Mexican Soccer: What to Expect from Mexico's Classic: América vs Guadalajara

Jerry Sanchez@jerrysan_3Correspondent IOctober 22, 2011

Mexican Soccer: What to Expect from Mexico's Classic: América vs Guadalajara

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    Tomorrow, the two most prestigious teams in Mexico will meet in battle.

    It'll be the country's most hated team, Club América, against the most successful team in Mexican League history, Chivas de Guadalajara.

    This game has loads to offer for both teams—however, pure pride and bragging rights can really overshadow any outcome that the game could deliver.

    Here are some things that we could see from both teams.

Aztec Stadium Will Be Packed

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    The game will take place at the most well-known stadium in Mexico, Aztec Stadium or Estadio Azteca.

    It may be as filled as the U-17 World Cup Finals that included Mexico and Uruguay. I would bet that 90 percent of the seats will be filled, with fans from both teams—or even haters of either teams.

    Ticket prices will be at their highest given the rivalry of the teams. The fans will be as rowdy as ever! A fight can easily take place because, well, us América fans are brutal. I've seen things like beer thrown at Chivas fans, random cursing and fights.

    Hopefully, fans can keep their cool and nothing like this takes place. We all want a safe environment, but I'm confident we've all seen FC Barçelona vs. Real Madrid matches.

    And América vs. Chivas is to Mexico as Barça vs. Madrid is to Spain.

Alfredo Tena Will Use His Best Starting Lineup

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    Ever since Alfredo "Capitan Furía" Tena was given the title of América's coach, he's been given loads of criticism.

    Of course, everyone who has ever been associated with América receives much scrutiny. His first games started out rather mediocre, and the team didn't win until yesterday! But now this new América has inserted a lot of youngsters into the lineup. Tena wants to improve them mainly because he knows all about the youth, given his previous coaching job with the Basic Strengths of América.

    He is known to put the youngsters into the starting lineup, but for this heated game, I say about one or two will start. My predicted lineup includes:

    Armando Navarette at goalie, with a defensive line of four including Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Aquivaldo Mosquera, Oscar Rojas and Jesus Molina.

    A great midfield of four men including Angel Reyna at right mid, Diego Reyes and Rosinei at central mid and finally Vicente Sanchez at left mid. His two strikers would include goal scoring machines Cristian Benitez and Daniel Montenegro.

    Of course, this probably won't be the final lineup due to Tena's love for the young players.

Benitez Will Be Unleashed

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    Ever since he got here, Benitez has been highly regarded as the next Salvador Cabañas. He doesn't show the leadership that Cabañas had, however he does produce goals.

    He sometimes has trouble with passing the ball, yet he can make up for it by doing what he does best: scoring. He is already the club's leading goal scorer.

    As an Américanista, this will be Benitez's biggest game by far, and he will have loads to prove to the fans, media and América. Easily, he is their first scoring option and he has to deliver with a bang. This will be his breakout game, and you can expect him to score two or more goals.

Reyna and Vicente Will Be Desperately Needed

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    The most gifted players in terms of skills are Angel Reyna and Vicente Sánchez. Both are used as wingers or forwards and their versatility is key toward their positions.

    Both are desperately missed in the field when they aren't playing. Most attacks can be traced back to Reyna or Sánchez. 

    Reyna is one of the more consistent players the team has. As a winger, he's more of a facilitator; but as a forward he is deadly. He's not the best finisher, yet he does score and gets the job done. The same could be said about Sánchez, which is why Chivas should be on guard on both sides of the field.

América's Defense Will Falter at Times

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    América has a good defensive line that seems not to work well together at times. To any América fan, this defense is rather inconsistent. Usually, center back Aquivaldo Mosquera and left back Oscar Rojas are the commanders back there, yet lately they've been messing up too.

    It'll be rather obvious when América's defense makes poor decisions, but this is the game where they need to be in top shape. Hopefully, for us fans, that's the case tomorrow.

Chivas Fans Will Be Heard

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    Apart from América's fans, Chivas' fans are some of the loudest out there. In a game like this, they'll need to be heard. One would think that they would have no way of being heard because they aren't the home team's crowd, but I'm sure many will attend the game and make their presence known.

    Both fan bases are going to be obnoxious, but it's part of soccer and hopefully things will stay under control.

Luis Michel Will Be Great

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    He's not one of the best goalie's Mexico has to offer, but with Chivas he gets his job done.

    Defense for Chivas has been a top priority for them this past tournament. Maybe that's why they're so high up! With a great defense comes a great goalie, and Michel plays the position well. He's been giving some of his best performances lately and for América, it'll be tough to score.

Chivas' Forwards Will Be at Their Best

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    Chivas is fortunate to have such a variety of great forwards.

    For one, they have Marco Fabián. He's waiting for an opportunity to shine just like ex-Chivas player Javier Hernandez, now starring for Manchester United. He's really shown some of his best abilities as of late—expect to see more in tomorrow's game.

    Omar Arellano is also someone Chivas can count on. He hasn't showed his best scoring ability lately, but he can explode at any given time.

    They also have veteran Alberto Medina, who is versatile and creative, as well as youngster and World Cup Champion Carlos Fierro. Fierro hasn't really been able to prove much with Chivas, but hey, you never know what could happen.

It'll Be an Amazing Game Overall

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    América vs Chivas.

    That's as simple as it gets. Nothing can top tomorrow for Mexicans, América fans and Chivas fans. To sum it up, tomorrow's matchup can't get any bigger! I can't stress enough how important is. 

    Tune in tomorrow and thanks for the read!