together as a team, bouncing back and forth between face and heel until they left the in 2005.

    At the time, they were 18-time tag team champions.

Samoa Joe

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    Defeated: Team 3D

    Where: Orlando

    When: July 15, 2007

    Event: Victory Road

    Title Reign: 28 days

    Samoa Joe became the sole champion after winning the Match of Champions. It saw TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle teaming with TNA X-Division Champion Samoa Joe to take on the TNA World Tag Team Champions Team 3D.

    The wrestler who lost the match would lose his title to the person that pinned him. So when Samoa Joe pinned Brother Ray, he won the TNA World Tag Team Championship and gained the ability to choose any partner he wanted, though he never chose one.

    Samoa Joe made his professional wrestling debut in 1999. He got his first break when he joined Ring of Honor Wrestling in 2002. He ran over the competition in ROH for five years, resulting in one reign as ROH world heavyweight champion.

    The Samoan Submission Machine currently holds the record for longest reigning champion at 645 days.

    Samoa Joe made his TNA debut in 2005 while still working for ROH. He debuted at the first Slammiversary PPV defeating Sonjay Dutt. He spent the next 18 months dominating TNA and the X-Division, racking up two reigns as X-Division champion and a very impressive undefeated streak.

    It would take an Olympic gold medalist to final defeat Samoa Joe as Kurt Angle debuted in TNA and took him down at Genesis 2006.

    Six years later, Samoa Joe is a four-time X-Division champion, one-time world champion and a two-time tag team champion.

    He also had quite the impressive losing streak last year, which ended when he won this title one more time.

Kurt Angle

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    Defeated: Samoa Joe

    Where: Orlando

    When: Aug. 12, 2007

    Event: Hard Justice

    Title Reign: 15 days

    Kurt Angle made his professional wrestling debut in 1999 with the WWE. He achieved instant success winning the European and Intercontinental Championships. The following year, he entered into the hunt for the world title and defeated the Rock at No Mercy to win it.

    Angle would stay with WWE until 2006, becoming one of their most decorated superstars. He has held 11 championships in WWE while also winning the King of the Ring tournament in 2000.

    In 2007, Angle shocked the wrestling world when he signed with TNA Wrestling. His first major feud was with Samoa Joe and the two wrestling machines would trade victories for a few months.

    Angle soon found himself as the world champion and has held it a total of five times.

    Kurt Angle remains with TNA to this day and is currently teaming with A.J. Styles in a feud with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian.

Kurt Angle and Sting

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    Defeated: Recognized

    Where: Orlando

    When: Aug. 27, 2007

    Event: Impact!

    Title Reign: 13 days

    Sting and Kurt Angle were recognized as the TNA World Tag Team Champions after Sting won a fatal-four way match to become Angle’s partner. The team was very short-lived, though, as during their first title defense, Angle’s wife Karen claimed that Sting slapped her and it resulted in Angle walking out on him.

    The two then began to feud over the TNA World Championship, which Sting won at Bound for Glory.

    Both wrestlers still cross paths, as they were members of the Main Event Mafia together before Angle turned on Sting again. They also went it at this past August for the world title.

    Both men remain with TNA as Angle vies to recapture this title while Sting is battling Bobby Roode for the world title.

Team Pacman (Ron Killings and Pacman Jones)

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    Defeated: Kurt Angle and Sting

    Where: Orlando

    When: Sept. 9, 2007

    Event: No Surrender

    Title Reign: 35 days

    Team Pacman was another short-lived team in TNA. Adam “Pacman” Jones was a football player for the Tennessee Titans, but he was sitting on the sidelines due to a suspension.

    The deal worked out between the Titans and TNA was that Pacman could appear on television but he couldn’t get physical. Killings did all the work in this match while Pacman just stood on the apron.

    When it came time to defend the belts, they recruited Consequences Creed to wrestle in his place. After the titles were lost, Team Pacman disbanded.

    Ron Killings currently works for the WWE, while Pacman Jones has since been traded to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Christian’s Coalition/Angle Alliance (A.J. Styles and Tomko)

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    Defeated: Team Pacman (Ron Killings and Consequences Creed)

    Where: Duluth, Ga.

