Liverpool FC : Top 20 Player Facial Hair Since Bill Shankly

Nabeel KhokharCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2011

Liverpool FC : Top 20 Player Facial Hair Since Bill Shankly

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    Since the early days of football, many players have chosen to express themselves with weird and wonderful haircuts, styles and colours but nothing has said more about a player's personal expression than his facial hair—or even lack of it.

    If one goes back into the archives of Liverpool FC, there have been some wonderful examples of bushy, slim and even "handlebar" mustaches.

    The arrival of Bill Shankly to Anfield brought about a revolution to Liverpool and began an era of success that catapulted the club into the halls of English and European football's greats.

    Since that time till today, many players have sported various amounts, styles and even colours of facial hair.

    Even ex-manager Rafa Benitez, got into the act and for the latter part of his time at Anfield wore a well-kept and very fetching goatee.

    This is a list of the top 20 facial hair styles of players since the days of Bill Shankly. 

No. 20: Jermaine Pennant

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    Liverpool Debut: 9 August 2006

    Number of Appearances: 81

    Liverpool Departure: 2007

    Nationality: English

    In 2006, Rafa Benitez tried to resolve Liverpool's lack of width by signing Jermaine Pennant from relegated Birmingham City.

    Pennant was a boyhood Liverpool fan, but just could not quite win over the fans he played in front of. His best performance in the red of Liverpool was most probably in the Champions League Final in Athens, against AC Milan.

    As far as being well groomed, Pennant was never far away from being the best on the pitch. Rarely seen clean-shaven, he kept an impeccably close cropped beard with not a whisker out of place.

No. 19: Steve Heighway

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    Liverpool Debut: 29 August 1970

    Number of Appearances: 475

     Liverpool Departure: 1981

    Nationality: Irish

    Steve Heighway is a Liverpool legend who has been immortalised by having a line in the Reds' anthem "The Fields of Anfield Road."

    The flying left winger, who sprinted down the wing, riding tackles and whipping in wonderful crosses for the likes of John Toshack to head home, was also a university graduate in Economics.

    As was common in the 1970s Heighway sported a mustache and his was an exemplary as they come; heavy and well-groomed, it sat on his upper lip like a rug!

No. 18: Stephane Henchoz

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    Liverpool Debut: 21 September 1999

    Number of Appearances: 205

    Liverpool Departure: 2005

    Nationality: Swiss

    Stephane Henchoz was one part of one of the best central defensive partnerships in Liverpool's recent past. He and Sami Hyypia formed a memorable defensive duo.

    Henchoz was the rugged, hard-tackling, no-nonsense defender. Supporting this persona was the impression that he woke up in the morning and had forgotten to shave, but simply did not care.

    Henchoz's appearance mirrored his defensive strengths—rough and ready.

No. 17: Alan Kennedy

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    Liverpool Debut: 19 August 1978

    Number of Appearances: 359

    Liverpool Departure: 1985

    Nationality: English

    What Liverpool would do for a left-back of the calibre of Alan Kennedy. He had all the traits of a modern-day left-sided defender.

    Kennedy's goals also gave Liverpool their third and fourth European Cups. His shot at the near post in Paris against Real Madrid gave the Reds the third, with the winning penalty against Roma in Rome the fourth.

    Kennedy's mustache was what was left of a full beard that he had for a short while, but only his "tache" remained with him throughout his Liverpool days—but a great one at that.

No. 16: John Aldridge

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    Liverpool Debut: 21 February 1987

    Number of Appearances: 104

    Liverpool Departure: 1989

    Nationality: Irish

    John Aldridge, or "Aldo" as he became known, was bought to Liverpool as a replacement for the Liverpool legend Ian Rush.

    Their resemblance was remarkable, in particular their mustaches. Aldo also resembled Rush in his goal-scoring exploits, hitting 63 goals in his short time at Anfield.

    Aldo still wears his mustache with pride today; it is just not as heavy as it was during his time as a Red.

No. 15 : David Johnson

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    Liverpool Debut: 21 August 1976

    Number of Appearances: 213

    Liverpool Departure: 1982

    Nationality: English

    David Johnson actually played for Everton, before crossing Stanley Park to continue scoring freely for the Reds.

    For two seasons from 1978 to 1980, Johnson successfully partnered Kenny Dalglish, but the arrival of Ian Rush dropped him to the bench. Johnson eventually left Liverpool in 1982 to rejoin Everton.

    A full mustache sat on his upper lip and although the above photograph does not do it proud, it was far fuller in real life.

