The 10 Coolest Day Jobs Wrestlers Had Before Joining the WWE

Luis Campos@luchalibrelife Analyst IMay 7, 2012

The 10 Coolest Day Jobs Wrestlers Had Before Joining the WWE

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    For many wrestling fans, being a WWE Superstar or Diva has to be without a doubt one of the coolest jobs, but for some sports entertainers, their latest career is only one of the cool jobs they have on their resumes. 

    What follows in 10 of the coolest day jobs superstars and divas had before joining the WWE. 


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    These days, the Irish-born Sheamus spends most of his time defending his World Heavyweight Championship, but before joining the WWE, he spent his time defending the lives of others (sort of).

    As a security guard for a nightclub, the Great White occasionally worked personal security for recording artists such as Bono and Larry Mullen Jr. of U2. 


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    As part of Brodus Clay's entourage, the Funkadactyls, Naomi has proven that she has some pretty sweet dance moves, but the big Funkasaurus is not the first person for whom Naomi has danced backup.

    Before her career as a WWE diva, Naomi was one of rapper Flo Rida's dancers (wonder if she has any insight into his rumored feud with Heath Slater). 

Paul Bearer

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    Few managers in WWE have garnered a legacy as great as Paul Bearer's, but his on-stage role as a funeral director was actually not a far stretch from Bearer's actual profession as a...funeral director.

    Oh, I get it. 

John Cena

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    John Cena may have his own driver now, but before joining the WWE, the leader of the Cenation was actually a chauffeur for a limousine company.

    His job for the company was short-lived because of the hazard Cena caused on the road as no other drivers could "see him." Just kidding.

    Cena left the job after wanting to pursue a career in wrestling, where despite his "you can't see me" catch phrase, he's seen all too often. 

Brodus Clay

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    "Somebody call his momma!" Before joining the WWE roster, Brodus Clay was getting his daily dose of funk as Snoop Dogg's bodyguard.

    Side note: the Funkasaurus looks a little like The Kingpin in that suit, doesn't he? 

Great Khali

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    These days, Great Khali does not do much around the ring, but in his younger days, he was a member of the police force in his native India.

    Let's just hope the WWE doesn't hear about this (WWE Studios presents: Buddy Cop Movie starring the Great Khali and Hornswoggle). 


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    Goldberg may forever be known as one of the best performers in the now-defunct WCW, but his legacy as an athlete predates his wrestling interests.

    As a former NFL player, Goldberg played for the Los Angeles Rams (1990) and the Atlanta Falcons (1992-1994). His career would end after tearing his lower abdomen off his pelvis. 


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    The newest WWE Divas Champion Layla may be one of the better wrestlers on the current Divas roster, but before her role as a sports entertainer, the British-born beauty was an entertainer during sports, working as a dancer for the Miami Heat

    Maybe WWE events should start having a halftime of their own? 

Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett's past as a bare-knuckle boxer is often alluded to during WWE programming, but in addition to his boxing career, the brawler also holds a degree in marine biology from the University of Liverpool. 

    While training to become a wrestler, Barrett worked in a science laboratory. 

Sin Cara

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    In 2011, Sin Cara joined the WWE's roster, where after only a few months, he would go on to become the promotion's resident botch machine.

    However, in his native Mexico, Sin Cara (or "Mistico," as he is known there) was actually one of the country's top stars. His popularity in the country led Sin Cara to be featured in television series, comic books and even political campaigns.

    Why did he leave Mexico?

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