    When: Oct. 14, 2007

    Event: Bound for Glory III

    Title Reign: 184 days

    Since the Tennessee Titans wouldn’t let their suspended player, Pacman Jones, wrestle, Team Pacman chose Consequences Creed as his replacement.

    Christian’s Coalition formed around the same time Christian debuted in TNA, but it was just with Tomko at the time. A.J. Styles didn’t join until 2007.

    The Coalition’s job was to ensure that Christian remained the world champion and they did that while also vying for the TNA Tag Team Championship. The Coalition soon helped Kurt Angle in retaining the world title and joined the Angle Alliance.

    Styles and Tomko tried to be members of both factions. The Alliance and the Coalition would eventually join forces, but the two leaders would butt heads on a regular basis.

    After Styles and Tomko helped Angle retain the world title over Christian on two separate occasions, it was made clear that they were members of the Angle Alliance.

    After they lost the titles, Tomko went down with an injury and Styles was forced to choose a new partner. Upon returning, Tomko expressed his anger over the situation and the team disbanded.

    A.J. Styles remains with TNA and is looking to get these titles back while also gaining revenge on Daniels and Kazarian.

    Tomko would leave TNA in 2008 and return to WWE. After suffering an injury, he was released from his contract. He returned to TNA in 2009 but he was sparingly used until his release a year later.

    Tomko was last seen this past October robbing a CVS for Oxycodone. He is now in rehab.

Kaz and Super Eric

40 of 58

    Defeated: A.J. Styles and Tomko, Latin American Xchange

    Where: Orlando

    When: April 15, 2008

    Event: Impact!

    Title Reign: About an hour

    This was a triple threat match.

    After the match A.J. Styles complained to TNA Management Director Jim Cornette that he and Tomko were billed to be facing the Latin American Xchange and Kaz and Eric Young, not Kaz and Super Eric.

    Later in the night Cornette agreed, but wouldn’t award the titles back to Styles and Tomko. A final decision was made on the next edition of Impact.

    Cornette decided that the TNA World Tag Team Championship was officially vacant and that the titles would be on the line in a Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament.

    This odd team was formed around the time they won the titles. Kaz had joined Eric Young in his feud against Black Reign and Rellik as Young was afraid of the two of them. EY created Super Eric to get over his fears.

    After defeating the team at Lockdown, Kaz and Young received a shot at the titles. Since it was Super Eric that appeared and not EY, the titles were declared vacant and the team disbanded.

    Kaz remains with TNA where he is one-half of the tag team champions. Eric Young is also still with the company and is also a champion, though the title he holds is a women’s title. 

The Latin American Xchange

41 of 58

    Defeated: Team 3D

    Where: Orlando

    When: May 11, 2008

    Event: Sacrifice

    Title Reign: 91 days

    The Latin American Xchange defeated Team 3D in the eight-team Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament to become the new champions. The tournament featured four actual TNA tag teams and four teams comprised up of random pairings of wrestlers.

    Beer Money would win the titles on June 12, but to win the match, James Storm hit Hernandez with a loaded boot. As Beer Money was celebrating, Hector Guerrero argued with the referee about the finish of the match. 

    So the referee awarded the titles back to LAX and restarted the match.

    After Konnan left TNA, LAX became faces and got right back into the title hunt. Along with their new valet Salinas, LAX tried and failed on a few occasions to regain the gold.

    In May 2008, the stable asked Hector Guerrero to be their manager and he accepted. He brought them to a third reign as tag team champions, and the feud between them and Team 3D started back up.

    They were successful in the feud, but wasn’t as such in the next one against Beer Money. After losing the titles, LAX stayed in the title hunt until December when both Homicide and Hernandez grabbed a briefcase in the Feast or Fired match.

    Homicide would receive a shot at the X-Division Championship, and eventually win it, while Hernandez was granted a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, which he wasn’t able to win.

    LAX continued to team here and there but they were concentrated on their singles careers. In September 2009, Homicide turned on Hernandez officially breaking up the team.

    LAX would have a small reunion in March 2011 in Ring of Honor as they traded victories with the King of Wrestling.

