Biggest Chokers in the NBA Not Named LeBron James

Andrew Wallock@andrewwallock8Contributor IApril 24, 2012

Biggest Chokers in the NBA Not Named LeBron James

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    While the title image may suggest otherwise, this slideshow will not include LeBron James. Even though LeBron is now synonymous with choking in tough situations, this list will include all those other players who don't seem to have what it takes when under the limelight. 

    There are plenty of players in the NBA who can be relied upon in the clutch, when the game is on the line. Those guys, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Love and Kobe Bryant, have proven time and time again that the pressure doesn't phase them.

    Then, of course, we have the guys who fizzle when things seems bleak. This list is dedicated to them. The "chokers" of the NBA. 

Tracy McGrady

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    We will go ahead and start off with one of the biggest playoff chokers in NBA history. While he may be washed up now as a member of the Atlanta Hawks, Tracy McGrady was infamous for never being able to carry his Houston Rockets out of the first round of the playoffs. 

    He went as far as to guarantee success many times during his stints with the Orlando Magic and the Rockets.

    In 2009, he even attempted to guarantee his return to near-superstar status. Nice try, Tracy. I think you're pretty much done. 

    When he finally did advance to the second round, the guy was inactive due to injury. 

    What an unfortunate person. He hasn't recovered since. 

Dirk Nowitzki

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    Poor Dirk. His recent NBA championship may help him redeem his epic-playoff-choker-status, but I'm sure people will never forget some of his extreme playoff disappointment. 

    For one, there was that epic collapse in the first round against the Golden State Warriors in 2007.

    Then, of course, there was the NBA Finals shocker against Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat. 

    But, after 13 seasons, Dirk was finally able to post a banner in Dallas and could possibly bring one home this year as well (I doubt it). Either way, he'll still go down as one of the greatest power forwards to ever play the game. 

Pau Gasol

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    Pau Gasol is not known to be a guy who comes through in the clutch. Luckily, he finds himself on the same team as Kobe who can bail him out of most situations. 

    His main problem is he's extremely soft and becomes even more soft in tough situations. Maybe playing with Kobe has helped him out a little bit, but we haven't been able to see due to Kobe's dominance of the ball at the end of games. 

Kevin Garnett

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    Kevin Garnett was bailed out when he got shipped to the Boston Celtics. If it weren't for them, he probably still wouldn't have a ring to this day. 

    During his stint on the Minnesota Timberwolves, he barely glimpsed the playoffs and when he finally did he was stuck with a supporting cast that couldn't get it done. One of those guys is found later on in this list. 

    He will probably always be compared to one Tim Duncan who rose to the occasion in the limelight. Kevin Garnett never did and can credit his championship to the likes of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Doc Rivers and Rajon Rondo. 

Portland Trail Blazers

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    Portland seems to be cursed in all things basketball. In terms of choking, that's especially true for them when it comes to the NBA draft.

    In recent years they've drafted Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan, Greg Oden over Kevin Durant and Brandon Roy (although he gave them a few good years).

    They were also unfortunate enough to have the Jail Blazer era and have since completely cleaned house. 

    Will they ever be able to recover? History is not on their side. 

Latrell Sprewell

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    When making a list of the biggest chokers in the NBA, one must always include the infamous Latrell Sprewell. The guy is just ridiculous.

    Not only did he claim that he couldn't feed his family on millions of dollars in salary, but he is now infamous for choking his coach PJ Carlesimo

    That, my fellow sports junkies, is the definition of a choker.


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