Bobby Petrino Fired: Atlanta Falcons and 7 Others Taking Pleasure in His Pain

Ian Berg@@ShugJordanPkwyCorrespondent IApril 11, 2012

Bobby Petrino Fired: Atlanta Falcons and 7 Others Taking Pleasure in His Pain

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    A gust of wind in the Ozarks brought more to the surface than a cool breeze last week. Bobby Petrino has now been fired for his misdeeds as the Arkansas head coach. With his firing, a number of folks have to be taking pleasure in his pain.

    In no way am I saying that anyone is reveling in the destruction of a man and his family on such a public stage, but there is sure to be a group of people that will look at this as a gain for their careers and peace of mind.

    When one door closes, another one opens. Unfortunately for Petrino, he slammed his shut while kicking down doors for others. Looking at who he affected during his career, here are eight others that are taking pleasure in Petrino’s pain. 

Atlanta Falcons

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    Arthur Blank is sitting in his office with a coy smile on his face. I can see it now. He can’t openly admit that the Petrino mess makes him smile, but you know the Falcons owner is taking pleasure in the pain that has come upon his former coach.

    The way that Petrino left the Falcons was anything but respectful, burning as many bridges as he could on the way out.

    He left the team before the season concluded, giving the Falcons a wealth of headaches to try and overcome. The Falcons sold out for Petrino, hoping that he could be the next big name to make the leap from college to the pros.

    Four years later, the scars of his nasty departure may finally disappear as Petrino affirmed that he was never the right man for the job.

Former Players

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    Bobby Petrino impacted a ton of athletes in his tenure as a head coach. Petrino will likely coach again, impacting many more lives down the road.

    Throughout his first stint as a head coach, he has won ballgames, but he has also built a reputation with his former players as a person that wasn’t always leaving a positive impact on their lives.

    One of the most appalling of all the stories that has followed Petrino was the way he handled the D.J. Kamer incident. Kamer had a friend pass away while he was playing for Petrino at Louisville. According to the New York Times, Petrino said that Kamer didn’t “want to play football (at Louisville)” if he attended the funeral as a pallbearer. Really Bob?

    In the same New York Times report, former Atlanta Falcons player Lawyer Milloy said “That’s karma…Just because he knows X’s and O’s doesn’t mean he is a nice person.”

    Bobby Petrino appears to have negatively impacted more than one life in his time as a head coach. Telling your team that you are dumping them by letter, as he did with the Falcons, is sure to have burned more than a few friendships.

    I would be willing to bet that Milloy isn’t the only person who sees karma playing out. 

Houston Nutt

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    If you don’t think that Houston Nutt is laughing out loud I am surprised. Nutt was put on blast by a message board fan that was mad over an article in a local newspaper bashing then Arkansas quarterback Mitch Mustain. He couldn’t understand why Nutt hadn’t defended his quarterback.

    Digging for a reason to rid the Hogs of Nutt, the fan filed a Freedom of Information Act requesting Nutt’s email and phone records. What came from the records request was surprising to say the least. It showed a pattern of calls and texts to local news anchor Donna Bragg.

    Nutt wasn’t blasted for his win-loss record, as it was very good in his time with the Hogs, but for his alleged affair with local news anchor Donna Bragg.

    At first, it didn’t appear that Petrino was going to be fired by Arkansas. If he wasn’t, Nutt would have had a large bone to pick with the Hogs administration. Now that Petrino has been fired, Nutt can sit back and revel in the failure of the team that dumped him while he was winning, and the man that replaced him.

The SEC West

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    Arkansas was poised to be a big winner this coming fall in the SEC West. The Hogs were even likely to start the season in the Top 10 as a dark-horse national title candidate.

    With the firing of Petrino and the absolute disarray that this will thrust the program into, the rest of the SEC West has to be pretty happy right now.

    Again, no one wants to see a family struggle, especially on such a large stage, but for the conference this opens up a world of opportunity.

    Arkansas still returns stud signal caller Tyler Wilson and a host of talented running backs headlined by Kniles Davis, but the Hogs will have a difficult time replicating the coaching skill that Petrino brought to the field.

    The division foes that will face off with Arkansas will expectantly carry an edge this season over the Hogs. For that, the future opponents will be taking pleasure in the pain of Petrino. 

Gus Malzahn

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    Gus Malzahn has barely seen the ink dry on his contract with Arkansas State. Does that mean he won’t listen to the Hogs if they came calling? It seems doubtful.

    As much as Malzahn is sure to like his new position and the administration that offered him the job, he has to be thinking of the “what if’s” that could be there if Arkansas picked up the phone and dialed into Jonesboro.

    Malzahn has no head coaching experience at the collegiate level, but he is a clean cut guy. Malzahn is almost boring in the interview room. That is what the Hogs need.

    They came from the room filling personality that was Nutt to the jerk styling that Petrino carried. The Hogs need a nice guy to help them transition, Malzahn may be that fit. Even if he isn’t, having reports mention his name for the job will help his future prospects.

    Malzahn may not be smiling at the situation, but he has to have some level of pleasure seeing his name run across the ticker in association with the Arkansas future coaching search. 

Penn State Fans

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    Penn State fans have to be drained. Their university and football program have been in the public eye for all the wrong reasons this past season.

    Now there is another issue that has filled the press wires that could take away the focus of the moral ineptitude that was present in State College.

    When it seems that the Sandusky scandal has disappeared, another report surfaces about the trial. Now, the moral and ethical minds that follow college football have shifted focus to Bobby Petrino.

    The Nittany Lions are breathing a sigh of short lived relief with the misgivings that have come from Fayetteville.

Urban Meyer

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    Talk about rolling the dice and landing sevens. Urban Meyer was recently taken to task by The Sporting News about his final days at Florida displaying the lack of integrity that is carried by Meyer. Former players are interviewed to uncover the truth behind the rapid descent of a once elite football program.

    That report has been barely mentioned, if at all, by the major networks as the Petrino scandal has taken the nation by storm.

    Meyer is sitting back grinning ear to ear thinking that he has gotten by once more. Is this the end for the chatter that will surround the Meyer report? That isn’t likely, but the coach has to be enjoying his time away from the spotlight. 

Tommy Tuberville

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    Sure, Tuberville is the head coach at Texas Tech. He has his own things to worry about.

    Don’t think that Tuberville isn’t taking notice to the firing of Petrino. Petrino was a guy that Tuberville hired at Auburn to run his offense. Petrino took that experience and moved on to a head coaching position at Louisville.

    Within a year, Petrino is involved in secret meetings to replace his former boss and the Tigers head coach. Tuberville was punched in the gut hard by the Auburn administration and by Bobby Petrino.

    Tuberville has made the news lately with financial scandals so this is surely a point for a little smile. Karma has caught up with Petrino, and Tuberville can sit back and watch it unfold.