    Homicide can now be seen in the independent circuit as well as in Ring of Honor. Hernandez remains in TNA and went onto win the titles two more times.

Beer Money (Bobby Roode and James Storm)

42 of 58

    Defeated: The Latin American Xchange

    Where: Trenton, N.J.

    When: Aug. 10, 2008

    Event: Hard Justice

    Title Reign: 128 days

    Beer Money formed in June 2008, much to the reluctance of Bobby Roode. Roode wanted nothing to do with the beer-drinking James Storm at first, but they soon discovered their chemistry as a team and took aim at the tag titles.

    They initially failed at defeating the Latin American Xchange, both on an episode of Impact and at the Victory Road PPV. Come Hard Justice, though, Beer Money were the champions.

    After winning the belts, they feuded with LAX, the Motor City Machine Guns, Abyss and Matt Morgan as well as Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed.

    All three feuds resulted in Beer Money having the gold around their waists. As 2009 hit, they created the Off the Wagon Challenge.

Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed)

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    Defeated: Beer Money

    Where: Orlando

    When: Dec. 16, 2008

    Event: Impact!

    Title Reign: 26 days

    Lethal Consequences formed after Jay Lethal won a Feast or Fired briefcase. His briefcase contained a shot at the tag titles and when he cashed it in, he appeared with Consequences Creed.

    On their first night as a team, they would win the titles from Beer Money, but lost them back to the team in just under a month. They soon entered into a feud with the Motor City Machine Guns, who had just left the TNA Frontline.

    They received a title shot during this, but failed to win the belts, and the feud came to an end after Suicide won Ultimate X featuring the members of both teams.

    Lethal then began to challenge wrestling legends, leaving Creed with nothing to do. The team was officially disbanded in March 2010 when Creed was released from his TNA.

    Jay Lethal would remain with TNA until 2011 after having a memorable feud with Ric Flair. You can now see Lethal in Ring of Honor Wrestling where he is a former ROH Television champion.

    Consequences Creed was hired by WWE in 2010 and sent to Florida Championship Wrestling. He’s still a member of the roster as Xavier Woods.

Beer Money

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    Defeated: Lethal Consequences, Abyss and Matt Morgan

    Where: Charlotte, N.C.

    When: Jan. 11, 2009

    Event: Genesis

    Title Reign: 98 days

    This was a triple threat tag-team match.

    After gaining the titles for a second time, Beer Money created the Off the Wagon Challenge. The challenge saw the champions challenge any two wrestlers who wanted a shot at the titles, but the catch was that if they lost, the wrestler who got pinned would have to leave TNA.

    The challenge saw the releases of Petey Williams and Lance Hoyt.

    After LAX won the challenge, though by disqualification, Team 3D accepted the challenge. Team 3D defeated Beer Money at Lockdown and the Off the Wagon Challenge ended as a result.

    They remained in a feud with Team 3D, regaining the titles in the process. They would lose the belts a month later to the Main Event Mafia.

    Beer Money participated in low-level feuds until the formation of Fortune in 2010.

Team 3D

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    Defeated: Beer Money

    Where: Philadelphia

    When: April 19, 2009

    Event: Lockdown

    Title Reign: 63 days

    After leaving WWE, the Dudley Boyz debuted with TNA Wrestling in 2005 under the names Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D. They would capture their first NWA Tag Team Championship two years later and became the only team to win the gold in ECW, WCW, WWF/E and the NWA.

    While with TNA, Team 3D would win the tag titles two more times after the company created their own, and New Japan Pro Wrestling’s IWGP Tag Team Championship twice as well.

    The Dudley Boyz/Team 3D are now 23-time tag team champions, holding titles in every company they stepped foot in.

    Team 3D can still be seen in TNA Wrestling, though they are no longer a team. Both are now singles competitors as Devon is the current Television champion while Bully Ray has become one of the best heels in the business today.

Beer Money

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    Defeated: Team 3D

    Where: Auburn Hills, Mich.

    When: June 21, 2009

    Event: Slammiversary V

    Title Reign: 28 days

    When Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff took control, Beer Money became the henchmen of Bischoff. They would take out any wrestler who Bischoff had a problem with.

