Liverpool FC: Best Formation Options for Kenny Dalglish

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIAugust 19, 2011

Liverpool FC: Best Formation Options for Kenny Dalglish

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    With new signings such as Jordan Henderson, Stewart Downing and Charlie Adam freshening up the Liverpool squad, Kenny Dalglish has invested in players that can give the Anfield Reds a completely new style of play. 

    The signings have varied from speedy wingers to controlled central midfielders and each player will have his job to do on the pitch. But one question remains, as always:

    How do you get the best out of your players?

Offensive 4-3-3

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    A 4-3-3 is by reputation an extremely attacking formation with two wingers supporting a lone forward. In Liverpool's case, Stewart Downing and Luis Suarez would make up the wingers with target man Andy Carroll leading the line.

    Service both to the wingers and directly to Andy Carroll would be provided by the three midfielders, Charlie Adam, Steven Gerrard (when fit) and Lucas Leiva. The midfield would be nicely balanced with Lucas a traditional defensively orientated player and Charlie Adam and Steven Gerrard both able to play the pass or bomb on.

    The other slight benefit of that combination is that Gerrard and Adam are right and left footed, respectively. So, the midfield has a left footer on the left in Adam and a right footer on the right with Gerrard.

    The back four (or five) won't change at all in this whole presentation. My ideal back four is set in stone: Johnson (or Kelly if injured) followed by Agger and Carragher with Jose Enrique and Pepe Reina to round things off.

    This is what it would look like on paper:


    Johnson--- Carragher----Agger----Jose Enrique--



Defensive 3-5-2

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    This formation was used against Chelsea last year, as you may well remember. It wielded good results, with a solid defense confirming only a single goal was necessary to take maximum points from a hard fought game.

    This formation would be used against Chelsea and Manchester United. It would be extremely defensive and based on a completely counter-attack based system. Soak up the pressure and try to score when you apply your own.

    It'd look something like this:


    Johnson---------Kelly--------Carragher-----Agger-------Jose Enrique




    Notice Kuyt's inclusion for his extremely high work rate. He'd be given the license to go forward, of course.

Balanced 4-2-31

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    This formation is my favourite, along with the 4-3-3. I think this formation gives Liverpool both a bit of spice going forward and a degree if compactness when defending. Adam, Lucas and Gerrard would be the hub of the team, playing in a triangle like so:



    While Lucas and Adam will tend to sit back, Gerrard will become more of a free agent. Helping here and there, but mainly assisting Carroll, Suarez and Downing. The above trio will be able to link up and turn defense into offense when required.


    Johnson----------Agger-------Carragher----Jose Enrique




Traditional 4-4-2

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    The traditional 4-4-2 is the safe option for any team. A reliable defensive cover provided by midfield is balanced out by the two forwards.

    Not much I can say about this one, so here we go:


    Johnson---------Carragher-------Agger---------Jose Enrique



Thanks for Reading

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    Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it and it was fun writing for you, as usual. It will be interesting to see what formation is used throughout the season.

    Please comment if you wish and I'll be back with more articles later. YNWA!