Manchester City Need a Strong Manchester United to Be Successful.

True BlueCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2011

Champions League, we're having a laugh.
Champions League, we're having a laugh.Scott Heavey/Getty Images

It is always the way in football that we wish our local rivals ill luck. It is human nature to want our competitors to fail, and even more so in the most intense local rivalries.

This certainly seems the way of the world in the current hot beds of English football, Manchester and Trafford.

City fans celebrate the Glazer ownership with "Tick Tock" being a common jibe—the debt clock is ticking and some will say,"fingers crossed, the club will go under."

I am not one of those fans.

I want United to remain strong and viable as a club and to be able to compete for years to come. If United are laid low financially and is impacted in a playing sense then City's success is a tiny bit less special.

Of course, it is easy to say that United fans from far and wide should have to suffer the footballing deprivations that City fans have over the years, but again I don't agree.

By the way, lets also take a moment to remind people that City fans have suffered deprivation and not privation. City have had success and a long history of it and that ended, hence deprivation.

Words matter you see, and I think that if all football fans understood the importance of language, or what I call the 'weight of words,' we might all see the need for a strong local rival.

Two words have been to used ill effect, causing the City United rivalry to have become nasty and resentful.

The first one is Munich and the other is bitter.

Because of the fact that City have struggled for many years they have lashed out against United and far too many have focused on the tragic loss of life in Munich. And I cannot put into words how ashamed I am when City fans do.

City fans are then described as being bitter, and by implication words such as resentful, jealous, petty, childish can easily follow.

As City grow as a club, as investments are made on and off the pitch, being a City fan becomes more and more enjoyable. We have never had it so good.

With that in mind lets move our mindset to one where winning with dignity and class is the ultimate goal.

I was there watching City get beaten by much lesser clubs, traveling to places like York, not knowing if City would win. I suffered like so many Blues the jokes and the digs and the put downs. It went on for so long it was like water off a ducks back.

But now we are about to face Napoli in the Champions League. The footballing landscape for Blues has changed beyond all recognition and I want United there.

If United had not qualified for this seasons Champions League, I honestly can say that City participating would have meant a little bit less. I hope and pray we meet in the semi-finals or final (and of course beat them). Without that hope the success City have will be lessened a little.

When City win the Premier League this season I hope United come second. It will be a far harder thing for United fans to take than them being mid-table. If they are second there will then be no talk of rebuilding, refreshing a squad, changing managers or a team in flux.

I want a strong United next season as well, and I want them to come second in every competition behind City.

If they were relegated the joy of that moment would for me soon be replaced by the knowledge that we would be winning things in part because United were rubbish—its just not the same.

I want United to be strong so that City have to be better than the best. Being Champions of England should mean that the best team won, not that the team a bit less crap won.

And having a strong United will mean that City are pushed to improve again week on week, month on month, year on year.

I want a strong United, a United at the top of their game so that when we win, and we will, It will be the purest, sweetest taste of victory possible.

And I would hope and pray that the chants of Munich stop as well because we should all be better than that.

My perfect footballing world is a successful City, free of Munich references, with United a close second.

And do you know what, I think we are almost there.