    After being members of Team Flair at Lockdown, Ric Flair formed Fortune in June with Beer Money as members. The group at first featured the team, A.J. Styles, Kazarian and Desmond Wolfe, but each of them needed to earn a spot in the new Four Horsemen.

    They went after the titles but ultimately lost to the Motor City Machine Guns. A best of five series of matches then commenced, resulting in some of the best tag-team wrestling seen in years. Beer Money lost the series, but Flair was impressed enough to make them full members.

    They would soon form an alliance with Hogan’s Immortal stable and Beer Money soon won the tag titles for a fourth time. Fortune would turn on Flair and Immortal towards the end of January, and a long feud between the two factions ensued with Christopher Daniels joining them in the fight.

    When the feud ended with Sting defeating Hogan at Bound for Glory, Fortune began to dissolve, thanks mainly to the World Heavyweight Championship. 

The Main Event Mafia (Booker T and Scott Steiner)

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    Defeated: Beer Money

    Where: Orlando

    When: July 19, 2009

    Event: Victory Road

    Title Reign: 91 days

    The Main Event Mafia officially formed in October 2008 after Sting, Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Booker T and Kevin Nash slowly joined together over the summer months. The reasoning behind the group was that the younger talent was disrespecting the veterans and they weren’t going to take it anymore.

    As the year progressed, the younger talent formed the Frontline and the two waged war. The Mafia soon added Samoa Joe to the ranks and they turned on their leader Sting. Angle, who was the original leader, then assumed leadership of the group.

    At Victory Road 2009, the Mafia gained control of all the titles except the X-Division Championship when Nash won the legends title, Booker and Steiner won these titles and Angle retained the world title.

    In August, the Mafia joined forces with Eric Young’s World Elite and at Hard Justice, the Mafia gained the X-Division title when Samoa Joe won it from Homicide.

    After losing all the titles, the Mafia began to disband. Booker left TNA after Bound for Glory while Angle revealed that he was wrong about the younger talent all along.

    Steiner was ultimately the only one left in the group and refused to let the Mafia die. When he was released in February 2010, the Main Event Mafia was effectively dead.

    Booker T is now back with WWE as a color commentator on SmackDown while Scott Steiner can be seen on Twitter complaining about TNA.

The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Douglas Williams)

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    Defeated: The Main Event Mafia, Team 3D, Beer Money

    Where: Irvine, Calif.

    When: Oct. 18, 2009

    Event: Bound for Glory V

    Title Reign: 91 days

    This was a fatal four-way tag team Full Metal Mayhem match. In this match, anything goes.

    The British Invasion formed in April 2009 when Brutus Magnus, Douglas Williams and their enforcer Rob Terry attacked the Latin American Xchange. They soon entered into the Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament where the winners received a shot at Team 3D and the titles.

    The British Invasion made it to the finals but were ultimately defeated by Beer Money. After losing the tournament, they began a feud with Team 3D, costing them the titles and multiple other matches.

    At Victory Road, they challenged 3D for the IWGP tag titles but they lost the match. The British Invasion were already aligned with Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir, so when Eric Young turned his back on his partners in a match against them, he revealed himself the leader of the World Elite.

    The British Invasion soon won the IWGP belts from Team 3D. They held the titles until October when they lost them back to Team 3D, but ended up winning these titles at the same time.

    The British Invasion disbanded after Rob Terry turned on the team and Magnus was taken off of television.

    The British Invasion reformed last year but nothing came of it this time around. Magnus disappeared from TNA, though he soon won the titles with Samoa Joe.

    After losing them, Magnus again disappeared.

    Douglas Williams was last seen at the Impact Wrestling tapings in London this past February.

Hernandez and Matt Morgan

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    Defeated: The British Invasion

    Where: Orlando

    When: Jan. 18, 2010

    Event: Genesis

    Title Reign: 78 days

    Hernandez and Matt Morgan began teaming in fall 2009 along with D’Angelo Dinero in a feud with Team 3D and Rhino. By January, they formed a team and became the No. 1 contenders for the titles.

