World Football: The 20 Worst Tackles on YouTube

Ed Wyman@@edwymanCorrespondent IJune 22, 2011

World Football: The 20 Worst Tackles on YouTube

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    Like it or not, bad tackles are a part of the most popular sport in the world; for every beautiful pass, there is a tackle, either deliberate or accidental, that makes you cringe and be thankful that you're sitting at home in your living room.

    A lot of those tackles make it on to YouTube, and with European football in its offseason, there could be no better time to have a look at the 20 worst tackles on YouTube. I haven't put them in any order, but feel free to let me know which ones you think are the worst in the comments below. 

    You probably wouldn't want to watch some of these videos while eating, so read before you watch, some of them are nasty. 

Jose Boswinga

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    Jose Boswinga clearly wasn't happy with being 1-0 down in the 90th minute and decided that time wasting by the corner flag just wasn't on. His tackle from behind must be one of the most blatant fouls of all time, and while not massively dangerous, it was a god awful attempt at a tackle.

    Despite happening right in front of the linesman, no foul was given, let alone a red card which is, quite frankly, remarkable. 

Nigel De Jong

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    Nigel de Jong has earned himself a reputation as something of a bad tackler, largely because of this incident during the 2010 World Cup final.

    While de Jong was lucky to remain on the pitch, Xabi Alonso was lucky that no serious damage was done. Both men were flying through the air, and a kick to the chest with that sort of force can do major damage. 

Boris Johnson

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    In case you don't know, Boris Johnson is an English politician and the current Mayor of London. He is renowned for being a bit crazy and prone to funny gaffs. 

    In this match against a celebrity German XI, the talented Boris got a bit muddled and went for an American Football/ Rugby tackle. While he did get the ball before the man, you're not supposed to go in head first. A career in football probably wouldn't be a good idea for the Lord Mayor.

Martin Taylor

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    This challenge led to death threats for Martin Taylor and seriously stalled Eduardo's career, an indication of just how bad a tackle this was. The injuries where legs move in directions they simply aren't meant to are some of the worst to watch, and this is a seriously bad one.

    Eduardo was out of action for a year and Taylor now plays for Watford, in the Championship. 

Axel Witsel

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    This tackle is at least understandable. Witsel was beaten to the ball and his boot was raised to try and block the ball. However, the reaction of the crowd to the tackle lets you know that it must have been something pretty bad. Wasilewski's tibia and fibula were broken and he was absent for almost a year.

    The way Wasilewski's leg bends around Witsel's makes the reply very hard to watch.

Norbert Siegmann

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    Do not watch this video if you have probelms with blood and bone. This is one of the most disgusting injuries I have ever seen as a result of a tackle and I am not sure how Lienen was able to stand up, let alone run, even if he was in shock.

    The white in the gash on his leg really is bone. The wound, over 20 centimetres long, required multiple stitches. Incredibly, Lienen started training within three weeks.

Harald Schumacher

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    In the 1982 World Cup semi-final, goalkeeper Schumacher rushed out for a one on one with Patrick Battiston. Battiston got his shot off, but Schumacher kept coming, turning his back as he jumped into him.

    Battison lost two teeth, damaged his spine and went into a coma. Despite this, no foul was given and Schumacher restarted play with a goal kick.

Paul Gasgoine

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    Paul Gasgoine didn't even get close to the ball with this tackle on Gary Charles in the 1991 FA Cup final, but he did manage to take out both of Charles' legs.  In fact, he ended up doing more damage to himself than he did to his victim, hobbling off with a knee injury that resulted from his awful tackle.

    Sorry the video wont embed, just follow the link and you can watch it on Youtube.

Julien Rodriguez

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    Unfortunately I couldn't find out who was on the receiving end of this "tackle", but some basic French translation from Youtube comments suggests that this is not from an Ajax game, as I initially thought, but from a game between Monaco and Ajaccio in the French Ligue 1. I don't know the name of the Ajaccio player on the receiving end, but I do know that he took an incredibly fierce kick.

Ryan Shawcross

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    This tackle, although in all probability not deliberate, was nonetheless horrific. The way Aaron Ramsey's lower leg seemed to almost turn to jelly is an incredibly scary sight that actually makes my leg's shiver.

