WWE News: The Undertaker Sporting New Look Since WrestleMania

Gone Baby GoneContributerJuly 22, 2011

For those of you who are fans of The Undertaker, you may be shocked by his new look. Long gone is the lengthy red hair, or for that matter, hair period.

According to wrestlezone.com; it appears that Taker has sheered his infamous locks and has opted to go for "The Stone Cold" Steve Austin look. One has to wonder if this look will transfer over to TV, if and when he returns. However, this could also be a message that "The Dead Man," is calling it quits.

I can only speculate as the picture shows Taker with what appears to be a shaved head.

Now, if this is the case, chances are he will not even be close to having the trademark long hair we have come to know by WrestleMania. In fact, I think it's safe to say the longest his hair could be by then would be similar to his "American Bad-Ass" days.

I guess time will tell if this look is permanent or just Taker stepping away from the character outside of the ring. One thing is for sure, if he comes back with no hair his gimmick may be hard to pull off. Especially since he did not leave under any extreme circumstances.

I am referring to storyline, as he was injured, but it wasn't like a "Buried Alive" situation which would allow him to return in any form he pleased.

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