5 Reasons Why Fernando Torres' Red Card & 3 Game Suspension May Be a Good Thing

Vincent GaspariniCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2011

5 Reasons Why Fernando Torres' Red Card & 3 Game Suspension May Be a Good Thing

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    I know, it sounds kind of crazy, right? How could Torres being red-carded and suspended for 3 matches possibly be a good thing?

    Well, I'm not saying it's a good thing, per sé, and I'm certainly not happy about it, but if we look at the story within the story, we may see this in a slightly different way.

    Here's why....

He Needs a Rest

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    Despite Torres' lightning sharp performances for the past three or so weeks, there's no doubt that he wouldn't mind a little bit of a rest.

    He's started in 6 of Chelsea's 8 games this past month, and although he doesn't necessarily NEED a rest, he surely won't be complaining about one.  With his suspension he can sit back and be a spectator rather than the usual 'center of attention' he usually is when he's on the pitch.

It Will Bring Him Back Down to Earth

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    Torres finding his form has been exciting for all of us, but perhaps for no one more than El Niño himself.

    As a result of this, it seems that recently he's been so hyped up after a goal or even a good chance that he's been making bad decisions elsewhere on the pitch. Saturday's tackle is a perfect example of this. His goal and his set-up for the second one no doubt lifted his spirits and his confidence, making him a little too over-zealous to get involved however and whenever he could.

    Being that this isn't the first time this has happened, this red card will show Fernando that he's got to cool down a little bit and stop being so reckless in his tackles.

It Will Take the Attention off of Him for 3 Weeks

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    This one's pretty self-explanatory. We all know the spotlight has been on Torres for the past nine months, and for all the wrong reasons.  And even though the coverage on him is starting to change slightly after his good performances of late, it'll still be a welcomed respite from the usual Torres gossip-laden reporting we've been barraged with since January.  With Torres not seeing any game time for those three weeks, the press will have no choice but to give up their tirade for the time being.

    By the time his three week ban is lifted, the attention will most likely be on something or someone else, which will no doubt make Torres feel less pressured when he returns.

Bring on the Drog!

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    I don't know about you, but I've been in considerable Drogba-withdrawl for the past month or so. It seems like it's been so long since we've seen him on the pitch for any significant amount of time. No doubt he'll be anxious to remind the Blues fans that he's still their goal-scoring machine, seeing as he'll most likely be AVB's preferred CF for the three weeks Torres is suspended.

    Drogba was knocked unconscious nearly a month ago in the Chelsea vs. Norwich game, when Norwich City goalkeeper, John Ruddy made a rash challenge for the ball, but instead struck the Ivorian in the head. Since then, Drogba has been recovering until just this past week.

    After being subbed in for Nicholas Anelka in the last few minutes of the Swansea game on Saturday, Drogba showed Chelsea supporters what they can expect for the next few weeks (assuming he's given the nod), as he scored an excellent goal in the 90th minute with a great pass from Florent Malouda.    

Healthy Competition

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    At the beginning of the season, Torres probably knew he was going to be a guaranteed starter for at least a few months in order to prove himself. Even though he's found his old form a lot quicker than many of us thought he would--and has more than earned a place in the starting XI--a little competition for the CF position can only be a good thing for the team as a whole.

    If Drogba is, in all likelihood, picked to start for the next three weeks and scores, say, 3 or 4 goals, it will certainly make Torres think twice about his suspension.  

    Then again, some healthy competition between two of the league's top strikers is always a good thing, and will drive both players to work even harder to produce and succeed.


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    In the end, Torres's first red card in the last five years and a 3-match ban is certainly nothing to celebrate about, but if you look at it from a different perspective, you may just see it being partially beneficial for the team as a whole.