Sunderland Transfer Talk: Where Is Steve Bruce Taking the Black Cats?

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJuly 22, 2011

Sunderland Transfer Talk: Where Is Steve Bruce Taking the Black Cats?

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    Sunderland has made some eye-opening signings for Sunderland.

    Steve Bruce has high expectations for the men at the Stadium of Light and he has never made a secret of it.

    The Sunderlad manager has made vital moves and is looking to make more this year.

    Here is a look at Sunderland in this season’s summer transfer market.

Ahmed Elmohamady

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    Ahmed Elmohamady had a very successful season at the Stadium of Light.

    Steve Bruce swiftly made his move permanent. The right-winger's signature was the most important thing to showing Bruce’s aspirations for the next campaign.

    Sunderland set them up to be ambitious next season.

David Vaughan

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    David Vaughan was the heart and soul of the Blackpool team that most did not notice.

    Charlie Adam shined as the leader wearing the arm band and was the man that put together the miracle moments in the Tangerines' season in the Premier League.

    David Vaughan may not have put together the same type of moments that Charlie Adam did but he was the backbone of what Ian Holloway’s men.

    Steve Bruce took notice of the hard work in which Vaughan put in and made a great signing while gaining his signature for the club.

John O’Shea

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    John O’Shea has played his entire career successfully at Manchester United.

    He is a player that many thought had played his best years.

    Steve Bruce did not think so and this year he has taken a chance on the Premier League grizzled veteran.

    He is going to use the Republic of Ireland defender as a center piece to a strong defense built on experience.

Wes Brown

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    \Wes Brown was a teammate of John O’Shea’s at Manchester United. Getting both of the player’s signature will prove dividends.

    Bruce has made his point that he wants to obtain a place in Europe and he wants to do that now.

    The veterans he is adding to his squad may not make the starting XI every weekend but, they will help in the locker room and when they are out there they will fight for their spots and they will demand respect of their fellow players.

Jermain Defoe

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    Jermain Defoe is an ambitious player to go after but Steve Bruce has strong ambitions.

    Bruce is still looking for a replacement for Darren Bent and Jermain Defoe could be the perfect player for the Black Cats.

    Steve Bruce could end his summer with this signature and all of the rest of the players he brought in would not be as important as his.

    Like other transfers he is looking for experience and Defoe is a striker he is really after.

Robbie Keane

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    Robbie Keane is another veteran striker that Steve Bruce is after just like his teammate Jermain Defoe; he fits the bill for what Bruce is trying to do.

    Robbie Keane is a proven Premier League goal scorer and although he has not been able to show it this past season he still can score important goals for the Black Cats if they capture his signature.

    Keane is the captain of the Republic of Ireland and even though it has been a struggle at club level to get minutes he has shown he can still score when he is playing for his country.

    Some may say that it is taking a big chance on getting Robbie Keane but it is really not that much of a gamble.

DJ Campbell

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    DJ Campbell is another player from Blackpool Steve Bruce wants to bring to Sunderland.

    Campbell showed last season that he could score in the Premier league and it makes sense that he would not want to leave the English top flight so soon.

    Sunderland would fit perfectly for the striker who has similar build to their former, Darren Bent.

    DJ Campbell is not the same type of veteran that many of the people Sunderland has been linked to nor is he the big name most have thought would be signed but he is a goal scorer and he fits the bill for Steve Bruce and company.