Liverpool FC: Ranking the Importance of Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIAugust 3, 2011

A star in the making?
A star in the making?Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

The transfer window is, in my opinion, one of the best time periods for football fans.

Every fan is prone to ups and downs of supporting a football club. I refer to this as sporting bipolar-ism. The transfer window is the epitome of this disease. Even when football isn't being played your favourite players are rumoured to be leaving and other stars arriving. Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City Tottenham and Arsenal fans have had a bumpy ride.

As a Liverpool fan, I too have been vulnerable to this sporting bipolar-ism. How many players have been rumoured to Liverpool, a deal almost done and then completely disappear off the radar, to appear somewhere else? Juan Mata, Jeffren and Bojan come to my mind.

Liverpool has signed three excellent players in my opinion. You may question this, but I feel that Liverpool has one of the best attack forces in the Barclays Premier League.

However, domestic success is not won purely by big names in a squad— the recent Manchester City squad know that all too well.

With the new additions to the squad, who will be the most valuable? Who holds the most promise for a club that's come through some harsh seasons?

I'll give you the facts then I'll give you my judgement.

It's hard to compare Downing, Henderson and Adam simply because they occupy different positions and the positions require different attributes. So, I will compare Adam and Henderson.

Best Playmaker at Liverpool?
Best Playmaker at Liverpool?Stanley Chou/Getty Images

It's surprisingly difficult to find accurate statistics, but here is what I found and believe to be true (This is not made by me, the information is from Anfield Index).

Charlie Adam:

Starts- 34

Minutes- 3401

Accurate Crosses- 46/196

Assists- 8

Chances Created- 80

Total Accurate Passes- 1357/1883

Completion- 72 percent

Here is what I was able to find for Jordan Henderson:

Starts- 37

Minutes- 3219

Accurate Crosses- 54/228

Assists- 4

Chances Created- 78

Total Accurate Passes- 1334/1403

Completion- 74 percent

Henderson has played a little more than Adam, but the Scott has created two more opportunities than Henderson. Henderson has completed more passes than the Scott with a slightly higher success rate as well. Both seem efficient with their passing skills and their crossing is extremely good too.

In my opinion, they are very close. My judgement is purely on age not ability. Adam will be more valuable in the near future, but Henderson may well be a star in later years.

It was difficult to get this information, but as always I've enjoyed writing for you.

What's your verdict?


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