NCAA Tournament 2012: 10 Reasons Why March Madness Needs Gus Johnson

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIMarch 12, 2012

NCAA Tournament 2012: 10 Reasons Why March Madness Needs Gus Johnson

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    Most fans dream of one thing, and that's having Morgan Freeman and Gus Johnson taking turns narrating their lives.

    Pure, bang, cold-blooded—we can't get Johnson's historic screeches out of our heads.

    Now that March Madness is set to be without him for the first time since 1996, we believe it will lack the signature flavor that made the college basketball tournament so enticing, so epic.

    Like mustard without the Heinz, March Madness has been stripped of its backbone, the exuberant voice that has consistently shadowed the game.

    It's time to bring Gus Johnson back to the NCAA hardwood, and fast.

    Let's check out 10 reasons why.

    Rise and fire...count it!

10. Ohio State vs. Wisconsin, 2011

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    Are you saying pow, what are you saying?

    Sure, it was an emotional Ohio State senior day, but that's not what had Gus Johnson roaring in March of 2011.

    It was former guard Jon Diebler (AKA Three-bler) and his seven three-pointers (27 points) against Wisconsin that had the vocal legend steaming like a tea kettle.

9. UCLA vs. Gonzaga, 2006

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    A missed shot just as thrilling as a buzzer-beater? The sign of a great commentator.

    No play went unappreciated during Gus Johnson's time as the voice of March Madness.

    "What a game...U-C-L-A."

    Tears were the beginning of an end to Adam Morrison's greatness.

8. Gonzaga vs. Florida, 1999

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    It's time for Gus Johnson to put that glass slipper back on—it will always fit.

    One of the few announcers who demands attention, Johnson was born to please the ears.

7. OSU vs. Xavier, 2007

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    The perfect NCAA promo: "Haha, college basketball, CBS, this is March Madness."

    We could honestly listen to Gus Johnson commentate the rising of a tide.

    But we'd prefer hearing him narrate the brushing of teeth.

6. 2007 Summary

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    On second thought, let's just review 2007 as a whole.

    Born with the vocal chords that could keep a ferocious saber-toothed cat calm, Gus Johnson has yet to disappoint any crowd.

    He makes any mundane game a "puuuure" classic.

5. Florida vs. Butler, 2011

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    It seems like an uncontrollable aneurysm, but those sounds are just Gus Johnson making memories. 

    Explosions—it doesn't get more climactic.

4. Vermont vs. Syracuse, 2005

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    With 1:06 left in overtime, T.J. Sorrentine hit a three "from the parking lot" to spark a historic upset of Syracuse.

    His lethal stroke and the impending crowd eruption paled in comparison to Gus Johnson's screams.

3. The Life of a Toddler

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    Of course babies like him, that's a given.

    But never have we laughed so hard at Gus Johnson's proclamations.

2. Arizona vs. Washington, 2011

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    Shivers, chills, goosebumps—we've got it all.

    Gus Johnson's exuberance and passion is refreshing, but we're a bit worried for his health after calls like this.

    Shake it off, big guy.

1. Oklahoma State vs. Gonzaga, 2006

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    Larry Bird...maybe not.

    Yes, there was a time when Adam Morrison was a legend.

    But seriously, what a smooch he was in college.