Liverpool FC: Right Where They Need To Be

John HoumesSenior Analyst IOctober 26, 2008

Some Liverpool supporters are boldly declaring: "This is our year!"

Other Reds fans, afraid of jinxing their chances, won't say Premier League and Title in the same sentence.

The season is just getting into full swing, and it is too early to predict anything. But here are five reasons why Liverpool is right where they need to be.


Winning Without Gerrard and Torres

A victory at home against Manchester United gave the Reds a sip of confidence. Torres was out and Stevie G played under half an hour. United were without Ronaldo which seemed to even out the injuries from both sides.

Today, again without Torres, Liverpool broke Chelsea's 86-match unbeaten streak at Stamford Bridge. If the victory at home versus nited was a spoonful of confidence medicine, the win at Chelsea is a round of steroids to the Liverpool ego. They now know that they can win the big games verse the big teams that have elluded them in the past—and they can do it without their best squad.



No signs of arrogance

Today, after the win against Chelsea, defender Jamie Carragher was quick to say that they've still got a long way to go. This squad, that remembers the Champion's League semi-final loss to Chelsea and the embarrassing loss/Mascherano fiasco at Old Trafford from last year, understands that they could just as easily have lost these key matches this year.

Liverpool knows that even though they're at the top of the table, they're still gonna have to pull themselves up.



The concern with Liverpool doing this well this early is that they will peak too soon. If they hit their stride too early, will they burn out by March?

With Torres injured, Liverpool are really kept from finding their groove. Once Torres returns, Robbie Keane will have to readjust and continue to find his place in the strike force. It could be January or February before we really see Liverpool hit their stride. Last year it was then when Torres really started to turn it on, scoring two in January, four in February, and six in March.

The possibility always remains that they could stall out in a couple of months, but the possibilities for their momentum look good.


So-So Performances

Last week, Liverpool blew a one-nil lead against Athletico Madrid on the road. They also drew against Stoke City at home in September. Drawing against teams that they probably should have beat will remind Liverpool they can't go into cruise control.


Come From Behind Victories

While the October matches against Wigan and Manchester City sent the Liverpool faithful into cardiac arrest, it showed the squad had resiliency and grit to come from behind. Liverpool won both matches 3-2. They answered Manchester City's two first half goals with three in the second half, and against Wigan they netted two in the last ten minutes to go ahead.


So this is our year?

Nope. You won't hear me say it.

But Liverpool is right where they need to be.