    A few weeks later, TNA saw new tag team champions. Tension between them began the following month when they were forced to face each other. Morgan won the match by targeting Hernandez’s injured shoulder and grabbing his tights during the pin.

    At Destination X, miscommunication plagued them during their title defense but they managed to retain the titles. After the match, though, Morgan delivered the Carbon Footprint to his partner.

    The team was then disbanded and Morgan walked out with both titles.

Matt Morgan

50 of 58

    Defeated: Recognized

    Where: Orlando

    When: April 5, 2010

    Event: Impact!

    Title Reign: 29 days

    Three weeks after walking out on his partner, Matt Morgan declared himself the sole TNA tag team champion and said that he’d defend the titles on his own.

    According to defend the titles the following week, though, TNA Management ordered Morgan to choose a tag team partner. He ended up choosing the Amazing Red.

    When Morgan and Red won the match, they were recognized as the TNA tag team champions.

    As Amazing Red was celebrating his title win, Morgan attacked him and once again declared himself the sole champion.

    Matt Morgan made his professional wrestling debut in 2002 as a member of Tough Enough II. He had to leave the competition early due to injury, but WWE signed him to a developmental deal.

    After spending a year in Ohio Valley Wrestling, Morgan made his debut on SmackDown as a member of Team Lesnar at Survivor Series. Morgan would remain at Lesnar’s side until an injury in the beginning of 2004 put him on the shelf.

    He was sent back to OVW but returned to SmackDown in 2005 with a stuttering gimmick. He left later that year and debuted with TNA in 2007.

    While receiving a few main event pushes, Morgan would mostly stay in the mid-card. He would win the tag titles one more time before his status in TNA went into question.

The Band (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall)

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    Defeated: Matt Morgan

    Where: Orlando

    When: May 4, 2010

    Event: Impact!

    Title Reign: 41 days

    This was a handicap match.

    During an interview the following week, Nash and Hall inducted Eric Young into the group. The stable would defend the titles under the Freebird Rule.

    Due to Scott Hall’s release from TNA on June 14 because of an arrest, all three members of the Band were stripped of the titles. The titles became vacant and a tournament was set up to determine the new champions.

    Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have a long history dating back to the WWF. They didn’t form a team, though, until they became the Outsiders in WCW. Along with a heel Hulk Hogan, the Outsiders formed the New World Order.

    The group was responsible for WCW defeating the WWF in the ratings for over a year. Nash and Hall would capture the WCW Tag Team Championship a total of six times during their time there and after disbanding in 1999, reformed in 2002 during the nWo angle in WWE.

    It was short-lived, though, as Hall was ultimately released.

    They reformed again in TNA in 2004, aligning themselves with Jeff Jarrett. Hall disappeared from TNA the following year but popped back up in 2007. After no-showing a PPV, Hall was released once again.

    TNA gave him one more chance in 2010, and the Outsiders reformed one last time. This time around, with help from Eric Young, they would win the tag titles.

    The reformation once again didn’t last long as Hall was released from TNA.

    Kevin Nash would return to WWE at the 2011 Royal Rumble and began a storyline with Triple H during the summer. After losing to the Game, Nash disappeared from WWE.

    Scott Hall can be seen on the independent circuit, but due to his personal problems, it’s never a pretty sight.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley)

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    Defeated: Beer Money

    Where: Orlando

    When: July 11, 2010

    Event: Victory Road

    Title Reign: 182 days

    No. 1 contenders the Motor City Machine Guns defeated the winners of the tournament Beer Money to become the new champions.

    Two months later, with Alex Shelley out due to an injury caused by Generation Me, Generation Me was able to take out Chris Sabin and steal the TNA Tag Team Championship.

    The next week on TNA Impact, though, the Motor City Machine Guns returned and attacked Generation Me. After they ran off, the Guns were able to take back their titles.

    The Motor City Machine Guns formed in TNA in April 2007 as the Murder City Machine Guns but the name was soon changed to Motor City. The two X-Division wrestlers proved to be a cohesive unit and teamed up against all teams while also still competing in the X-Division.

    They participated in a lot of random feuds over the next three years, all the while gaining a big following. Due to their team work, quickness and moves executed, the Guns became the most popular tag-team in TNA.

