Usain Bolt and 13 Non-Football Athletes Who Could Play If They Wanted to

Omar AlmasriCorrespondent IIOctober 9, 2011

Usain Bolt and 13 Non-Football Athletes Who Could Play If They Wanted to

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    Did you ever watch a match on TV? Non-football related and sometimes think to yourself, "This guy would've been one hell of a football player." 

    I have sometimes and in this article, I'm going to list 14 non-football athletes who would've done well as a footballer.

    Some sports, because I don't follow them, won't be included in this article, so if there are any other suggestions from sports not mentioned, then please share.

    This will be made into a football formation, in particular a 4-1-2-1-2 formation.

    The players I have selected will be based on how they can adapt to the position and, of course, their quality.

    There will be a couple of retirees in this line-up and list. I know there are plenty of options, especially from sports that I didn't select. But I really hope that you enjoy this article and provide some feedback.

Thierry Omeyer: Goalkeeper

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    One of the best handball keepers in the world. Thierry Omeyer is a legend and is considered one of the best handball players of all time, even winning the Best Handball Player In The World at one point.

    Omeyer is a highly successful player and has won countless honors for both club (THW Kiel of Germany) and country (France).

    He's known for his agility, height, passion, shot stopping ability and, of course, his winning mentality.

Adrian Peterson: Right Back

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    One of the best running backs in the NFL. Adrian Peterson is known for his power, strength, athleticism, movement and his rushing yards.

    For that, I include the Minnesota Vikings star as a right back in this line up.

    His pace, strength and power will be of great use for bombarding down the flank.

Rafael Nadal: Left Back

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    A living tennis legend and former world No. 1. Rafael Nadal is a player known for his impressive build, tough mentality, his dominance on the clay court and his style of play.

    Nadal has a superb left hand and never gives up. He can run all day and fight for every point to try to get the win. 

    For that, I place this Matador in the left back position as he'll never stop running, fight for a win and with his strong build...kinda reminds me of Roberto Carlos.

Warren Sapp: Central Defender

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    The retired NFL star is a player whom I always admired. Warren Sapp is not only known for his toughness and his no-nonsense style of play, but also for his excellent leadership and winning mentality.

    He's a player any team would love to have and would need to be successful and to win trophies. Sapp leads by example and for that, I select him as the captain of this team.

    All he needs to do now is to lose the belly so he can consistently be in the squad.

Dwight Howard: Central Defender

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    The All-Star NBA center is one of the best players in the NBA and is an excellent rebounder and scorer.

    He is tall, strong, physically powerful and is just a beast of a player. I believe he would do very well as a central defender; tough, aggressive and physically dominant.

    He's one hell of a physical specimen and would scare the living daylights out of his opponents.

Troy Polamalu: Defensive Midfielder

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    The excellent strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers is known not only for his talent, but for his thick, bushy hair.

    Polamalu is not only known for his defensive capabilities, but also for his attacking feats and is a willing runner and excellent tackler, which is why I listed him as a defensive midfielder in this line-up.

    Polamalu is a powerful, tough and aggressive player and I believe he would be an excellent defensive midfielder.

Derrick Rose: Right Winger

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    NBA's Most Valuable Player last season and a hugely gifted player, of whom I'm a big fan.

    Derrick Rose reminds me of Argentinean footballing superstar Lionel Messi. He's a superb dribbler and is almost unstoppable when he's in the mood. The way he dribbles the ball and keeps his pace up, is almost reminiscent of the way Messi skips past players. 

    He's also a superb point scorer and a match changer, and I believe he could've been a successful football player. He's got excellent pace and is a fine dribbler, who can burn any defence.

Jason Kidd: Left Winger

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    One of the most underrated players in the NBA.

    Legendary point guard Jason Kidd finally won his first-ever NBA title at the age of 37. He's a superb playmaker with great vision and an excellent eye for a pass.

    He's the ageless wonder and the "Ryan Giggs" of basketball. He just never seems to age, consistent, reliable, talented and physically fit.

    I think he would do very well in the position Giggs plays.

Ivano Balic: Attacking Midfielder

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    Probably the greatest handball player ever.

    Croatian superstar, Ivano Balic, is a superb playmaker as well as a goalscorer and reminds me of French legend Zinedine Zidane.

    He has the vision, creativity and great eye for goal to excel in the position as the playmaker of the squad.

Barry Sanders: Striker

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    One of the all-time greats who retired too soon at the age of 30. Barry Sanders is one of the best running backs in the history of the NFL. 

    The reason I place him as a striker is because of his intelligent movement, which helped him score many touchdowns over his career. 

    I think that his excellent movement and positioning will help him as a forward and to give space to Usain Bolt to get scoring opportunities.

Usain Bolt: Striker

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    One of the greatest athletes in the world. Record-breaking speedster Usain Bolt, who's a well known supporter of Real Madrid, has spoke of his interest in becoming a football player and to play for Manchester United.

    Bolt has the athleticism, build, pace, strength and height to be a successful football player. Although, it would be hard for him to emulate his stunning feats he has accomplished so far on the track.

Substitute: LeBron James

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    One of the greatest NBA players not to win a title so far. LeBron James is an immensely talented basketball player, who's great in both the offensive and defensive ends of the court.

    James is a box-to-box type of player, so he'll be fighting for his position with Troy Polamalu and it would be some fight.

Substitute: Roger Federer

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    A living legend and probably the greatest tennis player ever. The "Fed-Ex" is an all-time great, who has displayed amazing versatility and durability throughout his career.

    He is a jack of all trades because of the way he has adapted to various court surfaces and his versatility and exquisite style of play will help him adapt to any position on the pitch.

Substitute: Steve Nash

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    A great basketball player and more particularly, playmaker. 

    The Canadian star always spoke of his love for football and his superb playmaking abilities, I believe will come in handy even in football.

    Definitely will fight it out with Ivano Balic in the attacking midfield position.


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    So in conclusion, the formation (4-1-2-1-2) will look like this:



                                                                      Howard  Sapp (c)

                                                        Peterson                             Nadal


                                                                  Rose                  Kidd


                                                                   Sanders         Bolt

    Link to a clearer image of the formation:

    Of course there are plenty of more options, who would do well as footballers. 

    Some of these options include: Michael Schumacher, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, Lamar Odom, Peyton Manning, etc, etc., etc., etc.

    Basically, most star quarterbacks, running backs, NBA stars, receivers, tennis players, handball players, legends, etc., etc., etc.

    So there are plenty of options, but I hope that you enjoyed this article. 




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