Inside Ohio State Football and Urban Meyer with Nicki Meyer

Michael ChungCorrespondent IIIApril 5, 2012

Photo provided by Nicki Meyer
Photo provided by Nicki Meyer

Nicole Lynn Meyer, also known as Nicki, is the oldest of three children born to Urban and Shelley Meyer.  She is currently a junior at Georgia Tech University on a volleyball scholarship. She is majoring in Management/Communications and was one of only thirty-three players on the Atlantic Coast to be named to the 2011 All-ACC Academic Volleyball Team.  She took some time to answer a few questions about her life and, of course, her father.

What are the pressures you face being “Urban Meyer’s daughter?”

NM: I wouldn't really call it pressure, but it can be a challenge. The most challenging part has to be sharing him with the football team when I wanted him to come to a volleyball game. I had to be understanding when he couldn't always make it.

The other challenging part is dealing with all the negativity in the media. It's hard to hear things like that about your dad and not be able to do anything about it. 

How has you mother dealt with all the scrutiny of being “Urban Meyer’s wife?”  How has your mom held the family together during your dad’s coaching career?

NM: She is the strongest person I know. Not a doubt in my mind. It is beyond me how she has handled it, and without her the Meyer family would be totally dysfunctional.

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Outside of your dad’s health scare, what was the worst thing your family experienced during your dad’s coaching tenure?

NM: Hmm . . . the loss to Alabama in the SEC championship in 2009 was the hardest because I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that people were so critical of a season that won 13 games. It didn’t make sense to me why that wasn’t good enough. 

How is your dad doing with the “pink contract?”  Living in Atlanta, how do you make sure he is following the promise he made to you and your family?

NM: He has followed it 100%. I have no doubt that he is taking it very seriously. We talk like 10 times a day, and by doing that I know he is following it. 

Did you initially want your dad to take the Ohio State job?  What convinced you to give him your blessing?

NM: I was hesitant. It's not that I didn’t want him to, his health was my #1 concern. And when he reassured me that he would be totally fine, and when I saw what this job meant to him, I was convinced. 

 How often do you talk to your dad?

NM: At least 5 times a day. Every morning at like 5:30 am when we are getting up for workouts, after workouts at like 8 am, after all my classes and before practice, after practice, and again before I go to sleep is a normal schedule for how often we talk. 

Sports Journalists have stated that they feel your dad will only be at Ohio State for five or six years and then move on.  Others have stated he would move on to Notre Dame if it ever opened up.  How long do you feel your dad will coach at OSU, and was Notre Dame ever your dad’s main "dream job" or was Ohio State the job he always wanted?

NM: He will coach until he is ready to retire and be with us. That’s all I know. I have not heard him speak one word of Notre Dame. Ohio State is his dream job and he feels extremely blessed to be there. All I know is that he is going to go as hard as he can at Ohio State until he is ready to close the coaching chapter of his life.

What is Tim Tebow like in person?  How close is he to your dad? 

NM: Timmy is exactly what he says he is. It drives me crazy when people doubt that he is the kind of person he projects to the media. He is the most caring, respectful and strongest person I know. He puts 100% of everything he does toward God just as he says he does. I admire him a lot and he is like a big brother to us.

He and my dad have a relationship that is very rare between a coach and player; they have so much trust and respect for each other even today. 

What role does your dad play in your personal life? Does he have to approve of any man that would want to date you?  Is he overprotective?  Would he allow you to date one of the football players?

NM: He plays a huge role in everything I do. My dad’s approval is very important to me and I value his opinion in everything I do. I would not date someone that my dad didn’t approve of. He is very protective but in a reasonable way. I respect him so much that I always want to make him happy. 

Does your dad have any hobbies?

NM: He loves fishing, golfing, being out on the water (boating), wake boarding, and spending time with us.

What is your dad’s favorite food?

NM: Oh man this is hard... He likes seafood. I don't know his favorite though! He is a healthy eater! 

Is there anything special you and your dad do just between the two of you? Does he take you out on daddy-daughter dates?

NM: When I lived in Gainesville we went to a sushi restaurant every single Wednesday. It was a routine that would rarely get interrupted by anything.
What can Ohio State fans do for your mom and dad to ensure they are successful at Ohio State?

NM: Just be supportive, not critical. My dad knows what he is doing, and he’s pretty good at what he does! For people to just sit back, trust him, and be the most supportive fan base/ family in the country would be the best thing ever for our family! And so far they have been wonderful to all of us! 

Thank you so much, Nicki, for your time.  It is clear that Urban is not only a great coach but has also helped raise a great family, which will make him and your family even more beloved by Buckeye Nation!


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