Manchester United Transfer Rumours: What Wesley Sneijder Brings to Man U

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJuly 14, 2011

Manchester United Transfer Rumours: What Wesley Sneijder Brings to Man U

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    Manchester United has made a splash in the transfer window by signing Ashley Young and they look on the verge of now signing Wesley Sneijder.

    With two creative midfielders coming into the first team next year the already prolific offense of the Red Devils will be even stronger in the upcoming campaign.

    Ashley Young was a great signing for the wing he will add depth and put a charge into the attack with his speed. But the most important addition would be Wesley Sneijder in the center of their midfielders.

    Here is an analysis of what Wesley Sneijder will bring to the table if Manchester United can complete the deal that is all but settled in the eyes of the Mirror.


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    Wesley Sneijder brings field awareness that is unprecedented. He is a player that sees the game three steps ahead of the opposing team.

    When Sneijder can get on the same page as his teammates it can be a very special thing. This was showcased when he won the Italian treble with Inter Milan in the 2009- 2010 season.

    Sneijder played in 43 games and was instrumental to Jose Mourinho’s sides success that season.

    His ability to send in that deadly ball or take a set piece and get his team a goal is something that would be welcomed by any team.

    Sir Alex Ferguson has wanted Wesley Sneijder for a few seasons now and if he really is on the verge of landing the talented playmaker from Holland he might just be getting the addition that will help them win the 20th league title and possibly take the Champions League next season.

Defensive Skills

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    Wesley Sneijder has been playing in the Serie A for the past couple of season. The game is at a slower pace then other leagues with an emphasis on tactics, finesse, and defense.

    Sneijder has excelled in the league because he is a hard working player who is a center attacking midfielder who will receive the ball deep in the midfield and connect with his teammates.

    While being the kind of player that goes back to receive the ball deeper on the pitch this also comes from the fact that he tracks back to defend and help his teammates out.


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    Sir Alex Ferguson is looking for a replacement for long time leader Paul Scholes and he is looking at Wesley Sneijder to be that man for the Red Devils.

    Well Sir Alex is normally not wrong and he will not be wrong if he completes this deal and gets Sneijder’s signature.

    Sneijder has won league titles in the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy. He has also been a dominant player in the Champions League and International Competitions with his country.

    His track record proves his leadership quality.

    So does his playing style.

    He is a player that is a supporter. He is the kind of player that helps the players around him excel.

    His on-the-ball capability and decision-making makes the players on the field feel comfortable in the attack.

    He also is a player who has the willingness to cover.

    The signing of Wesley Sneijder could ultimately be the biggest signing in this summer's transfer window.