No. 14: Jimmy Case

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    Liverpool Debut: 26 April 1975

    Number of Appearances: 269

    Liverpool Departure: 1981

    Nationality: English

    Firstly, this photograph does not really show the superb example of upper-lip facial hair that Jimmy Case kept. It was one of the finest examples to grace Anfield.

    Case was a hard-tackling and even harder shooting central midfielder, with a work ethic that Dirk Kuyt would be proud of.

    But one thing Kuyt does not have and Case did was the perfect example of a finely kept mustache.

No. 13: Jerzy Dudek

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    Liverpool Debut: 8 September 2001

    Number of Appearances: 186

    Liverpool Departure: 2007

    Nationality: Polish

    Jerzy Dudek become a Liverpool legend and went into the club's history books and folklore when he miraculously saved from Andriy Shevchenko from point-blank range and later for his penalty shootout heroics on that memorable night in Istanbul in May 2005.

    Dudek was rarely clean-shaved while he kept goal for the Reds, sporting an impressive and well-kept goatee. This was on occasions supported with a light stubble. But Dudek and his goatee were a permanent fixture at Liverpool until 2007 and the arrival of Pepe Reina.

    The Pole will always be remembered for bringing Liverpool their fifth European Cup and the beaming goatee-surrounded smile as his teammates ran to congratulate him after he saved Shevchenko's penalty.

No. 12: Tommy Smith

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    Liverpool Debut: 8 May 1963

    Number of Appearances: 638

    Liverpool Departure: 1978

    Nationality: English

    Tommy Smith was the hard man of Liverpool Football Club, with bone-crunching, uncompromising tackling and a super mustache to go with it.

    Despite having a thunderous tackle and tough-guy reputation, Smith was only ever sent off once in his career and that was for talking back and not due to a reckless challenge.

    Smith's mustache was a little different to the others, as it curled down past his top lip. Unique facial hair for a unique player in Reds history.

    Smith was the first Liverpool player to lift the European Cup in the 1972-73 final and that will forever go down in Liverpool's history, as will his meaty challenges and wonderful mustache. 

No. 11: John Wark

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    Liverpool Debut: 31 March 1984

    Number of Appearances: 108

    Liverpool Departure: 1988

    Nationality: Scottish

    John Wark arrived at Anfield with the mandate to fill the boots of Graeme Souness. One great mustache replaced by another.

    Wark actually was a resounding success at Anfield, scoring 42 goals in his 108 outings.

    One of the finest examples of a mustache is just not done justice in the photograph above, but his was a "tache" to be reckoned with and a worthy successor to Souness'.

No. 10: David James

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    Liverpool Debut: 16 August 1992

    No. of Appearances: 277

    Liverpool Departure: 1999

    Nationality: English

    David James was one of the infamous "Spice Boys" of Liverpool Football Club and sported some of the trendiest and most fashionable facial hair the club has ever seen.

    Above is just one example of James' facial-hair experiments. There was also the porn-star mustache, the goatee and the three-day stubble to mention but a few. But this one really took the biscuit for its creativity.

    James' facial hair and fashion sense never took a battering while at Anfield, but he was labelled as "Calamity James" for some high-profile howlers. But he always looked great howling!

No. 9: Mark Lawrenson

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    Liverpool Debut: 29 August 1981

    Number of Appearances: 356

    Liverpool Departure: 1988

    Nationality: Irish

    Now we are getting into the upper echelons of facial-hair magnificence. And although at first glance, Mark Lawrenson's mustache may not look like a fine example, a closer look would demonstrate that its symmetry and positioning were impeccable.

    Lawrenson partnered Alan Hansen in arguably Liverpool's most successful defensive duo. "Lawro" was an expert central defender, although he could play anywhere in the back four.

    It was when the flowing locks complemented the fully filled upper lip that Lawro's mustache was in its prime.

No. 8: Terry McDermott

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    Liverpool Debut: 16 November 1974

    Number of Appearances: 329

    Liverpool Departure: 1982

    Nationality: English

    Terry McDermott had it all—a huge head of tight curly dark hair with a full-bodied mustache to boot.

    One of the finest examples of a groomed and well-nurtured mustache that Anfield has ever seen and quite possibly the league has ever seen.

    Terry Mac is a scoucer, through and through. Born in Kirby, he supported the Reds as a boy and went on to be one of their legends.

    One would say that his curly mop and wonderfully full mustache is the epitome of the scoucer look.

    Terry Mac was a wonderful footballer, with a wonderful example of manly facial hair.

No. 7: Ian Rush

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    Liverpool Debut: 13 December 1980

    Number of Appearances: 660

    Liverpool Departure(s): 1996, with a year away in 1986-87

    Nationality: Welsh

    Ian Rush is the first Liverpool Football Club Hall of Famer to be in this list.

