The Undertaker and Other Athletes with Career-Shortening Injuries

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The Undertaker and Other Athletes with Career-Shortening Injuries

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    In the world of professional sports, injuries are inevitable. Many athletes spend months out of action due to sprains, contusions or worse. It's expected in any sport that problems may arise, but when a debilitating injury occurs some careers can be cut short do to an inability to complete a rehab that gets the athlete back to full health.

    In some instances an athlete can come back and continue to work through the pain and in some cases the athlete can continue to miss out on crucial time in there sport. It's also clear that these injuries take years off of the careers of these athletes.

    Here is a short list of athletes who have recently been faced with career-shortening injuries and continue to fight through the pain.

    Enjoy and feel free to add on to the list of injured athletes in the comments section.

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Richard Hamilton: Shoulder Injury

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    The Bulls guard known as Rip Hamilton injured his shoulder this past Monday during the Chicago Bulls game against the Indiana Pacers. He sustained his injury after a run-in with Roy Hibbert. He's stuck with a sprained and bruised right shoulder. He has significant swelling and is not expected back on the court any time soon.

    Rip stated that he needs to get his motion in his right arm back before even thinking about returning.

    But, the 34-year-old, 12-year NBA veteran has already missed 27 games in the 2011-2012 season! Rip has also been dealing with lingering lower body injuries to his groin and thigh, but with the culmination of upper and lower body issues, it's tough to see a full recovery in the near future.

    Luckily his team and coach are backing him during his recovery period.

Hulk Hogan: Multiple Injuries

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    Hulk Hogan has been in the wrestling business for a very long time, cementing himself as a living legend. His illustrious career has included him wrestling with New Japan Pro Wresting, the WWF/WWE, WCW and has now he has taken up shop with TNA. He is definitely a figure to be revered. But that did not come without a price.

    Hogan has been subject to many injuries over the years. At 58, he now is the proud owner of injuries that include a torn knee cap, spinal cord injury, an injured back and a hip injury. Because of these injuries, the Hulkster has resorted to surgery.

    He has received an artificial hip and knee. He has also gotten spinal cord and back surgery. All of these injuries have occurred over a period of time, but have caused immense problems for his body.

    Yet, Hulkamania will not quit. He continues to work with TNA as a wrestling and backstage professional. He supposedly performed his last in-ring match at TNA's Bound For Glory 2011 in Philadelphia this past year. But knowing the Hulk, he'll probably find his way back into that ring some how.

Scott Parse: Injuries to Both Hips

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    LA Kings right wing Scott Parse was out for the season after injuring both hips on the ice. He was just cleared to start skating again by a doctor in Nashville last week, but there is no set date when he'll be able to play again.

    He hit the ice for the first time since his surgery three months ago, but there is no telling how this injury has permanently affected the 27-year-old's body and  NHL career.

Ryan Howard: Ankle Injury

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    The Philadelphia Phillies first baseman is still suffering during his recovery from a severe injured ankle that he sustained last October. He has gotten an infection after his Achilles tendon healed, causing a need for surgery.

    The Phillies are supporting one of their star players by urging him to get plenty of rest instead of pushing through spring training rehab, and have not decided on a set time frame for his full return to the Phillies dugout.

    Now the infection has become an intense issue and the only thing the Phillies franchise is worried about is Howard taking his antibiotics so that he will be able to get back to work.

    Ryan Howard is moving through the trials and, though initial reports pegged him to return with the team in May, he could be pushed back to June.

    This injury could be an annoyance for the rest of his career.

Peyton Manning: Neck Injury

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    Peyton Manning is one of the NFL's most celebrated Quarterbacks. The 14-year Colts player has gotten four neck surgeries, three of those coming in a 19-month span. One caused him to sit out the 2011-2012 season for the Colts.

    It also caused him to be released from his team and be put on the free agent list for the upcoming season. Manning said goodbye to the Indianapolis Colts, but has not sent any signs of retirement. 

    Even with Peyton and his neck injury history, teams in the NFL are lining up to take him on.  The Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks, just to name a few, are interested in taking on the NFL superstar.

    Despite his injuries, he is shopping for a new home in football and strengthening his neck for the upcoming season, but there is no telling how his previous spats with his neck will affect his ability to perform on the field.

The Undertaker: Multiple Injuries

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    The Undertaker is the Phenom of World Wrestling Entertainment. He has been a part of the WWE for over 20 years and now continues to return to WrestleMania to defend his streak. But over the span of his phenomenal career, he has continued to do moves that repeatedly tortured parts of his body over and over.

    Even though the Undertaker's status with the WWE only brings him to matchups once a year, he is still doing crazy amounts of damage to his body. For example, last year at WrestleMania 27 the Undertaker was carted from the ring by EMTs and trainers.

    Taker has sustained injuries that include torn rotators cuffs, orbital bone injuries near his eye, extensive back injuries and knee injuries.

    Some onlookers believe the Undertaker should retire a legend and leave no speculation as to whether he is the best.

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