WWE: The Undertaker's Wig & 10 Other Bad Hair Days

Gone Baby GoneContributerFebruary 7, 2012

WWE: The Undertaker's Wig & 10 Other Bad Hair Days

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    On Monday, January 30th, the WWE Universe witnessed an icon's return.

    Sadly, we also witnessed his poor attempt at making it appear that he still had long hair.

    You may remember that during the Summer of 2011 a story surfaced that the Undertaker had chopped off his locks.

    Luckily for us, a picture was included for proof. However, many doubted the authenticity of it; turns out that the picture may have been more real than any of us would want to admit.

    This revelation may have been surprising, but it's not the first time that a WWE star has given us a wow factor based on his or her hair.

    This article features 10 WWE wrestlers who have made some hair faux pas through the years.

    I am sure I have missed some of your favorites, and if that's the case let me know in the comments section. Also, if you like this article don't be shy; become a fan by clicking here.

Vince McMahon

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    Vinnie Mac was in a heated war with friend and fellow-rich-guy Donald Trump.

    As the weeks went by, both men decided to settle this war in the ring.

    The stipulation was to have each guy pick a wrestler to represent them in the match, and the loser would have his head shaved.

    The stage for this match was set for WrestleMania.

    Now, most fans knew the outcome from the beginning; there was no way Donald Trump would allow his head to be shaved—considering his public stature.

    However, many fans were also kind of hoping to see how real Trump's infamous hairdo was. In the end, McMahon's guy lost and The Boss got a new hairstyle.

Kurt Angle

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    Kurt Angle was in a hair vs. hair match against Edge at Judgement Day 2002.

    Edge wound up besting the Olympic Gold Medalist and in turn shaved off Angle's hair. For the weeks that followed, Angle came out to the ring with this ridiculous looking wig.

    Eventually, Angle ditched the wig and embraced the bald head.

Luna Vachon

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    Vachon was known for not only her crazy character but her crazy hairstyle.

    Over the years, Luna went with variations of this look, but it would be this particular style that caught many eyes.

Mick Foley

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    During his illustrious career, the "hardcore legend" had long, thick and unruly hair.

    Then he decided to retire; Foley's absence didn't last long, and upon his return he shaved his locks for this look.

    I am unsure if there is a story behind this look or if Foley just wanted a shorter hairdo.

    One thing is for sure, this look didn't fit the mold for Mrs. Foley's baby boy.


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    Haku was a tough fighter in the ring.

    Over the years, he pretty much had the same neatly cropped hairstyle.

    Then in the late 90's, Haku decided to let his hair grow, which allowed his character to appear more menacing.

    Not many could pull of this crazy look, but Haku somehow did.

Darren Young

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    Oh, Darren Young.

    Not only were you stuck with looking like the African-American John Cena but then you decided to do this to your hair.

    Needless to say, Young's looks defined him more than his ring skill, and to date, Young's TV time has had a severe decline.

The Rock

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    That's right, before he was "The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment" he was the nice guy Rocky Maivia.

    Sadly, the Rock's hair was equally as bad as his gimmick.

    Luckily for him, he cut his hair and the WWE allowed him to expand past this character and become the star he is today.

Andre the Giant

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    Andre the Giant, at one time, not only had height but crazy hair.

    This hairstyle may have been a sign of the times, but boy did it make him look ridiculous.

Bull Nakano

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    I liken Bull Nakano to Kharma.

    Nakano broke the mold of how women wrestlers were supposed to look and act.

    Not only was Nakano a force in the ring but her hairstyle added to the intimidation factor.


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    What is there to say about Carlito?

    The guy's hair defined who he was. He was not an intimidating character, even as a heel.

    Instead, he just played a cool guy from the Caribbean—ready to start some trouble.

    Ultimately, Carlito's hair left more of a mark in the WWE than he did.


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