    An absolute Kop hero and true Liverpool legend, Rushy is the club's all-time leading goal scorer with 346 goals.

    But as well as being a top goal scorer, Rush also had one of the most famous mustaches in football. Maybe not the best specimen of upper-lip facial hair, it just seemed to fit into his long thin face so well.

    These days, Rush without the mustache just does not seem right.

    For all those old enough to remember Rush playing in his prime, there was never a better finisher in the game and never a better-suiting mustache on a face.

No. 6: Sotirios Kyrgiakos

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    Liverpool Debut: 29 August 2009

    Number of Appearances: 49

    Liverpool Departure: Still playing

    Nationality: Greek

    Sotirios Kyrgiakos is only one of two players to make it onto this list who is still playing for the club.

    The giant Greek defender has a look of a dishevelled, unkempt mess!

    His long ponytail is complemented with a permanent stubble which looks like it was there when he was born. His huge frame and rough appearance all add to the tough defender's persona.

    Soto chipped in with some valuable goals last season and so far, there is no talk of his moving on. So we are still going to see the big man, with his rough stubble patrolling our defense next season.

No. 5: Bruce Grobbelaar

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    Liverpool Debut: 29 August 1981

    Number of Appearances: 628

    Liverpool Departure: 1994

    Nationality: Zimbabwean

    Now that is one of the finest examples of a mustache as has ever graced the corridors of Anfield.

    Bruce Grobbelaar sported quite possibly the best "tache" ever. His buffoonery and all-around eccentric behaviour was perfectly in line with his choice and style of facial hair.

    Bob Paisley bought Grobbelaar from the Vancouver Whitecaps in March 1981 and what a buy it proved.

    Whether Paisley was swayed by the magnificent example of a mustache or not, it goes without saying that Grobbelaar has given the Kop one of the most majestic mustaches ever.

No. 4: Graeme Souness

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    Liverpool Debut: 14 January 1978

    Number of Appearances: 359

    Liverpool Departure: 1984

    Nationality: Scottish

    It was between Graeme Souness and Bruce Grobelaar when it came to the finest mustache of Liverpool's modern era. And the honour went to the Liverpool and Scotland captain, Souness.

    It was a tough call, but Souness edged it due to the complete dominance that his mustache had on his face. It took centre stage and he wore it proudly.

    Souness was a player that played the game with graceful aggression. He could have the deftest of touches one moment and the heftiest of tackles the next.

    His fearsome Scottish anger went perfectly with his graceful, yet aggressive and supremely imposing mustache.

    Souness' football and mustache can both be described in one word: magnificent.

No. 3: Andy Carroll

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    Liverpool Debut: 6 March 2011

    Number of Appearances: 9

    Liverpool Departure: Still playing

    Nationality: English

    Andy Carroll became Liverpool Football's Club record signing when he joined the Reds in January this year.

    Carroll brings his trademark ponytailed look to Anfield and most recently, upon his return to preseason training, he has brought the caveman look too.

    With sideburns that extend fully down his face, before meeting under his chin, Carroll looks like a 1.91-meter caveman. If this look continues into the season, it will complement his already fearsome reputation with defenders.

    Far from looking unruly, Carroll's aggressive and wild look may strike further fear into some already scared defenders.

No. 2: Djibril Cisse

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    Liverpool Debut: 10 August 2004

    Number of Appearances: 79

    Liverpool Departure: 2007

    Nationality: French

    Djibril Cisse came to Liverpool with the fearsome reputation of being a bull of a striker, and his look did not suggest anything different.

    Cisse frequently changed the colour of the hair on his head, as well as its style and often did the same with his facial hair.

    There was the full beard, the goatee and the best of all, the dying his head hair, as well as his facial hair, to a cream colour.

    The Frenchman was an eccentric individual and a gifted footballer that Anfield did not see the best of. What fans did see though, was a show of facial hair that could only be topped by one other.

No.1: Abel Xavier

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    Liverpool Debut: 9 February 2002

    Number of Appearances: 21

    Liverpool Departure: 2004

    Nationality: Portuguese

    The title for the best facial hair at Liverpool Football Club since Bill Shankly goes to Abel Xavier.

    A description is not necessary; the photograph says it all. What should be said is that the colour was lighter at some stage.

    Xavier moved to Anfield from across Stanley Park, a move that is not for the faint-hearted, but then that is something that one would not describe Xavier as.

    Xavier was a defender with a fearsome look about him and an all-action approach. He actually scored on his debut, the first defender to do so since Alec Lindsay in 1969.

    The flamboyant Xavier may not have made an enormous impact at Liverpool from a playing point of view, but for facial-hair extravagance, Xavier is top of the list.