John Terry: The Chelsea Captain's 10 Stupidest Acts

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John Terry: The Chelsea Captain's 10 Stupidest Acts

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    John Terry is a model defender in football today. He is a tough tackler, great in the air and a great leader. There is no doubt about Terry's abilities on the pitch. 

    The Chelsea captain's life in the press does not stop off the pitch. There have been numerous incidents off the pitch that have brought negative attention to the former England captain. 

    He was stripped of the England captaincy for the second time during Fabio Capello's tenure. Capello stripped him of the captaincy after questions were raised about his personal life. 

    That's when then-Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas told BBC that he had Terry's back. 

    "John is a person of good mental strength and great personal conviction," Villas-Boas said.

    He has had multiple run-ins with the law, gambling, an extramarital affair and is now awaiting trial for alleged racial abuse. It isn't the first time John Terry has been seen doing something he shouldn't. With those incidents in mind, it makes his former manger's statement sound false.  

10. Parking Problems

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    What is interesting is that when you are have the status of a guy like John Terry, everything you do wrong gets publicized. 

    In 2008, Terry was fined £60 for parking his Bentley in a handicap space outside a pizza shop. For Terry, it was like spare change. He was estimated to have been making £135,000 a week at the time. 

9. Clubs and Bars

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    Terry has been known to party.

    In 2002, Terry had an incident at a nightclub that is without a doubt the most notable of his times in the clubs. Terry and Chelsea teammate Jody Morris were arrested and charged with assault on a doorman after he was allegedly hit over the head with a bottle.

    According to, Terry punched the man in the face, but he claimed self-defense. Terry and Morris were found not guilty of affray, wounding with intent and unlawful wounding. 

8. Urination in Odd Places

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    Terry has had several different episodes of partying too hard. When you do that, chances are that you are going to have to go.

    While at a nightclub, Terry needed to go really badly. He claimed that an injured toe prevented him from getting to the loo in time. Instead of using a toilet, Terry used a glass to relieve himself. He then put it on the ground and just left it. Club staff saw the incident on their security cameras and escorted Terry out of the club.

    According to a Mirror Football list of Terry's numerous scandals, Terry was seen urinating in his own backyard. 

7. Womanizer

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    According to a Daily Mail headline, Terry is known to be a womanizer. He is married and has twins. But there are two incidents that stand out where Terry was accused of trying to pick up women. 

    While Terry was engaged, there was an incident where he was accused of bringing 17-year-old Jenny Barker back to his Bentley and allegedly sent graphic texts to her. 

    After Terry married his wife, Toni, he had an affair with a teammate's girlfriend. 

    There was a separate incident where Terry apparently tried to talk his way into bed with Russian heiress Nicole Sconciaforni after Toni had left the nightclub.  

    According to The Sun in 2007, Terry has cheated eight times during his relationship with his wife. 

6. Appearance Misunderstanding

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    This one makes its way onto the list because of the simplicity. Why would any athlete would want to treat fans poorly at any point? It is a mystery. 

    The Metro reported in October that Terry was going to do something that he had never done before. He was to appear at the opening of a pet shop. The owner said that he booked the appearance through a mutual friend. 

    Ten days after the Metro reported about the upcoming appearance, Terry didn't show up. He said in a statement that he did not agree to cut the ribbon at the pet shop. In the statement, he apologized for disappointing hundreds of fans that showed up. 

5. 9/11 Partying

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    Chelsea's flight was grounded in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001. 

    According to Mirror Football, some of the Chelsea players went home to watch the news.

    The Mirror explained that after the group of players visited several pubs, they wound up at the Posthouse Hotel at Heathrow. A group of stranded American travelers gathered to watch the news while the players threw food and taunted them. 

    Chelsea fined the players for their actions. 

4. Missing the Champions League Winning Penalty

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    All he had to do was score a goal, and Chelsea would have won their first title in Europe's most prestigious club competition. Cristiano Ronaldo had missed his attempt. At the time that seemed like a miracle.

    Terry stepped up to the penalty spot. The whistle blew, and he took it. He had the keeper beaten. They both went to their right. Edwin van der Sar had chosen the wrong side. But the ball hit the post and did not go in. 

    It had been raining, and Terry's plant foot slipped. He could have used a little more finesse. 

    Manchester United managed to win the penalty shootout to claim their third European Title. 

    Terry apologized to the Chelsea fans afterwards. Some fans forgave him, but some of the fans still have a hard time getting over it. Who could blame them?

3. Gets Suspended Before Champions League Final

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    Getting to another Champions League Final would have been another step closer to redemption for the Chelsea skipper. 

    During the second leg of the semifinal against Barcelona, Terry was sent off after 37 minutes. Replays showed that Terry had kneed Alexis Sanchez in the back of the thigh. The ball was nowhere near Sanchez, and he didn't appear to have provoked Terry.

    There is no doubt that the clumsy challenge was one of Terry's dumbest decisions that he made on the pitch.

    Chelsea's chances in the final against Bayern Munich are now even less without Terry. Because the game is being played at Bayern's home stadium, Chelsea would be underdogs with or without Terry.

2. Accused of Racism

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    Racism is still a big problem in Europe. 

    Last December, Terry found himself in the middle of an accusation of racially abusing Antoine Ferdinand (brother of England teammate and Manchester United defender Rio). It was around the same time as Liverpool's Luis Suarez's incident with Manchester United defender Patrice Evra. Terry ended up getting criminally charged for the incident. The trial is set to take place after Euro 2012.

    The FA stripped him of the captaincy of the England national team. England manager Fabio Capello stated publicly that he did not agree with the FA's decision. After a lot of speculation, Capello stepped down as result. It is a decision that could shape the English national team for a long time to come. 

1. Getting Teammate's Girlfriend Pregnant

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    It's one thing to cheat on your significant other. That would have been a story in itself. When there is a love child involved, the story goes to another level. 

    Terry had been good friends with teammate Wayne Bridge. They were neighbors and would vacation together. Terry's wife, Toni, had been good friends with Bridge's girlfriend, French underwear model Vanessa Perroncel. 

    In January 2010, the affair was reported by the Daily Mail. They also reported that Terry paid for the abortion.

    According to the Telegraph, Perroncel was paid to keep quiet. She also declined offers of cash for her side of the story. She has declined all interview requests, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

    This was the first time that Terry was stripped of his England captaincy. It also almost ended his marriage and threatened sponsorship deals. 


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