    The Guns were finally given a reign with the titles in 2010 when they defeated Beer Money. A feud between the two teams then began with a best of five series.

    The two teams would compete in a ladder match, a street fight, a steel cage match, an Ultimate X match as well as a two-out-of-three falls match. The Guns ultimately won and soon entered into a feud with Generation me.

    The Guns won that feud as well, but would lose the titles at the conclusion of it to Beer Money.

    Alex Shelley would then go with an injury and Sabin re-entered the X-Division. Shelley returned in April, but on the same night, Sabin would go down with an injury.

    The Guns would finally return this past March, but it looks like the return will be short-lived.

    Chris Sabin is still with TNA and is back in the X-Division while Alex Shelley has recently left the company.

Beer Money

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    Defeated: The Motor City Machine Guns

    Where: Orlando

    When: Jan. 9, 2011

    Event: Genesis

    Title Reign: 212 days

    With Bobby Roode injured, James Storm needed to find a replacement for their title defense due to Eric Bischoff forcing them to defend the belts.

    Alex Shelley offered his services on June 12 due to his partner Chris Sabin being injured as well. Gun Money were then recognized as the champions.

    The following week, Roode was cleared to wrestle. So Beer Money were once again recognized as the champions.

    Despite three of the five members of Fortune being in the Bound for Glory Series, the group stayed strong. The series was won by Bobby Roode and he went onto face Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory. Angle would win the title by cheating, thus crushing the dreams of Roode and the fans.

    On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, though, the title was taken away from Angle by Roode’s partner, James Storm. Two weeks later, the two partners would face off for the title.

    Roode hit Storm with a beer bottle, effectively turning heel, winning the title and breaking up Beer Money.

    As a result, Fortune was no longer a stable either. The only remnant left were Styles and Kazarian, but they didn’t call themselves Fortune.

    Bobby Roode is still the TNA world heavyweight champion and has become the longest reigning champion in company history as a result.

    James Storm is currently on a break, but should be returning soon to pick his feud with Roode back up.

Mexican America (Hernandez and Anarquia)

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    Defeated: Beer Money

    Where: Orlando

    When: Aug. 9, 2011

    Event: Impact Wrestling

    Title Reign: 97 days

    Mexican America formed in March 2011 when Hernandez was joined by the cousins Sarita and Rosita. By the end of the month, they were joined by Anarquia to make the stable bigger.

    For the next three months, the stable would appear sparingly, with Sarita and Rosita appearing the most. By June, Hernandez and Anarquia began demanding a shot at the Tag Team Championship and became the No. 1 contenders in July.

    At August’s Hard Justice, they failed in capturing tag-team gold. A few days later, though, they defeated Beer Money to win the belts.

    Mexican America would soon have one of the most boring reigns as champion in TNA’s history. They would get almost zero reaction from the crowd and were even starting to get phased out.

    While champions, the team didn’t appear too much, which resulted in Mexican America threatening to quit in November if they didn’t get a match. General manager Sting then put together the team of Matt Morgan and Crimson and they beat the champions that night.

    Mexican America received their rematch a few weeks later but failed to regain the titles.

    The team disappeared after that but popped back up in March in an unsuccessful attempt to win back the gold.

    Anarquia was released a month later while Hernandez has been sitting on the sidelines ever since. He does have a match against Kid Kash at Slammiversary, though.

Matt Morgan and Crimson

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    Defeated: Mexican America

    Where: Orlando

    When: Nov. 14, 2011

    Event: Impact Wrestling

    Title Reign: 90 days

    Matt Morgan and Crimson formed their team after Sting put them together to challenge the tag team champions after Turning Point. They had previously been feuding, but a winner was yet to be found.

    Sting saw their inability to defeat each other as a sign they’d make a great team. They won the titles that night and began to take on all comers.

    Tension arose when Morgan was pinned resulting in the loss of the titles. Crimson would put down Morgan since he lost and brag about his undefeated streak.

    They received their rematch on an episode of Impact Wrestling but failed to regain the gold. They got one more match at Victory Road, though. That saw Crimson turn on Morgan and their feud picked back up, which officially disbanded their team.

