Peyton Manning: Updated Odds on Where He'll Sign

Ralph Longo@ IIIMarch 10, 2012

Peyton Manning: Updated Odds on Where He'll Sign

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    By now virtually everyone knows what's going on with Peyton Manning, who is now the Indianapolis Colts former quarterback. That feels really strange to type, but due to how everything has unfolded, that's the current situation. 

    So, here are some of the current odds on where he ends up signing this year. Manning says he prefers to stay in the AFC, which makes sense. He said he'll make his decision in a week or so. Hopefully he'll do it with less fanfare than LeBron James did with the infamous "decision." Knowing Peyton, he'll keep it low key, or as low key as is possible given the circumstances. So, here are the updated odds on where Manning will play football in 2012. 

Miami Dolphins, Odds: Even

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    Being a Dolphins fan, there is nothing that I would like to see more than Peyton Manning in a Miami Dolphins uniform. I think it makes a lot of sense, as Miami has a lot of solid parts, including a defense that is more than adequate, and a solid receiving corps and with the emergence of Reggie Bush last season, a good running game. 

    Other factors working in Miami's favor are that Peyton already owns a house in Miami. Longtime teammate Reggie Wayne is pushing for a reunion in South Beach with Manning. Dwayne Wade is even trying to recruit Manning.

    Frankly, I would be surprised if Manning didn't end up a Dolphin in 2012. With the cap room they have (about 15 million), everything seems to be falling into place for Peyton Manning to be a Dolphin. 

New York Jets, Odds: 15/1

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    I have a lot of friends that are Jets fans who would definitely like to see Manning come to New York and play in the same stadium as his brother Eli. However, I would be absolutely shocked if this happened. 

    Head Coach Rex Ryan seems to have a lot of confidence in Mark Sanchez, who I personally believe isn't capable of bringing a championship to New York. On top of that, the Jets may not want to offer Manning enough guaranteed money that division rival Miami will be prepared to offer. 

    Overall, I just can't see Peyton to the Jets happening. It would be a media firestorm in the big apple, but likely isn't going to happen. 

San Francisco 49ers, Odds: 10/1

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    This team really intrigues me in regards to the Manning situation. Honestly, they are right there in terms of readiness to win a championship. Had it not been for Ted Ginn getting injured and the 49ers having to start Kyle Williams at punt returner in his place, they likely would have made the Super Bowl with the mediocre Alex Smith at quarterback. 

    It makes you wonder, if the 49ers defense plays as well next year as they did this year, and they had Manning at quarterback, how good would they be? I think they'd be right up there at the top of the list to win the Super Bowl. 

    Having said that, Manning really seems to want to stay in the AFC, and I don't know if he'd want to move out west. And Jim Harbaugh really likes Alex Smith, so it seems unlikely that we'll see Manning in a 49ers uniform come September. 

Arizona Cardinals, Odds: 4/1

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    Manning to the Cardinals makes a decent amount of sense. Honestly, I never thought Kevin Kolb deserved the huge contract that he got from Arizona. He's basically unproven and seems to be pretty injury prone, so Manning would definitely be a good addition. 

    The Cardinals have a history of picking up veteran quarterbacks. They did the same thing with Kurt Warner, and made it to the Super Bowl, and made other playoff runs with Warner under center. Also, having Larry Fitzgerald as a target for Manning doesn't hurt their cause. 

Denver Broncos, Odds: 3/1

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    If Manning were to go to Denver, I can't wait to hear Skip Bayless go absolutely insane and complain about it on ESPN First Take. Yes, Tim Tebow led the Broncos to the playoffs and a victory against the Steelers, but he'll never be half the pro Peyton Manning is. 

    With the Defense the Broncos have, having an offense that is able to stay on the field and put up points in all four quarters instead of just the last one will be huge. Their defense frequently had to save the team throughout the season because Tebow would be horrible for the first 3/4 of the game. With Manning, they'd be a 12-win team overnight, at least. 

    I ultimately don't expect Manning to sign with Denver, but you know that John Elway will work hard to get it done, so don't be surprised if if happens. 

Kansas City Chiefs, Odds: 6/1

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    I don't see Manning going to the Chiefs, and I'm surprised that the odds aren't longer for Kansas City. Manning wants a team that is ready to win right away, and I don't think the Chiefs are that team. 

    They are going through a coaching change, and despite having some talent, looked absolutely horrible last season for most of the year. I don't really think that Manning is considering them, and I would be totally shocked if he ended up signing with Kansas City. 

Houston Texans, Odds: 10/1

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    How the Texans are even being mentioned in the Manning sweepstakes is beyond me. I truly don't understand how they could even consider it, and it would really be a shame if they gave up Matt Schaub in order to sign Manning. 

    Schaub is an excellent quarterback and has proven himself over the past few seasons as such. He led the NFL in passing yards a few years ago. The Texans were able to win a playoff game last season with their third-string quarterback, so imagine how far they could have gone if Schaub was under center? 

    With the defense of the Texans, and their powerful offense featuring Andre Johnson and Arian Foster, this team is perhaps a solid No. 2 receiver away from winning a championship. That is really the only way I could see the Texans signing Manning, being that they're already a very solid team. However, I doubt it happens. 

So, Where Will Manning End Up?

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    All things considered, I have to lean towards saying that Peyton will end up signing with the Miami Dolphins. 

    Too many things fall into place for Manning to not end up in Miami. They have the money to spend, and are willing to spend it. They have a good supporting cast, and a high draft pick they can use to improve their team in whatever way works best for Manning. Reggie Wayne wants him to join him there, and to top it all off, Manning already owns a place in South Florida. 

    I may be biased, but I'm expecting Manning to go to Miami, and if he doesn't I would truly be surprised. You probably noticed that I didn't include the Washington Redskins in this list. That is due to the fact that I am expecting them make a gamble and skip out on the Manning sweepstakes to trade up for Robert Griffin in the draft, so I counted them out.

    Wherever Manning ends up, it will be a media firestorm and will be talked out ad nauseam on ESPN, so stay tuned.