Ranking the Top 15 Biggest Blown Calls in World Football History

Vince SapienzaCorrespondent IIIJuly 22, 2011

Ranking the Top 15 Biggest Blown Calls in World Football History

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    In the world of sports, we sometimes forget that athletes are no more than human beings like you and me. However, we tend to put our players and teams up on these pedestals where they can do no wrong. And if they can do no wrong then we have to blame someone. That someone is almost always the referee. 

    Referee's, like players and coaches, are humans who have to make split-second decisions on things that could cost one team the game. However, the referees do get paid for their work and they choose to do what they do. 

    So with that said, we will pay homage to the 15 biggest blown calls in World Football history. I know there are plenty more blown calls, but I will leave the rest of them up to you and let you comment on the worst calls you've seen.

15. Luis Garcia Goal-Line Magic

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    I could watch these replays all day, and I will still have no idea what the call should have been. However, if you do ask me I think the ref had no idea as well and should not have called a goal.

    Goal-line technology anyone?

14. Sniper in the Stadium

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    This decision could be one of the most shocking I have seen. 

    No one around, he probably would have scored anyways, but he decided to go down. I am still scratching my head.

13. Torsten Frings Handball, 2002 World Cup

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    Another crushing bad call goes against the Americans. This time, 11 years ago Torsten Frings illegally kept the ball out of his own goal in a 1-0 defeat over USA.

    Is this American biased? No. Just stating bad calls and they just so happen to be on the big stage. Another painful memory. 

12. The Great Diver Davies

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    I mean I know it is MLS, but this is a terrible call. The worst ever? Maybe not, but this is awful.

    Charlie Davies was falling before the defender even tried to stick out a leg. This is not soccer, and this is what makes me along with the rest of the world ashamed of the sport.

    He did get fined by MLS, but still. Stop it!

Sweet Kick

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    The attacking forward sees a nice ball in the box steps to it and misses, while at the same time the goalie is charging to make the save. However, he does not take into account that the player could miss the ball.

    In a game with team names I cannot pronounce, the players gets a penalty kick for whiffing the ball. I do that a lot, I should be getting a lot of penalty kicks I think.

10. Best Header Ever

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    A goal that turned out to be disallowed looks like a goal to me. It is not the player's fault that the goalie decided to kick the ball at an angle to where if it hit his head, it would bounce back into goal.

    I say let it count.

9. Too Hard of a Shot

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    I blame the goal scorer on this one. If he would not have shot it so hard, maybe the referee would have time to take a look at the goal and see it go in.

    Way to go ref.

8. Side Judge Knows Best

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    What I do not understand about this one is that the head referee clearly didn't see the ball anywhere near the goal line. But because the side judge on the far end of the play saw the ball cross "a" line, then it is a good goal.

    Wouldn't a tip off be players celebrating instead of just turning around waiting for the goal kick? Shaking my head does not do enough for this video.

7. Italians Get No Love in 2002 World Cup

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    I mean you talk about some questionable calls made against the Italian side in the 2002 World Cup. If you see this video you will know what I mean. 

    And they wonder why match fixing is such a bid deal today. I am not trying to imply anything, but watch the video for yourself. Some of the calls that went against the Azurri are pretty incredible.

6. Maurice Edu, 2010 World Cup

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    Landon Donovan delivered a beauty of a ball right on Maurice Edu's foot, but apparently the referee saw something that caused him to blow his whistle. 

    To this day I watch this replay and I do not see what he could have called at that point in the game. Still tough to watch nevertheless. 

5. Frank Lampard, 2010 World Cup

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    What could have been a game-changing goal in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, tying the game at two a piece, was all for nothing. 

    The referees simply got it wrong. With one replay you can see that it was clearly a goal. This no-goal is the one to begin the push for enplane technology. 

    You cannot have this type of call blown on the world stage.

4. Brazil vs Sweden, World Cup '78

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    No extra time? How do you call the game after you allow them to have a corner. 

    It is one thing to blow the whistle before the corner is even kicked, but to wait till the ball is in the air and in the box—rubbish. Poor refereeing. 

    Great goal by Zico.

3. Henry Handball

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    Thierry Henry admitted it, but regardless it is still a terrible blown call, and the French National team did not deserve to be at the World Cup. One of the most classless teams I have ever seen: fighting coaches, fighting each other and just not caring about playing in one of the greatest sporting events the world has ever seen.

    It pains me to see this mistake, because at least the Irish would have been grateful and willing to be a part of the tournament. France had no business being there. 

2. Equatorial Guinea Handball

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    I am pretty sure every one has seen this.

    No, this was not a hand ball. This was a both-hands-on-the-ball ball.

    How do you not call this a penalty kick? I wish I knew what the officials were looking at or thinking. She had it in her hands for a good 5 seconds.

1. Hand of God

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    I think it is pretty easy to see why this is No.1, single-handedly one of the worst blown calls of all time. 

    We know you touched it with your hand, and we know Argentina will always love you and worship you for it.