    It seems incredible to me that just nine months after having his lower leg smashed Ramsey was able to play competitive football again. Still, that in no way diminishes the horrific nature of the tackle.

    Shawcross' tears as he left the pitch show the damage that a tackle like that can do to the tackler as well. That Shawcross reacted in that way shows that he is not a monster, just a man who made a mistake. 

Head Tackle

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    I don't know who is getting tackled, or who is doing the tackling, but this was one bad tackle. I'm not sure why he thought the ball was that high, or why he needed two legs, but whatever the reason this was a horrifically bad tackle.

    The assaulter gets incredible height and rotation in the air. As bad a tackle as it was, it is also fairly funny.

Benjamin Massing

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    Defender Benjamin Massing had just seen Argentina's Caniggia go past two of his Cameroonian teammates with relative ease and clearly wasn't prepared to suffer the same fate. His brutal, cynical challenge was so hard it blew his boot off as he got nowhere near the ball. 

    Massing was soon sent off, but Cameroon held on for a famous victory against the eventual finalists in the opening match of the 1990 World Cup.

Eric Cantona

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    I'm not sure if this counts as a tackle or not, if it is it was a long way off the ball, but it's pretty awful and very famous. Cantona had already been sent off for a kick on a Crystal Palace player when he kicked Matthew Simmons, a Crystal Palace fan.

    It has come to be known as the "Kung Fu kick" and earned Cantona a nine-month ban, as well as 120 hours of community service.

    Recently, Simmons was convincted of assault after beating up his son's football coach.

Scott Parker

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    Scott Parker has won acclaim in recent times as he was one of the Premier League's outstanding performers of the season, despite his side, West Ham, being relegated. Before that however, while at Newcastle, he put in this tackle.

    Joe Cole was very lucky not to be seriously injured after being on the end of a really poor challenge, instead helping to create a truly bizarre moment.

    Excuse the bad video, despite multiple versions of this tackle, most of them last three seconds and show just one angle. 

Nuno Claro

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    Goalkeeper Nuno Claro was probably put in goal for a reason. He cannot tackle. This is horrendously late and shockingly high, taking attacker Paun right in the gut, flooring him instantly. Route one football has its disadvantages, but somehow I don't think this was one that Paun's side had factored in!

    For some reason, Claro wasn't so sure he deserved his red card, remonstrating with the referee. I don't really think he had much of a case. Neither did the referee.

Ben Thatcher

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    In football, tackling is done with the feet, not the elbow. Ben Thatcher chose to ignore this basic rule, making no effort to get the ball with his feet. Instead, he chose to have a look at Mendes as they both ran towards the ball and simply threw an elbow out at Mendes' head.

    The tackle knocked Mendes into a billboard, causing him to have a seizure on his way to the hospital. Despite this, the Portuguese midfielder was back playing in just a few weeks, something of a miracle.

Michael Brown

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    In this situation, you would have thought that it would be Giggs making contact with Brown. Clearly, you would be wrong. Brown's double footed knee stomp doesn't even seem like an attempt to win back the ball.

    Somehow, Giggs wasn't seriously injured, a piece of luck for both him and Brown. Brown's double footed lunge is something of a speciality;  

Joey Barton

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    Joey Barton has a bad reputation, both on and off the pitch, largely for tackles like this one. The commentator couldn't have put it better when he described it as a "tackle on the tackle".

    It was a completely unnecessary tackle, nowhere near the ball and entirely avoidable. Barton did not have to jump, he could easily have avoided, or at worst collided with, Etuhu. Instead he went for a kick to the midsection that simply confirmed much of the public's opinion about the midfielder.

Kicked from Behind

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    I don't know who's getting kicked, or doing the kicking, but whoever it is, this is one bad tackle. After several minor hacks, the aggressor clearly loses patience and decides to use an alternative strategy to get the better of his opponent.

    He hits his target, but is soon heading for an early shower, unsurprisingly.

Roy Keane

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    Roy Keane was a renowned tough man, and it wasn't unheard of for him to put in a bad tackle every now and then. This tackle, however, was truly atrocious. After attempting to take out Alf-Inge Haaland in 1997 and injuring himself in the process, Keane admitted that he was out for revenge when he made the tackle.

    Haaland would never play a full match again as another injury to the same knee finished his career. As great a player as Roy Keane was, tackles like this are part of the reason he is so unpopular with many football fans.