    Crimson remains undefeated and has started calling himself the fan’s “Undefeated Hero” while Matt Morgan has apparently left TNA.

Samoa Joe and Magnus

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    Defeated: Matt Morgan and Crimson

    Where: Orlando

    When: Feb. 12, 2012

    Event: Against All Odds

    Title Reign: 91 days

    Samoa Joe and Magnus formed their team when they were brought together during the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament in past December.

    They proved to be a cohesive unit and won the tournament thus gaining a shot at the titles. They failed to win them at Genesis, but they attacked the champions the following week.

    Morgan and Crimson gave them one more shot at Against All Odds and they won the belts.

    Joe and Magnus would go onto successfully defend the titles against Morgan and Crimson at Victory Road as well as the Motor City Machine Guns at Lockdown.

    The following month at Sacrifice, though, they lost the titles. That was the last time they appeared as a team.

    Samoa Joe has since entered into a feud with Austin Aries, while Magnus is nowhere to be seen.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

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    Defeated: Samoa Joe and Magnus

    Where: Orlando

    When: May 13, 2012

    Event: Sacrifice

    Title Reign: 27 days and counting

    Christopher Daniels and Kazarian were partners before this in Fortune. They never really teamed past a multi-man match, though. It wasn’t until December when they were brought together as a team.

    During the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament, Daniels got Kazarian to turn his back on A.J. Styles. At first, it seemed like Daniels was holding something over his head as Kaz was reluctant to attack Styles every time Daniels ordered him to.

    Kaz soon began to think for himself, but still retained his alliance with Daniels. The feud with Styles kept going and is still going as of this writing.

    Just before Sacrifice, Kazarian revealed that he aligned himself with Daniels to keep him from revealing a dirty secret he knew about Styles. They soon revealed photos of Styles with TNA president Dixie Carter and went onto win the titles a few days later.

    Since then, they have revealed video and a telephone call as well.

    Kurt Angle entered into the feud after the champions just simply got on his nerves. The champions are currently feuding with the dream team of A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle.

Statistics and Final Thoughts

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    Most NWA Reigns: America’s Most Wanted (6)

    Most TNA Reigns: Beer Money (4)

    Wrestler(s) with Most NWA Reigns: Chris Harris and James Storm (7)

    Wrestler(s) with Most TNA Reigns: James Storm and Bobby Roode (4)

    Longest NWA Reign: America’s Most Wanted (250 days)

    Longest TNA Reign: Beer Money (212 days)

    Longest Combined NWA Reign: America’s Most Wanted (517 days)

    Longest Combined TNA Reign: Beer Money (466 days)

    Wrestler with Longest Combined NWA Reign: James Storm (538 days)

    Wrestler with Longest Combined TNA Reign: James Storm and Bobby Roode (466 days)

    Shortest NWA Reign: Cassidy Riley and Eric Young, the Naturals (3 days)

    Shortest TNA Reign: Kazarian and Super Eric (about an hour)

    TNA Wrestling’s tag-team division was once one of the absolute best in the business. It was the tag division that helped put TNA on the map.

    It was teams like America’s Most Wanted and Triple X that helped shape the division in the early days while teams like the Latin American Xchange, Team 3D, Beer Money and the Motor City Machine Guns helped the division in staying great.

    The division couldn’t be touched, especially by WWE. While WWE teams were having five-minute matches, TNA teams were having five-star matches.

    Tag Team wrestling was something TNA truly did better than WWE.

    The division isn’t what it used to be, though. Much like WWE, TNA began to largely ignore the division. I think it started with the reign of Mexican America.

    Tag teams are scarce in TNA right now. While the current champions are bringing new life into the belts, it’s going to take more than one team to revive their once-great division.

    Thanks for reading! I apologize for the lateness of this edition and for the fact that it’s not the NWA Tag Team Championship as I advertised last time.

    There wasn’t much information on a lot of the champions of the late 90s, early 2000s so I decided to just do the TNA tag belts instead since they were going to be the main focus anyway.

    Wrestling Gold will return to its usual day of Wednesday next week with the history of the two titles of Shimmer!

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