Jole Cole: 5 Reasons Liverpool Should Have Blocked His Move to Lille

Thomas Atzenhoffer@socceratzCorrespondent IISeptember 1, 2011

Jole Cole: 5 Reasons Liverpool Should Have Blocked His Move to Lille

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    Joe Cole is officially a Lille player for their already underway Ligue 1 Orange campaign in France.

    The defending French champions will hope that Cole can bring back some magic from his younger days at Chelsea and West Ham before injuries caused his form and overall ability to suffer.

    His time at Liverpool has been a mixed bag of form from a player past his prime in the physically toughest league in Europe as far as pace and overall demand go.

    A loan to a league, such as the one in France, could benefit the player and give him perhaps the time he needs to improve his form and regain his confidence.

5. Youthful Vigor and Zeal

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    Cole was a sensation upon breaking into the West Ham United first team.

    His performances over the years as a Hammer earned him his major move to Chelsea to link up with former Hammer teammates John Terry and Frank Lampard.

4. West Ham Academy Pedigree

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    Cole was an outstanding talent with 150 Hammers appearances and 13 goals for the club before making his switch across town.

    Those days prove he can be great when fully healthy.

3. Awards and Trophy Accolades

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    Cole was named to the 2006 and 2008 PFA Teams of the Year after helping lead the Blues to back-to-back EPL titles in 2004-05 and 2005-06.

    He was back on top again as the Blues' 2008 Player of the Season. However, he was injured shortly thereafter and never recovered his former greatness.

    In his seven seasons with Chelsea he made 278 appearances, scoring 40 goals. His return to prominence for 2008 showed he could come back from injuries, but his final one at Stamford Bridge looks to have proven otherwise.

2. Flashes of Brilliance as a Red

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    Cole had some great games for the Reds after recovering from his Opening Day red card against Arsenal.

    The Englishman was tipped to make a return to full form under first Roy Hodgson and then Kenny Dalglish, but truly never made it back.

    With a new manager now permanently in place, he truly could have begun to rebuild his career at Liverpool; his creative nature could have led to many goals.

1. Are You Kidding Me? How Much Is His Plane Ticket to France?

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    There is truly no reason whatsoever that Liverpool should have stopped the loan move of Joe Cole to Lille. He needs a place to start over—not Liverpool or any other English club could have offered him the clean slate that Lille has in France.

    For the Reds, who are on the up-and-up this season, it saves wage room and allows another player to gain more opportunities for success and growth within the club.