Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: Who Had a Better Hat Trick?

Ryan RodgersContributor ISeptember 25, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: Who Had a Better Hat Trick?

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    Well, this La Liga season again looks to be decided depending on how Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo play.

    With Ronaldo playing five games notching up seven goals, compared to Messi's eight in five games, only Wayne Rooney has scored more out of Europe's three biggest leagues with nine goals in five games.

    While both Ronaldo and Messi recorded hat tricks for their clubs Saturday, one player's hat trick was superior to the others.

Messi Hat Trick

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    Messi demonstrated close control in all three of his goals.  The first goal came from Messi slicing up his defenders, skipping past thee defenders, while beating two of them at once before beating Thibaut Courtois near side.

    On his second goal, Messi again shows his tight control, and change of pace.  It's almost like the Atletico defenders aren't worried about Messi scoring, because they know eventually he will anyways. 

    With the Atletico defenders showing no signs of urgency, and Thibaut Courtois beaten again while two defenders were in front of the ball, its no surprise that Messi scores the amount of goals he does in La Liga.

    Through the legs of Thibaut Courtois from that angle is unacceptable.  Beautiful pass from Villa though.

Ronaldo Hat Trick

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    Ronaldo made a great run to allow Kaka to set him free all alone with just the goalkeeper to beat.  If it's ever Ronaldo vs a goalie, it's a safe bet Ronaldo will get the best of the goalkeeper.

    Ronaldo scored his second goal again with the help of Kaka.  With Kaka showing a return of form, Kaka forced his defender into committing a tackle in the spot, allowing Ronaldo to step up.  As I mentioned before, Ronaldo vs goalie will generally always see Ronaldo out on top.

    Ronaldo than earned himself a PK and stepped right up scoring a cheeky penalty straight down the middle.

    So who had the better hat trick?


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    Although Ronaldo showed great technique in both of his penalty kicks, from 12 yards out any player should finish.  His first goal also showed great technique with his left foot, but all three of Ronaldo's goals were fairly easy scoring situations.

    Messi showed why he is the current best player in the world with his dribbling and finishing abilities. Although I am speculative on the defending as a whole in La Liga as the reason Messi scores as many goals as he does, his talent is undeniable.

    Winner: Messi