Arsenal FC: 6 Key Areas to Address to Procure Some Silverware!

Ishan ChowdhuryCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2011

Arsenal FC: 6 Key Areas to Address to Procure Some Silverware!

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    Arsenal have endured a terrible start to their season, with many pundits having completely written them off already. However, contrary to popular belief, I believe that Arsenal still have the artillery in their ranks to challenge for silverware.

    And by silverware, I'm not referring only to the Carling Cup.

    It may seem like a distant dream at present, but if the given resources are utilized to their optimum capacity, Arsenal are still very much a force to be reckoned with.

Revert to a 4-4-1-1 Formation

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    Arsenal seem to be struggling as far as the fluidity of play is concerned and the coaching staff must realize that, with all the ins and outs in the recent transfer window, the team may not be at its best—ultimately playing the same way as it did in the past.

    A change in formation could be the catalyst needed to turn the corner on such a poor start to the season.

    What all Arsenal supporters should understand is that, however good Robin van Persie may be, he is not cut out to make it as a lone striker. However, he would thrive if given the opportunity to play in the hole just behind the striker.

No Wilshere? Give Chamberlain a Go!

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    It's not about their ages being similar. I know the two players have very little in common, but from what I have seen of Chamberlain, he seems like a guy who makes things happen.

    He might be very far from being a polished article, but he seems to have an ability to create goals—exactly what this team needs at the moment.

    It might not be a good idea to make him a regular starter, but if he can come on for the last 30-odd minutes on a sustained basis, he will surely repay the faith shown in him.

    Plus, it will obviously get the crowd going, as he is a future England prospect! 

Make the Most of Park Chu Young While You Have Him!

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    In all likelihood, Young will be off to serve his country in two year's time, unless he gets a special grant from his government that currently seems unlikely to happen.

    The South Korean captain is a hard-working player and does tend to find the back of the net quite often. He may take time to adjust to the pace of the league, but if used in the right manner, he could prove to be a special player for the Gunners.

    He could be assigned as a player for a specific tournament—maybe the FA Cup—and then look to build on his performances from there.

Use Chamakh's Head!

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    I have been baffled by Arsenal's treatment of Chamakh.

    He is one of the best players in the league when it comes to aerial balls and, given the pace of Gervinho and Walcott, I imagine that Chamakh will be given plenty of opportunities to get his head on the ball if Gervinho and Walcott get their game right.

    Also, Chamakh is no mug when it comes to holding up play, which would enable a good partnership with Robin van Persie.

    His record in the past 25 games might not be that good, but that has a lot to do with the confidence shown in him by the Arsenal staff.

Revolve the Team Around Arteta

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    During the club's game against Blackburn Rovers, Arteta showed that, although he may not be an identical replacement of Cesc Fabregas, he does have enough to offer to the team and the team should begin to be built around him.

    The former Everton playmaker is an expert when it comes to delivering long balls and picking out players in space. He could really help propel the team forward if he plays in a slightly advanced midfield role with Alex Song as his defensive partner.

    However, keeping in mind Arteta's injury concerns, he should be used sparingly—with the aim to get as many Premier League and Champions League games out of him as possible.


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    To be successful this season, Arsenal must prioritize. Going out for all four trophies may sound ideal, but stuff like that is possible only in games like Football Manager or if your home ground is the Nou Camp.

    Last season, Arsenal were in all four competitions until late January, and there was a lot of optimism amongst supporters and players. However, to ensure our progression in all tournaments, many players were overplayed and, hence, suffered when it came to the business end of the season—with fatigue and a set of injuries cited as the main causes of yet another trophy-less season.

    To ensure that there is not a repeat of that situation, Arsene Wenger should look to have a definite aim this season and conserve his resources in order to help that dream become a reality.